Whisker Shrimp

Whisker Shrimp

Many hobbyists like to include freshwater invertebrates, such as shrimp, in their setup, partly for the entertainment that these busy little creatures provide and for their habit of cleaning the tank of debris and organic matter. Generally, aquarium shrimp are small, peaceful creatures that spend their lives foraging, breeding, and generally keeping themselves to themselves. … Read more

Banded Coral Shrimp

Banded Coral Shrimp Care Guide

Are you setting up a saltwater tank and don’t know which shrimp to choose? The banded coral shrimp (also called the coral banded shrimp and banded cleaner shrimp) is one of the most widely available types of ‘shrimp’ in the hobby, but they’re not necessarily suitable for every tank setup. Keep reading to find out … Read more

Saltwater Shrimp

Saltwater Shrimp

The saltwater world of the aquarium hobby is filled with colorful fish species and flowing corals. But did you know that there are a plethora of invertebrates that you can keep in your reef, fish only with live rock (FOWLR) or species-specific tanks?  Marine shrimp are especially popular additions to the aquarium as they can … Read more

Aquarium Invertebrates

7 Easy Aquarium Invertebrates

Invertebrates like shrimp, crayfish and crabs are big favorites in the aquarium hobby. And for good reason! There are many species that are very easy to keep, and also quite a few that do well in smaller tanks. They are fun to watch and some even have a bit of personality. So what are the … Read more

Caresheet: Amano Shrimp | Caridina Multidentata

Say hello to a long-time aquascaper favourite! With their exceptional cleaning skills, peaceful nature and interesting appearance, Amano shrimp make a great addition to the peaceful tropical community tank. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Amano shrimp care and keeping Amano shrimp in your own aquarium. Minimum tank size 10 gal (38 … Read more

Dwarf Shrimp

Dwarf Shrimp Care | Keeping Neocaridina & Caridina

Although an aquarium dedicated to something as seemingly boring as tiny shrimp may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the (dwarf) shrimp hobby is growing fast. Knowledge about their existence and care is spreading and exciting color varieties are being developed. More and more aquarists are giving shrimp keeping a try; if you are, too, keep … Read more