Cuttlebone for Snails

Cuttlebone for Snails – Are They a Nutritious Tank Addition?

We all know cuttlebones are good for parakeets, but snails? Yes! Aquarium snails such as mystery snails, nerite snails, and rabbit snails can all benefit from having cuttlebones in their tank. Cuttlebones are not only a healthy snack for these pet invertebrates, but they can also help adjust the water parameters to favorable conditions for … Read more

Fish Tank Sizes

Fish Tank Sizes – Our Accurate, Helpful Size Calculator

Choosing the right size fish tank is critical. It will dictate where you can place it, what you can put in it, and how you will manage it. But what are the weights and dimensions of different-sized aquariums, and how many fish can you keep in them? Here I’ll answer your biggest questions on fish … Read more

Pregnant Guppy

Pregnant Guppy – How You Can Take Care of Your Fish

Guppies are sometimes known as the million fish. That’s because if you have male and female guppies, you’re soon going to have a lot more of them! And, unlike the vast majority of fish which lay eggs, guppies are livebearers, meaning they give birth to live young. If you think your female guppy might be … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food? – Our Handy Guide

If you’re keeping both goldfish and tropical fish, you might be wondering – can I skip buying two kinds of food for my fish, and just feed my goldfish the tropical fish food? The answer is that tropical fish food is often not so different from goldfish food and can occasionally be used as a … Read more

Betta Fish Stomach Explode

Betta Fish Stomach Explodes – What Are the Causes?

An exploded stomach or ruptured organs is a rare, yet fatal condition in betta fish, where massive inflammation and pressure in the abdomen cause vital organs to burst open, with death following soon after. There are several causes for a burst stomach in betta fish, but luckily, most of them can be prevented or treated … Read more

Betta Fish Staying at Top of Tank

Is Your Betta Fish Staying at the Top of the Tank?

Betta fish are known for their preference to inhabit the mid to upper reaches of the water, rather than swimming around on the bottom. But if your pet betta is spending all of its time at the surface it could indicate a problem. There are several possible reasons for your betta to be staying at … Read more

clamped fins betta

Clamped Fins in Betta Fish – Causes and Treatments

One of the reasons we all love betta fish so much is their stunning, long flowing fins that they use to show us and one another how they’re feeling. Whereas erect, puffed-out fins indicate a betta in prime health, fins that are constantly clamped or closed can be a sign of an underlying health problem … Read more

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta Fish – Can They Live Together?

When it comes to looking for tankmates for betta fish, rasboras are often mentioned as some of the best. Harlequin rasboras are no exception to this rule, and there are some interesting reasons why these two species of fish can make excellent tank mates. Here we’re going to explore all the reasons why harlequin rasbora … Read more

Betta Breathing Heavy

Is Your Betta Breathing Heavily? – Causes and Treatments

If you’ve noticed your betta breathing heavily, you have good reason to be concerned. Heavy or rapid breathing is a classic sign that something is not right either in your betta’s health or the aquarium environment. Here we’ll look at some of the main reasons that your betta might be breathing fast, and what you … Read more

how many angelfish in a 75 gallon tank

How Many Angelfish in a 75-Gallon Tank – Our Guide

Angelfish are deservedly some of the most popular and iconic tropical aquarium fish. Their elegant appearance and fascinating behavior have made them a hit with aquarium owners for the last hundred years. But how many Angelfish can you fit in a 75-gallon tank? The answer is 6, but if you want to keep other fish … Read more

Salvini Cichlids

Salvini Cichlids – Our Guide to Keeping These Beautiful Fish

The Salvini cichlid is an incredibly beautiful fish from Central America, with bags of personality and a robust character. But there’s one reason that Salvinis haven’t become more popular in the aquarium trade, and that’s because they’re one of the most aggressive fish you could find! Here we’ll take a look at the best way … Read more

African Clawed Frog Bloat

African Clawed Frog Bloat – The Causes and Treatments

You may have seen videos on Youtube or TikTok over the past years of bloated pet frogs, puffed up like big balloons, floating around in an aquarium. If you didn’t understand why the frog was bloated, it’d be understandable to laugh. But bloat turns out to be a serious and painful illness that frogs may … Read more

mystery snail male or female

Mystery Snail Male or Female – Find Out How To Tell!

When it comes to their sex lives, mystery snails really can be a mystery! Are they hermaphrodite? How can you know if you have a male or a female, and what about those rumors that mystery snails can change sex?! I’ve done the necessary scientific research to answer these questions, and in this article, I’ll … Read more

How To Keep Brine Shrimp Alive

How To Keep Brine Shrimp Alive – Helpful Instructions

Brine shrimp are an extremely useful live or frozen food for aquarium fish and aquaculture. But if you’ve just bought a big bag of brine shrimp to last your fish several days, you may be wondering what’s the best way to keep them alive. Brine shrimp can be successfully kept alive in a refrigerator for … Read more

Frogbit Roots

Frogbit Roots – What They Are, and How To Manage Them

Amazon Frogbit is an attractive floating plant often grown in tropical freshwater aquariums. Its modest demands and many useful attributes have made it a popular plant among fish keepers for decades. This Amazonian plant isn’t entirely without its problems, however. Its fast growth rate and ability to cast heavy shade over the aquarium means that … Read more