bubble eye goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish Care Guide: The Socially Active Species

An aquarium makes a very relaxing focal point for your home, and fish keeping is a hobby that’s growing in popularity. Children love having pets, but if you don’t fancy the hassle and expense of keeping a dog or a cat, you might want to consider keeping goldfish instead. Goldfish are pretty easy-to-care-for, and they … Read more

clean up crew

Putting Together the Perfect Clean Up Crew for Your Aquarium

Algae is an occupational hazard for aquarium hobbyists. Even a healthy fish tank has some of these green plants growing on the decorations, filter equipment, and viewing panes. Although algae won’t harm your fish, too much of the green stuff leaves your tank looking decidedly untidy. What can you do besides scrubbing your decorations and … Read more

are mollies aggressive fish

Are Mollies Aggressive Fish? – Temperament and Behavior

When it comes to setting up a community fish tank, mollies have to be at the top of the list for many hobbyists! These brightly colored, active fish add a wonderful pop of color to your aquarium, are easy to care for, and are prolific livebearers, providing you with lots of new fish. However, one … Read more

Glass Fish Care Guide

Glass Fish (Parambassis ranga) Care Sheet

Are you looking to fill your fresh water tank with something a little odd? The glass fish, also commonly called the Indian glassy fish, is a perfectly transparent species of fish that likes to shoal together in very bold and active groupings. While it has been widely believed that these aquarium fish are more difficult … Read more

Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma: Care Guide For The Magnificently Colored Fish

The Royal Gramma is a stunningly vibrant colored fish that’s sure to catch the eye of any would-be hobbyist. These peaceful little fishes are easy to care for and very hardy, making them an ideal choice for both a beginner or an experienced marine enthusiast. These saltwater fish are most at home in a large … Read more

Alien Betta

Full Alien Betta Care Guide (+ Related FAQs)

A few years ago, a new hybrid betta arrived on the aquarium scene. Boasting intricate markings and otherworldly colors, the newcomer was branded the ‘Alien Betta,’ although nobody knew exactly why. Much confusion and controversy still surrounds the alien betta: Where it came from and whether it’s an ethical breed. What we do know is … Read more

Betta Flaring Video Reaction

Betta Flaring at a Mirror: Stress or Play?

When this beautiful male betta sees an image of himself in a mirror, he starts flaring at it. That certainly gives this gorgeous specimen the wow factor, but is flaring a good or bad thing for him? Many commenters reckon the fish is stressed and that encouraging him to flare by showing him his reflection … Read more

surprising facts about fish intelligence

12 Surprising Facts About Fish Intelligence

You’ve most likely heard that goldfish have an attention span of just a couple of minutes and probably a memory to match. So, fish can’t be that intelligent, right? You might be surprised to learn just how intelligent your fishy friends are! Read this guide to discover how fish intelligence is measured, learn how to … Read more

bolivian ram vs german blue ram

Bolivian Ram vs German Blue Ram Fish – Your Helpful Guide!

The Bolivian ram and German blue ram share many characteristics, such as being a part of the same fish family and being peaceful. But what are the differences between these two beautiful freshwater fish? An example of their differences is that the Bolivian ram is easy to care for and can live in a wide … Read more

giant danio

Discovering Giant Danio: A Colorful and Hardy Fish Species

Giant Danios make a great addition to a freshwater community tank. These large, active schooling fish need a big tank to accommodate them but make excellent companions for peaceful cichlids and other more sizeable species. Read this guide to learn more about choosing, caring for, and breeding these amazing fish! Giant Danio – At a … Read more

Best Fish To Breed for Profit

7 of the Best Fish To Breed for Profit, and Other Sage Advice

If you want to breed fish for profit, the best place to start is in your own fish tank. Whether you are just getting into fishkeeping or you are well into the aquarium hobby, you can start breeding and selling your fish to make your existing tanks profitable. When you’re ready to expand, consider the … Read more

How do fish mate

How Do Fish Mate: The Intricacies of Reproductive Behavior

If you’re a keen hobbyist, you may have considered breeding from your stock. Many fishkeepers, especially betta enthusiasts, enjoy studying the genetics of a particular species and trying to create new and exciting variations of the fish. In this guide, we take a look at how fish mate, different reproductive strategies, and reproductive behavior. You … Read more

Neon and Ember Tetras

Neon and Ember Tetras: Co-Existence, Care, Feeding + More

Neon and ember tetra are some of the most popular small schooling fish for community aquariums, but can they live together? The answer is yes! Neon tetra and ember tetra make great tank mates for one another, and both of these fish are a great choice for beginners. Let’s take a deeper dive into comparing … Read more

Rotala Wallichii

Rotala Wallichii: A Complete Care Guide

Looking for a vibrant red color to bring to your freshwater planted aquarium?  Rotala wallichii, also known as whorly Rotala, can be a bright and fluffy addition to the aquatic landscape. This versatile plant can create a gorgeous background for your tank, growing high enough to reach the surface of nearly any sized display.  However, … Read more