Mystery Snail Stress Slime

Mystery Snail Stress Slime: We Investigate the Phenomenon

Mystery snails are one of the most popular aquarium snails in the world, and one of the reasons is that they’re fairly easy to keep. That said, even the most robust mollusks can suffer from health issues now and then. If your mystery snail is producing copious amounts of slime, it usually means that it’s … Read more

How Long Can a Fish Live With Swim Bladder Disease

How Long Can a Fish Live With Swim Bladder Disease?

In some cases, swim bladder disease is a minor condition that will only last a few days, but in other cases, it can become a permanent ailment. Where chronic symptoms are mild, a fish may be able to continue living a long and relatively happy life, but in more severe cases, euthanasia may be the … Read more

Stinging Nettles for Fish Food and Medicine

Stinging Nettles for Fish Food and Medicine: All the Facts!

Sometimes, important scientific discoveries remain hidden away in obscure journals for years before the findings receive wider recognition and application. This year (in February 2023) a scientific paper reviewing the stinging nettle’s potential as a food in aquaculture revealed that the ‘backyard weed’ can boost growth rate, reproduction rate, and immunity levels, as well as … Read more

Vermetid Snail

Vermetid Snail: All the Facts an Aquarist Could Need

If you have a reef tank, you’ll likely enjoy having a few snails in your tank as good company for your other invertebrates and as part of a cleanup crew. However, Vermetid snails are quite another matter. These snails are pests, and you must get rid of them immediately. But what’s so bad about Vermetid … Read more

Purple Thai Devil Crab

The Purple Thai Devil Crab Guide: Exploring the Enigma

There’s been a growing interest in unusual crustaceans in recent years, and, unfortunately, this sometimes results in new species being kept in inappropriate conditions. Sadly, there’s been much misinformation about how to keep purple Thai devil crabs, and these terrestrial crabs are sometimes even seen immersed in water in pet stores. In this article, I’ll … Read more

can snails live with goldfish

Can Snails Live With Goldfish: Our Compatibility Guide

Goldfish are infamously messy fish and it’s not unusual to see their tanks covered in algae. Since snails are one of the best algae eaters, many fish keepers have asked the question: Can goldfish live with snails? The answer is that snails can sometimes live with goldfish, but you need to get the combination right. … Read more


Pencilfish: Care Tips and Insights for This Enchanting Fish

What if I told you that there’s a family of beautiful community fish, closely related to tetras, but rarely kept, even by advanced fish keepers? Introducing the pencilfish – a fish tribe that’s largely overlooked, yet brimming with potential for freshwater community tanks. In this guide, we’ll explore the most commonly kept species, and learn … Read more

Betta Imbellis

Betta Imbellis: In-depth Care Guide and Habitat Insights

Recent years have seen wild betta fish species becoming more popular. One of the most popular types is Betta imbellis. Because of their relatively relaxed temperament and docile character, Betta imbellis has earned the common name the ‘Peaceful Betta’. Peaceful bettas can be kept in a wider variety of tank setups than other bettas, including … Read more

Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish: Curious and Fascinating Tank Additions

Pearlscale goldfish are famed for being one of the roundest of all fancy goldfish varieties. But this pronounced deformity has led some animal welfare advocates to question the ethics of keeping fish whose traits could affect their health and well-being. In this guide, I’ll explore some of the issues with keeping pearlscale goldfish and share … Read more

Black Phantom Tetra

Black Phantom Tetra: Unveiling a Captivating Tank Addition

Tetras are the bread and butter of tropical community tanks. But if there’s one species in the family that’s under-represented, it could well be the black phantom tetra. With an elegant, oval shape, peaceful character, and entertaining, active behavior, black phantoms deserve to be kept far more often than they are. Let’s take a closer … Read more

Festivum Cichlid

Festivum Cichlid Care: A Comprehensive Guide for Aquarists

Have you ever heard of the festivum cichlid? Also known as ‘flag cichlids’, festivums were once more popular than they are today. Although less colorful and flashy than some other cichlids, these sociable fish are more peaceful than many of their feisty relatives and can be kept in groups in large community tanks. Some of … Read more

Honduran Red Point Cichlid

Honduran Red Point Cichlid: Our Ultimate Care Guide

The recently discovered Honduran red point cichlid possesses many of the desirable traits that have made the infamous convict cichlid so popular. Yet this lesser-known fish is smaller, less aggressive, and more suitable for community tanks. While I’ve had lots of fun breeding convict cichlids, Honduran red points (HRPs) have many unique qualities that make … Read more

Nicaragua Cichlid

Nicaragua Cichlid: Care, Diet, and Habitat Insights

The Nicaragua cichlid is sometimes also known as the ‘Macaw Cichlid’. Why? These cichlids have the potential to be some of the most colorful members of the family. To see them in their full glory, however, ‘Nics’ need to be kept in excellent condition. Because they are aggressive fish that require a specialist tank set … Read more

Chocolate Cichlid

Chocolate Cichlid: Habits, Habitats, Appearance, and Diet

Chocolate cichlids, otherwise known as ‘emerald cichlids’ are a lesser-known but intriguing large South American cichlid. Sometimes compared to Severum cichlids or Oscars, chocolate cichlids are either gentle giants or moody monsters depending on who you ask! While chocolate cichlids are not the best choice for first-time cichlid keepers, advanced aquarists might find this a … Read more

Cockatoo Cichlids

Cockatoo Cichlids: Intriguing and Colorful Swimmers

Named after the colorful pet bird with frilly feathers, cockatoo dwarf cichlids match their feathered namesakes with their exotic colors and impressive crested fins. But while they may be alluring, cockatoo cichlids are not the ideal beginner’s fish, and won’t fit in any old community aquarium. Their complex requirements and aggressive streak mean that this … Read more