do guppies have teeth

Do Guppies Have Teeth? All You Need to Know

If you’ve ever put your hand into your guppy tank, you may have been surprised to receive little nibbles and pecks from your pet fish. Were your guppies trying to bite you, and do they have teeth? The answer is that guppies do have teeth, but not like we have, and their bites are quite … Read more

Male vs Female Betta

Male vs Female Betta Fish: How To Tell the Difference

People who are new to the world of betta keeping are sometimes surprised to learn that the classic betta splendens fish with long, flowing fins are always male. The less showy female betta fish are rarely seen in the hobby and are only kept by specialists who wish to keep several of them together in … Read more

why do frogs bite each other

Why Do Frogs Bite Each Other? Exploring Amphibian Behavior

You may have heard that aquarium frogs are peaceful creatures that can be kept in community tanks. So why are you seeing your frogs biting each other? While the ever-popular African dwarf frog is a docile, social species, there are other frogs that are downright aggressive and will bite anything that they can fit in … Read more

oscar fish skin peeling off

Is Your Oscar Fish Skin Peeling Off? – Causes and Solutions

If you’ve seen your Oscar’s skin peeling, or scales flaking off, you have good reason to be concerned. Most of the time, skin conditions indicate a serious underlying problem in your Oscar’s tank that need addressing promptly. Whether your Oscar’s skin is peeling after an ugly encounter with another fish, a skin disease, or incorrect … Read more

Oscar Fish White Fungus

Dealing With Oscar Fish White Fungus: Tips and Treatments

Oscars are one of the fiercest and most menacing of all aquarium fish, but that doesn’t make them invulnerable to diseases. It’s not uncommon for Oscar keepers to report white patches on their Oscar’s skin – a legitimate cause for concern. But while you may assume that white patches on your Oscar are fungal infections, … Read more

guppy bent spine

Understanding Guppy Bent Spine: Causes and Solutions

It’s becoming increasingly frequent these days to hear about guppies suffering from congenital health problems, and one of the common complaints is of guppies with bent spines. Decades of ill-advised breeding have produced guppies that may be beautiful to look at but are often far less robust than their wild ancestors. The genetic problems are … Read more

mystery snail eggs dried out

Have Your Mystery Snail Eggs Dried Out? Then Read on…

One theory as to how mystery snails got their name is the phenomenal rate at which they breed. One day you have just two snails, and the next you wonder how you have two hundred of them! But if you want your mystery snails to successfully reproduce, you may be concerned about their eggs drying … Read more

electric yellow cichlid tank mates

Electric Yellow Cichlid Tank Mates – 7 of the Best

Hailing from Lake Malawi in East Africa, Electric yellow cichlids (aka. yellow labs) are understandably among the most popular of all African cichlids. Their radiant lemon-yellow color can evoke the atmosphere of a marine aquarium, especially when they’re kept alongside other fish with contrasting colors. But which types of fish can you successfully keep them … Read more

Angelfish Kissing

Angelfish Kissing – Let’s Examine When and Why They Kiss!

Angelfish are intelligent and intriguing fish with complex behavior and courtship rituals. If you’ve seen your angelfish locking lips together, the chances are that it’s a male and female showing that they’re preparing to spawn together. But since locking lips can also be practiced by two males fighting one another for dominance, you need to … Read more

Neon and Ember Tetras

Neon and Ember Tetras: Co-Existence, Care, Feeding + More

Neon and ember tetra are some of the most popular small schooling fish for community aquariums, but can they live together? The answer is yes! Neon tetra and ember tetra make great tank mates for one another, and both of these fish are a great choice for beginners. Let’s take a deeper dive into comparing … Read more

black spots on aquarium plants

What Are the Black Spots on Aquarium Plants? (FAQs)

If you’ve discovered some black spots on your live plants, you may be concerned that there’s a problem to be addressed. In many cases, you’d be right. Black patches growing on aquarium plants is often due to ‘black beard algae’, a problematic type of algae that can overwhelm your aquarium if not dealt with urgently. … Read more

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp? Let’s Examine the Facts..

Kuhli loaches are one of my favorite fish. Mysterious, nocturnal, and eel-like, these beautiful creatures make a fascinating addition to most community tank setups. Some fishkeepers, however, are concerned about keeping kuhli loaches with shrimp. After all, other loach species are notorious for eating invertebrates, and there have been rumors on the internet about kuhlis … Read more