Elephant Betta Fish

The Elephant Betta Fish: A Complete Care Guide

Also referred to as the Dumbo fish, Siamese fighting fish, or the Betta splenden, the Elephant Ear betta is a highly aggressive and territorial breed that will fight to the death if given a chance. For this reason, as with most bettas, males should not be housed together due to their tendency to fight. The … Read more

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food? Read Our Article To Find Out!

For people who love tropical fish and enjoy watching them go about their various schooling and feeding routines, Guppies are often a favorite choice. Also known as Millions fish because of their prolific breeding habit, Guppies come in over 300 varieties and are relatively easy to raise and care for in a smaller fish tank. … Read more

how many ghost shrimp per gallon

How Many Ghost Shrimp Can I Add per Gallon? (+ Other FAQs)

If you’re looking to start a ghost shrimp colony, or just add a few to your tank, you might be wondering how many shrimps you can add per gallon. Usually, five ghost shrimp can be kept per gallon of water. There are several other factors to consider, however. Read on to find out the things … Read more

best phosphate reactor

The 4 Best Phosphate Reactor – Why It’s Essential for You

Let’s face it, we all hate cleaning our dirty fish tanks! I’ll admit it! Fish poop, algae, uneaten and rotting food particles, debris, and bacteria can contaminate the tank water and build up over time. With enough time, this build-up can both turn your aquarium into a disgusting swamp and make your fish sick, neither … Read more

mystery snail colors

What Are the Different Mystery Snail Colors?

Making your choice for Mystery Snail Colors can be tough with all the available options. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, you’ll need to consider the various hues of mystery snails. Mystery snail varieties come in various colors, including gold, blue, black, brown, ivory, etc. The fascinating … Read more

how many angelfish in a 55 gallon tank

How Many Angelfish Can Fit in a 55-Gallon Tank?

Are you thinking of getting a 55-gallon aquarium? That’s a great idea! A 55-gallon tank is a perfect size for keeping angelfish. But how much angelfish can you keep in a 55-gallon tank? The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including the size and age of your fish, the other fish in … Read more

Glofish Angelfish

Demystifying Glofish Angelfish: Can They Live Together?

If you’re interested in creating a stunning tropical freshwater community fish tank, you may currently be looking for ideas of what fish you can house together. One very common choice in any freshwater tank is the beautiful Angelfish, one of my favorites; angelfish are a stunningly unique cichlid and make a fascinating addition to any … Read more

foam in fish tank

Why Is There Foam in Fish Tank? (Questions Answered)

If you suddenly come across a nasty-looking white foam floating at the surface of your fish tank, quite rightly, you might be concerned. What is this? Will it hurt my fish? How do I get rid of it? There are many causes of different types of foam and bubbles on the surface of your tank’s … Read more

How To Tell if Betta Eggs Are Fertilized

How To Tell if Betta Eggs Are Fertilized: Questions Answered

If you’re housing a male and female betta together, then chances are you’re hoping to breed them. Whether you’re just starting in the world of breeding your bettas, or if you’re trying to figure out if your eggs are fertilized, then this is the place for you. In this article, we will discuss how betta … Read more

Turtles That Stay Small

Turtles That Stay Small All Their Lives (+ FAQs)

Miniature turtles are one of the most adorable aquatic pets! They’re super popular among people who want a turtle, but don’t necessarily have enough space to house a huge one. In this article, we will cover the smallest aquatic turtles you can own, as well as address any questions you may have, like if they’ll … Read more

Mysis Shrimp vs Brine Shrimp

Mysis Shrimp vs Brine Shrimp – Which Is Right for You?

Like any other pet, it’s important to take care of your aquarium fish and make sure they have the best possible food source in order to remain healthy and live a long life. Feeding your fish live natural food like Mysis or Brine shrimp can extend your fish’s life span. Mysis Shrimp Mysis shrimp are … Read more

Mystery Snail and Betta

Mystery Snail and Betta: The Odd Couple of the Fish World

If housing your betta in a small-ish tank (think a 10-gallon, five gallons is the absolute minimum a betta can live in!), you may be concerned that there’s no space for your betta fish to have a friend. Well, fear not! Mystery snails are great starter tankmates for anyone attempting their first community tank or … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater? Read To Find Out!

Bettas are well sought after for being hardy, beautiful, tropical aquarium fish. You can ensure that your betta has a long lifespan by making sure they have the proper tank setup with a heating system. Your bettas will not only live longer but they will be healthier in the long run. How Important Is a … Read more

cuttlebone in aquarium

Is It a Good Idea To Put Cuttlebones in an Aquarium?

You might have heard that putting cuttlebone in an aquarium can be beneficial to certain sea creatures, but not so beneficial to others. It’s a slightly complicated matter, so depending on the type of fish or other inhabitants in your tank, you may be wondering – should I add a cuttlebone or not? In this … Read more

Can Snails Get Ich

Can Snails Get Ich? Our Helpful and Detailed Guide!

Ich is a common disease among freshwater fish tanks. It can be hard to see your fishy friends struggling with this ailment, but how does Ich occur? If you have snails, you may be wondering if your aquarium snails can get Ich or carry the parasite. Fortunately, they can’t get Ich, but they can carry … Read more