rainbow shark vs red tail shark

Rainbow Shark vs Red Tail Shark! Which One’s Right for You?

Rainbow sharks and Red Tail sharks are very similar, so they are easy to confuse. While they are two separate species, they share lots of similarities in behavior, diet, and habitat, but they also have some specific differences. Read on to find out the similarities and differences between these two lively species. What Do Rainbow … Read more

Jaguar Cichlid

Jaguar Cichlid: Care Tips, Tank Mates, and Appearance

The Jaguar cichlid, also known as the Jaguar guapote, Tiger guapote, Guapote tigre, Spotted guapote, Managua cichlid, Managuense cichlid and the Aztec cichlid (Phew, that was a mouthful!) is a large breed of cichlid native to Central America. Known by so many names, but most commonly as the Jaguar cichlid, its various other names are … Read more

Tang Fish

Tang Fish: The Fascinating Facts You Never Knew!

Tang fish have long been a favorite choice for the reef aquarium. Their vibrant colors and energetic nature make them alluring, yet fishkeepers also need to know about some potential challenges in keeping tangs! Their aggressive tendencies and susceptibility to disease make them a moderately difficult family of fish to keep in the home aquarium. … Read more

guppy and angelfish

Guppies and Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Guppies and angelfish are two popular tropical fish species that you’ll see for sale in most fish stores. Now, you might think that these two fish would make fabulous tank mates. After all, angelfish are elegant, graceful fish that seem to cruise effortlessly and peacefully through the water column, while adult guppies come in rainbow … Read more

are gourami aggressive

Are Gourami Aggressive Fish – We Examine the Facts

There are currently around 133 species of gouramis, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to keeping them in your home aquarium! You might have heard that gouramis are aggressive. But is that true? Can gouramis be peaceful community tank fish, or are these creatures just troublemakers that are best avoided? Read this … Read more

are mollies schooling fish

Are Mollies Schooling Fish? Let’s Dive In and Find Out

With their bright colors, vibrant patterns, and livebearing habit, Mollies are among the most popular fish in the hobby. Mollies are usually displayed in large groups in pet stores, so many beginners assume that these are schooling fish. But is that so? Well, Mollies are actually not schooling fish, although they do like to shoal! … Read more

Fish That Eat Duckweed

10 Fish That Eat Duckweed – Our Informative Article

Fish that live in ponds or other slow-moving bodies of water are more likely to eat duckweed, a thick green carpet plant. From bettas to mollies, many fish will have a duckweed snack. Some people with ponds even add fish to solve duckweed problems! Let’s take an indepth look at some of the fish that … Read more

can angelfish live alone

Can Angelfish Live Alone? (Reasons Why)

Whether you term angelfish ‘social fish’ or ‘schooling fish‘, it’s clear that they tend to enjoy the company of one another and should ideally be kept in pairs or groups. In no circumstances should an angelfish be kept completely isolated, though some aquarists have successfully kept a single specimen alongside other fish in a community … Read more

Bacopa Caroliniana

Bacopa Caroliniana: A Guide to This Vibrant Beginners Plant

There are many benefits to keeping living plants in your fish tank, although many beginner fish keepers think that growing plants is either a hassle or simply too difficult. However, the plant we feature in this guide is very easy to care for, making it ideal for a beginner tank. We’re talking about Bacopa caroliniana, … Read more


Hatchetfish: A Care Guide and Species Profile

Hatchetfish have long been a popular tropical fish in many home aquariums. These unique triangular-shaped fish are active, peaceful fish that can make an exciting addition to a community tank. But did you know that the hatchetfish is a fast predator? These remarkable fish can ” fly” out of the water, using their wing-like fins … Read more

can cichlids live alone

Can Cichlids Live Alone – Hints on Habits and Habitats

Cichlids are some of the most intelligent and interactive of all aquarium fish, so it’d be unusual to keep them alone. But since they’re such a vast family, there are nuances between the species that can inform us whether to keep a cichlid in a pair with its own kind, in a community tank, or … Read more

can clownfish live alone

Can Clownfish Live Alone? Who Are Their Ideal Tank Mates?

If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, you probably imagine clownfish as very sociable, affectionate creatures. How Marlin pined for Nemo when he thought he’d lost him! But what about in real life? Well, it turns out that clownfish aren’t so fond of clowning around with each other in many cases. While they can be kept … Read more

Red Sea Clownfish

Red Sea Clownfish: Profile And Care Guide

Clownfish are just about the favorite choice of marine fish for those at the start of their journey in the saltwater aquarium hobby.  These fish are fun to watch, beautiful, and relatively straightforward to care for, making them a good option for a beginner.  Of course, the Nemo movies have fuelled the demand for these … Read more

Elephant Betta Fish

The Elephant Betta Fish: A Complete Care Guide

Also referred to as the Dumbo fish, Siamese fighting fish, or the Betta splenden, the Elephant Ear betta is a highly aggressive and territorial breed that will fight to the death if given a chance. For this reason, as with most bettas, males should not be housed together due to their tendency to fight. The … Read more