Red Belly Piranha Care

Red-bellied Piranha Care Guide: Diet, Habitat, and More!

Piranhas have been a favorite with fish keepers for well over 50 years.  These tropical fish are considered dangerous, predatory maneaters with a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth. So, is it safe to keep these iconic fish in captivity? Do piranhas bite their keepers? And are there any tank mates that can live safely with … Read more

pistol shrimp care

Pistol Shrimp: A Complete Guide to this Snapping Crustacean

If you have a marine aquarium and you’re looking for a unique and impressive critter to add to your collection, the pistol shrimp could be perfect for you. Pistol shrimp are also known as snapping shrimp because of the loud sound the creature’s snapping claw makes. This claw generates a tremendous force that can easily … Read more

do cory catfish eat algae

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae? – Read Our Article to Find Out

Algae is a major bugbear for most aquarium owners, and many people like to assemble an aquatic cleaning crew to graze on the algae and keep it under control. Corydoras catfish are hardy, peaceful, easy to care for, and full of personality, which makes them ideal for a beginner’s tropical community tank. But do Cory … Read more

how long do cichlids live

How Long Do Cichlids Live? Let’s Explore and Find Out

Beautiful, intelligent, with bags of personality. If there were a dating website for fish, Cichlids would have a great profile! But are cichlids so lucky when it comes to longevity? While their lifespans vary considerably, most cichlid species will live between 5-10 years in captivity when treated well. But since there’s so much variation, let’s … Read more

algae eaters with goldfish

9 Algae Eaters With Goldfish – What Are the Best Choices?

Whether you have a Comet, Shubunkin, Fantail, or Ryukin, goldfish are probably the most famous pet fish in the world. But goldfish can live a long time, and grow very large, and their tanks can sometimes get filled with algae. What’s a good solution to algae blooms in fancy goldfish tanks? Well, algae eaters of … Read more

Gourami and Angelfish

Gourami and Angelfish: Can They Live Together?

At first glance, housing Angelfish and Gourami fish together may seem like the perfect solution for avid fish enthusiasts. After all, Angelfish and Gourami are popular freshwater species known for their vibrant colors and playful personalities. But does housing Gourami and Angelfish together work, or is it just a recipe for disaster? In fact, to … Read more

Feather Duster Worms

Feather Duster Worms: A Complete Care Guide 

If you have a mature marine aquarium and you’re looking for something different to add to your collection, feather duster worms are a fantastic option.  These are delicate-looking creatures that can create a beautifully textured contrast against soft anemones and hard corals.  These fascinating invertebrates are not challenging to keep, as long as you provide … Read more

Zodiac Loach

The Zodiac Loach – Our Guide to This Fascinating Fish!

Zodiac loaches or Nemacheilus triangularis are also known as Batik loaches. These small, nocturnal loaches are hardy and generally peaceful, making a good choice for a community tank. Read this guide to learn more about how to care for the fascinating Zodiac loach. Zodiac Loach Overview Batik Loach Species Profile The Batik loach or Zodiac … Read more

Clownfish Pairing

Clownfish Pairing: Everything You Need To Know

Clownfish tend to mate in pairs, similar to how they would do in the wild. If you’ve seen any documentaries on clownfish before, then you’ve probably noticed that they always travel in twos near anemones. But how can you tell if your clownfish are actually paired up and not just two individual fish that happen … Read more

Overfed Betta Fish

Overfed Betta Fish: The Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Are you suspecting that your betta fish is overfed? I know it can be hard to resist those big, begging eyes every time you walk by the fish tank, but it’s important to ensure your betta isn’t overfed. When your lovely pal is overfed, he can end up with a bloated stomach, which can be … Read more

Fish Laying on Bottom of Tank

Fish Laying on the Bottom of the Tank? Then, Read On..

If you spot one of your fish lying on the substrate, should you be concerned? Well, that depends on the species of fish and what other symptoms it is displaying. Read this guide to learn why your fish is lying on the bottom of the tank and what you should do to help your pet. … Read more

clean up crew

Putting Together the Perfect Clean Up Crew for Your Aquarium

Algae is an occupational hazard for aquarium hobbyists. Even a healthy fish tank has some of these green plants growing on the decorations, filter equipment, and viewing panes. Although algae won’t harm your fish, too much of the green stuff leaves your tank looking decidedly untidy. What can you do besides scrubbing your decorations and … Read more

Pregnant Guppy

Pregnant Guppy – How You Can Take Care of Your Fish

Guppies are sometimes known as the million fish. That’s because if you have male and female guppies, you’re soon going to have a lot more of them! And, unlike the vast majority of fish which lay eggs, guppies are livebearers, meaning they give birth to live young. If you think your female guppy might be … Read more

Nerite Snails

Nerite Snails Care Guide: All You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a way to keep your tank clean, Nerite snails could be the answer to your problem. Nerite snails spend much of their lives moving slowly around their habitat, consuming algae and particles of debris. Nerite snails are extremely easy to care for and make a colorful addition to any tank setup. … Read more


The Datnoid: All About This Mysterious Asian Fish

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to add to your aquarium, you might want to consider the striking, predatory Datnoid. So, what exactly is a Datnoid? Can these fish live in a community tank? And can you breed these exciting fish in a home aquarium? Keep reading to learn everything you need … Read more