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strawberry hermit crab

Strawberry Hermit Crab (Coenobita Perlatus) Care Sheet

As an aquarium hobbyist, you may already know that there are many species of marine hermit crab available for your saltwater tank. But did you know that only one family of hermit crabs is officially known as land hermit crabs? These terrestrial crawlers look…

December 14, 2020
GloFish Danio

GloFish Danio (Danio Rerio) Information & Care Sheet

GloFish® danios are not artificially dyed or cruelly injected with colors. Instead, these fish are the result of genetic testing that has led to their bright fluorescent color assortment. If you plan on getting one of these fish, it’s important to know how to…

December 10, 2020
dragon puffer

Dragon Puffer (Tetraodon Palembangensis) Care Sheet

The dragon puffer, also commonly known as the humpback puffer, is unlike any other freshwater fish you’ve seen before. These fish are not commonly found in the aquarium hobby and require a pretty specific setup. Their camouflaged appearance can make them blend into natural…

December 9, 2020
gold inca snail

Gold Inca Snail (Pomacea Bridgesii) Caresheet

The Gold Inca snail is also known as the Mystery snail. These aquarium snails are members of the Apple snail family, of which there are thought to be in excess of 100 species. Apple snails don’t generally eat your plants, preferring to graze on…

December 4, 2020
Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum) Care Sheet

Possibly one of the coolest freshwater fish to have in your aquarium, the silver arowana is a staple fish for large tank systems. These monster fish can easily surpass 3 feet (92 cm) in length, live up to 20 years, and have a giant…

December 2, 2020
leopard puffer

Leopard Puffer (Tetraodon Nigroviridis) Caresheet

Puffer fish are characterful creatures that are sure to capture your heart, and the Leopard puffer is a particularly attractive variety. In this guide, we take a closer look at the delightful Leopard puffer so that you know what you’re taking on if you…

December 2, 2020
Chromis Fish

Chromis Fish (Chromis sp.) Care Sheet

If you’re just starting to get into the saltwater side of the hobby, then you’ve most likely heard of or seen a chromis fish in your local pet store. These small and colorful fish are an attractive choice for many beginners as they are…

December 2, 2020

Killifish: The Best Species For Your Aquarium

You might have heard about killifish at some time throughout your life, but you might not exactly know what they look like, where they come from, or that they are a favorite in the aquarium hobby! Though harder to find than most other species,…

October 2, 2020
algae eater fish eating plants in aquarium

Top 8 Must-Have Algae Eater Species For Your Tank

Algae is nearly inevitable. Every tank, at one point or another, has experienced algae. While there are other ways to solve algae problems, like more regular tank maintenance, changing source water, and increasing water flow, sometimes these methods don’t work and a more effective…

September 28, 2020
sucker fish in aquarium

Sucker Fish: The Loricariidae Family

You have probably seen a kind of fish that clings to the side of the aquarium with a suckermouth. For the most part, these fish belong to the Loricariidae family. What is a sucker fish? Members of the Loricariidae family may sometimes be referred…

September 28, 2020
electric blue hap cichlid (sciaenochromis fryeri) underneath the aquarium

Electric Blue Hap (Sciaenochromis Ahli) Care Sheet

The electric blue hap is one of the most popular species of cichlid due to the piercing blue coloration of the male fish. These fish aren’t any more difficult to keep than most other species of cichlid and make a great addition to a…

September 25, 2020
jack dempsey fish underneath the aquarium

Jack Dempsey Fish (Rocio Octofasciata) Care Sheet

If you have a very large tank and you’re looking for a spectacular feature fish, the Jack Dempsey could be the one you want. These large cichlids are relatively easy to keep, too, making them suitable for relative novices to the hobby. In this…

September 25, 2020
hornwort plant inside the aquarium
Aquarium plants Caresheets

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum sp.) Care Sheet

Hornwort is one of the easiest freshwater aquarium plants to start off with and is also a favorite among seasoned hobbyists. These fast-growing plants thrive in low tech conditions and can help keep aquariums free of algae. However, their growth rate can become a…

September 7, 2020