Axolotl Tank

Axolotl Tank Keeping Guide

Axolotls are unusual and fun pets to own. These cute little critters are lively and curious, even interacting and engaging with their owners. But is an Axolotl a fully aquatic animal, or do they need to live in a terrarium with a solid landmass and dense plantings? And are Axolotls fish, reptiles, or amphibians? Keep … Read more

Butterfly Peacock Cichlid

Butterfly Peacock Cichlid Care Guide

Although some kinds of cichlids have a reputation for being aggressive fish, Butterfly Peacock Cichlids are benign creatures that are one exception to that rule. So, if you want a colorful, peaceful fish to add to your tank, you might want to consider the Butterfly Peacock Cichlid. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how to … Read more

Sarasa Comet Fish

Sarasa Comet Fish Care Guide

If you have a garden pond, you might be wondering what fish to stock. Goldfish are the obvious choice! These fish are descended from wild carp, so they do very well in an outdoor pond setting. Goldfish are also less expensive than Koi, which are also not as easy to care for as traditional goldfish. … Read more

Acan Coral

Acan Coral: Our Complete Care Guide

Acan corals are an understated coral. They are easy to care for and can bring intense colors to the lower portions of the tank. Many designer varieties are available that can go for hundreds of dollars, though acan coral care is relatively basic in a well-established reef aquarium. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

What Do Fish Do All Day

What Do Fish Do All Day In Your Aquarium?

You come home from work or school, fix yourself something to eat, and sit down to relax for the evening. All the while, your fishy friends follow your every move, watching you from behind the viewing panes of their fish tank.  So, you feed your fish. Maybe you sit and observe your pets’ behavior as … Read more


Paludarium: The Best Of Both Worlds

Tired of keeping fish tanks? Need to get away from water for a bit? Why not try something like a paludarium that combines the best of both worlds? Paludariums combine a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial environments, usually used to house fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even birds! Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Fungus Eating Fish

7 Fungus Eating Fish To Add To Your Tank

Did you ever notice white fungus growing over the wooden decorations and plants in your fish tank?  Fungus won’t harm the fish life in your setup, but it doesn’t look nice in your aquarium, spoiling the hard work and effort you put into aquascaping your setup. However, don’t despair! There are quite a few ways … Read more

Fish & Facts All About The Ocean

Fish & Facts: All About The Ocean

Introduction It’s part of human nature to be drawn to the unknown and unexplored, so it’s no wonder that so many of us are fascinated and intrigued by the ocean. The color blue brings a feeling of calm, tranquility, quiet, and reflectivity. It’s no wonder, considering how much of the earth’s surface is dominated by … Read more

Snowball Pleco

Snowball Pleco Care Guide

When you think of snowballs, the idea of a small mound of frozen water in your winter glove may come to mind – especially if you’re about to throw one at a friend or family member. Or maybe you think of a fluffy, all-white cat. But there’s also a tiny catfish with the snowball name … Read more

A Guide On Tropical Fish Species & The Best Tropical Fish For Beginners

A Guide On Tropical Fish Species & The Best Tropical Fish For Beginners

Introduction Keeping fish can be therapeutic; they don’t require the constant attention of a dog, they aren’t as messy as a cat, and they don’t make much noise either. The sound of the water in their tank can be like a meditation frequency, and oh, how we could pass the hours watching them.  Why get … Read more

Looking for an easy live food option for your aquarium fish that you can culture at home? Brine shrimp are the solution!

Brine Shrimp Benefits & Growth Tips

If you’ve been in the aquarium game for long enough, you’ve probably heard of brine shrimp. They’re mentioned as potential fish food in almost every care guide you’ll read, and for good reason. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about brine shrimp. What they are, the benefits they provide, and how … Read more

How long do Betta fish live? If you're wondering how long you can expect your beloved Betta to be with you and what affects Betta fish lifespan, this article will help.

How long do Betta fish live? All about Betta fish lifespan

If you’ve just gotten your own first Betta or maybe unfortunately just lost a fish, you might be wondering about Betta fish lifespan. How long do Betta fish live? How old do they get and what influences their survival? In this article we’ll give you the short answer first and then go into factors that affect Betta … Read more

Clown Pleco | Panaqolus maccus care & info

Clown Pleco | South American species care & info

Looking for an interesting bottom dweller for your South American-styled aquarium? With many other species of large pleco out there, the little ones often get forgotten! The striped clown pleco could be the perfect size and dash of color your small aquarium has been needing. Keep reading for everything you need to know about clown pleco … Read more

Where do Betta fish live in the wild? And how did they arrive in our homes? This article explains it all.

Betta fish in the wild | Where do wild Bettas live?

The Siamese fighting fish, better known as Betta splendens or just Betta, is one of the most popular aquarium fish worldwide. Loved by aquarists for its splendid colors, flowing fins and feisty attitude, it’s almost impossible to imagine the aquarium hobby without it. Despite this, many aquarists have little idea of the origins of their … Read more

Looking to set up a South American biotope aquarium? These 6 South American cichlids are perfect for beginners! #aquariums

South American cichlids | 6 colorful species for beginners!

Did you know that a very large percentage of the fish we keep in our aquariums hail from the often dark waters of South America? A SA biotope is one of the most beautiful aquarium types you can set up, with its tannin-stained waters, creeping roots and colorful fish. Some of the most colorful and … Read more