Cockatoo Cichlids

Cockatoo Cichlids: Intriguing and Colorful Swimmers

Named after the colorful pet bird with frilly feathers, cockatoo dwarf cichlids match their feathered namesakes with their exotic colors and impressive crested fins. But while they may be alluring, cockatoo cichlids are not the ideal beginner’s fish, and won’t fit in any old community aquarium. Their complex requirements and aggressive streak mean that this … Read more

Buenos Aires Tetra

Buenos Aires Tetra: Care Guide for a Harmonious Tank

Buenos Aires tetra have long been popular aquarium fish for both tropical aquariums and cold water setups. However, some aquarists are surprised to learn that Buenos Aires tetras grow to a larger size than most other tetras and can become aggressive towards their tank mates, even destroying aquarium plants in some circumstances. In this care … Read more

pearl gourami

Pearl Gourami: Maintenance, Diet, Habits, and Habitats

Elegant and beautiful, pearl gouramis could be seen as a pearl in the crown of the gourami family. But while their good looks make them popular, are pearl gouramis the ideal fish for a community tank? In this care guide, I’d like to dispel the myth that pearl gouramis are model community fish. Although some … Read more

Keyhole Cichlids

Full Care Guide for Keyhole Cichlids

The humble keyhole cichlid may be less glamorous than some of its dazzling relatives, but this aquarium relic was once more popular than today, and deservedly so! Keyhole cichlids are one of the most peaceful cichlids that you could hope to find. They also remain relatively small, so can be kept with medium-sized community tank … Read more

Elephant Nose Fish

Elephant Nose Fish: Singular, Intelligent, and Challenging

Elephant nose fish are one of the classic ‘oddball fish’ of the aquarium trade. Hailing from the murky waters of African rivers, they use electrical signals and their iconic long ‘nose’ to navigate, find food, and communicate. But be warned that elephant noses are very intelligent fish with highly specialized requirements. Their tank mates, tank … Read more


Archerfish: The Masterful Precision Predators of the Waters

From my childhood trip to The Sea Life London Aquarium, one fish captured my imagination more than all the rest. That fish’s name is the archerfish, and it has evolved a hunting strategy unlike any other. I watched spellbound as they pursed their lips to the water’s surface and spat jets of water into the … Read more

Best Fish To Breed for Profit

7 of the Best Fish To Breed for Profit, and Other Sage Advice

If you want to breed fish for profit, the best place to start is in your own fish tank. Whether you are just getting into fishkeeping or you are well into the aquarium hobby, you can start breeding and selling your fish to make your existing tanks profitable. When you’re ready to expand, consider the … Read more

fish that eat snails

22 Fish That Eat Snails, Along With Helpful, Handy Hints!

I’d be happy to take a bet that you clicked on this page for one of two reasons. Either: A) You’ve got a problem with snails overrunning your fish tank and are looking for fish that will eat them for you. Or, B) You have some precious pet snails that are doing a fantastic job … Read more

Dwarf Puffer – Species Profile And Care Guide

The freshwater dwarf puffer might not be the ideal fish for a community tank setup, but its cute looks and fascinating behavior make setting up a special tank just for the fish well worth it.  In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about caring for dwarf puffer fish.  Origins and Habitat … Read more

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet Snails: Full Care Guide

Malaysian Trumpet snails are often considered pests in the aquarium hobby. However, although they have a high rate of reproduction, these mollusks are also very beneficial as detritus feeders and assist in preventing compaction of your substrate by burrowing through it. To learn more about properly caring for Malaysian Trumpet snails, their usefulness, and ways … Read more

Alien Betta

Full Alien Betta Care Guide (+ Related FAQs)

A few years ago, a new hybrid betta arrived on the aquarium scene. Boasting intricate markings and otherworldly colors, the newcomer was branded the ‘Alien Betta,’ although nobody knew exactly why. Much confusion and controversy still surrounds the alien betta: Where it came from and whether it’s an ethical breed. What we do know is … Read more

types of corals

Types of Corals: Vibrant, Striking Decoration for Your Tank

There are around six thousand species of coral in the world, so picking the right one for your reef aquarium might seem a bit daunting! To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best species for beginner to intermediate reef tank owners to look after. But before we get into … Read more

Garibaldi Fish

Garibaldi Fish: Our Care Guide and Species Profile

If you have a marine or reef tank and want a bold statement fish to add to your collection, you might want to consider the Garibaldi damselfish. Garibaldi damselfish are large, aggressive fish, but their beauty makes them so attractive to aquarists. If you have a large aquarium and have experience keeping big aggressive marine … Read more

Xenia Coral

Xenia Coral Care Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Amateur marine aquarists may be envious of coral reef tanks. After all, it’s common knowledge that corals require ultra-pure water, and even the smallest mistake can result in significant financial failure. What if there was a low-cost, beginner-friendly coral that grew like weeds? Xenia coral is intriguing, gorgeous, and easy to find making it an … Read more

Trumpet Coral

Trumpet Coral Care Guide

Trumpet corals are very popular among beginner and advanced reef keepers alike. These corals don’t offer the most coloration, but they are easy to keep and can be placed in a variety of places among the reef.  Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the trumpet coral and if this coral … Read more