Tang Fish

Tang Fish: Facts You Didn’t Know Before That Will Fascinate You

Tang fish have long been a favorite choice for the reef aquarium. Their vibrant colors and energetic nature make them alluring, yet fishkeepers also need to know about some potential challenges in keeping tangs! Their aggressive tendencies and susceptibility to disease make them a moderately difficult family of fish to keep in the home aquarium. … Read more

Engineer Goby

The Engineer Goby: A Guide to the Popular Tunneling Fish.

Marine fish are undoubtedly the most colorful, spectacular fish in the hobby. However, many of them are tricky to care for and very expensive. But the Engineer Goby bucks the trend, being easy to care for, beginner-friendly, and not outrageously pricey. Read this guide to learn how to care for these beautiful, peaceful community saltwater … Read more

Cardinal Tetras

Cardinal Tetras: Your Guide to Keeping These Beautiful Tropical Fish

Cardinal tetras are small, tropical freshwater fish often mistaken for the Neon tetras to which Cardinals are related. However, Cardinal tetras are somewhat more challenging to keep healthy than Neons. You need to read this guide if you’re wondering whether Cardinal tetras would make a good addition to your community aquarium! Cardinal Tetra – Overview … Read more

Jaguar Cichlid

Jaguar Cichlid | Care Tips, Tank Size, Tank Mates, and Appearance

The Jaguar Cichlid, also known as the Jaguar Guapote, Tiger Guapote, Guapote Tigre, Spotted Guapote, Managua Cichlid, Managuense Cichlid and the Aztec Cichlid (Phew, that was a mouthful!) is a large breed of Cichlid native to Central America. Known by so many names, but most commonly as the Jaguar Cichlid, its various other names are … Read more

Guppy Molly Hybrid

Guppy Molly Hybrid: Facts That Will Suprise You

Guppies and mollies are like cousins from the same family, so you may wonder: Can I crossbreed them together? The answer is yes! You can. But you need to know a few things before you try. Hybridizing mollies and guppies aren’t without their problems, and there are some surprising things to learn about breeding mollies … Read more

Clownfish Pairing

Clownfish Pairing: Everything You Need To Know

Clownfish tend to mate in pairs, similar to how they would do so in the wild. If you’ve seen any documentaries on clownfish before, then you’ve probably noticed that they always travel in twos near anemones. But how can you tell if your clownfish are actually paired up and not just two individual fish that … Read more

Oscars and Cichlids

Oscars and Cichlids: Can They Live Together?

Oscars and Cichlids are both beautiful fish, so much so that many people think they’ll look great in a tank together – but this isn’t always a wise choice. Due to the temperament of some species of these fish and the water parameters recommended for different species, it can be very difficult to know which … Read more

Mbuna Species

Mbuna Species: Everything You Need To Know About This African Cichlid

Mbuna cichlids are a species of African cichlids that come in a variety of bright colors. These beautiful cichlids are hardy fish that add a flash of color to your aquarium. This care guide will tell you everything you need to know about owning a Mbuna cichlid. Mbuna Species Information Mbuna Origins Mbuna cichlids originate … Read more

Gourami and Angelfish

Gourami and Angelfish: Can They Live Together?

At first glance, housing Angelfish and Gourami fish together may seem like the perfect solution for avid fish enthusiasts. After all, Angelfish and Gourami are popular freshwater species known for their vibrant colors and playful personalities. But does housing Gourami and Angelfish together work, or is it just a recipe for disaster? In fact, to … Read more

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami Care Guide: Tank Mates, Requirements, and Lifespan

If you’re ready for a bright, beautiful, shy fish in your aquarium but don’t want to deal with a betta’s bad attitude, the dwarf gourami might be the perfect fish for you! These peaceful tropical fish are fairly easy to take care of, and we have all the information you need to keep your fish … Read more

Pigeon Blood Discus

Pigeon Blood Discus: History, Appearance, and Feeding Habits

Do you know that Pigeon Blood Discus results from a natural color mutation? Their bright red color with contrasting blue fins makes them one of the most popular freshwater fish in the world. I know you might think that since they are cross-bred, they might not be as hardy as the wild-caught Pigeon Blood Discus. … Read more

Frontosa Cichlid

Frontosa Cichlid: Origin, Appearance, Breeding, Care Tips, and Common Habits

The Frontosa Cichlid is a beautiful fish to have in any aquarium, particularly a large home aquarium, and they’re a fish that requires experienced care. A stunning freshwater fish that comes with beautiful colors and a cool-looking humped head, they’re a firm favorite of many aquarium enthusiasts. In this article, we cover everything from its … Read more

Gulper Catfish

Gulper Catfish: A Guide to This Weird and Wonderful Fish

Are you looking for something a little bit different to add to your freshwater fish tank? Well, the Gulper catfish might be a critter you could consider if you have a big aquarium. So, what is a Gulper catfish? Are Gulper catfish good beginner fish? And what tank mates are suitable to live with adult … Read more

Bacopa Caroliniana

Bacopa Caroliniana: Everything You Should Know Before Getting One

There are many benefits to keeping living plants in your fish tank, although many beginner fish keepers think that growing plants is either a hassle or simply too difficult. However, the plant we feature in this guide is very easy to care for, making it ideal for a beginner tank. Bacopa caroliniana is very tolerant … Read more


Hatchetfish Care Guide and Species Profile

Hatchetfish have long been a popular tropical fish in many home aquariums. These unique triangular-shaped fish are active, peaceful fish that can make an exciting addition to a community tank. But did you know that the hatchetfish is a fast predator? These remarkable fish can ” fly” out of the water, using their wing-like fins … Read more