dragon rock aquarium

Dragon Rock Aquarium Decor: Eye-Catching and Adaptable

Dragon stone or Ohko stone is a popular rock that’s often used in aquascaping aquariums and terrariums. But is Dragon stone safe to use in your fish tank? Does this stone change the aquarium water chemistry? And where can you buy Ohko stone? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Dragon … Read more

Do Shrimps Need a Heater

Do Shrimp Need a Heater? A Complete Guide

Freshwater shrimp are small, cute crustaceans that can turn any freshwater tank into a vibrant and lively ecosystem. But with the cold weather already upon us, you may wonder if they need a heater to stay healthy. To put it shortly, freshwater shrimp need heaters. They come from lakes, so they’re accustomed to warmer temperatures … Read more

Best Basking Lights

8 Best Basking Lights for Bearded Dragons: Our Top Picks!

I have kept bearded dragons as pets for many years now, and one of the most important things you need to provide them with is a proper basking light. Unlike ourselves, bearded dragons cannot regulate their internal temperature. They rely on moving between hot and cold areas to maintain their optimum body temperature. Consequently, I’ve … Read more

best 30 gallon fish tank

The Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank: A List of Our Top 4 Choices

One of the most common aquarium sizes available today is the 29 gallon (109.8 L), but maybe you have space for just one more gallon and you can allow for a 30 gallon (113.6 L) setup instead. A 30-gallon aquarium is enough space to have a large diversity of freshwater or saltwater fish, plants, and … Read more

Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud

Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud? Read on To Find Out

Although your aquarium might be the focal point in a room, you only want to see your tropical fish swimming silently around their beautifully aquascaped home. You certainly don’t want the ambiance ruined by a noisy filter. But why is your filter tank so loud, and what can you do to fix it, reduce the … Read more

biocube 32 upgrades

Biocube 32 Upgrades – The Best Available for Your Tank

The BioCube 32 by Coralife is a great way to get your toes wet in the saltwater aquarium hobby. These all-in-one aquarium setups have everything you need to run a successful marine system. While the BioCube 32 comes equipped with efficient stock equipment, there are a few upgrades that can be made to make your … Read more

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank? Read on To Find Out

When it comes to decorating a fish tank, some of us like to get creative. For me, nothing can beat an aquascaped aquarium with plenty of plants, stunning rocks, and twisted pieces of driftwood. But can you include crystals as part of your aquarium decor? The answer is yes! You can. But you also need … Read more

ai prime

The AI Prime 16HD Customizable Light Product Overview

Looking to keep expensive corals in your saltwater tank? Stock lights won’t cut it. You’re going to need a high-quality, completely customizable light that you can trust. For years, the AI Prime 16HD has been one of the most popular reef LEDs available. This light is a pioneer in reef lighting and has succeeded in … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater? Read To Find Out!

Bettas are well sought after for being hardy, beautiful, tropical aquarium fish. You can ensure that your betta has a long lifespan by making sure they have the proper tank setup with a heating system. Your bettas will not only live longer but they will be healthier in the long run. How Important Is a … Read more

why buying a large aquarium might be better

Is a Large Aquarium Better? We Explain Why Bigger Is Best!

Thinking about getting a smaller tank instead of that 4-foot-long aquarium of your dreams? We’re here to give you the confidence you need to commit to the bigger option. Nine times out of ten, nobody regrets getting a bigger tank than they originally planned. A larger tank is easier to maintain, find equipment for, and … Read more

Baking Soda in Aquarium

Using Baking Soda in Aquariums – The Dos and Don’ts

Can you safely use baking soda in your aquarium? Yes, you can! There are quite a few benefits to using baking soda in your fish tank, including adjusting the pH level in your tank, cleaning decorations, buffering acidic water, and more. This guide explains everything you need to know about the safe use of baking … Read more

heating lamps for turtles

The 9 Best Heating Lamps for Turtles: Our Top Picks!

Do you have a pet turtle? If so, you should know they need a warm environment to stay healthy and active. You need a good heating lamp for your turtle’s tank. When I got my first turtle, I had no idea that turtles were cold-blooded animals. I just assumed they could regulate their body temperature … Read more

Bridge Fish Tank

A Bridge for Your Fish Tank? We Look at the Pros and Cons

If you have two small fish tanks, but you want more fish than just one tank can comfortably hold, why not construct a bridge between the two tanks? That increases the total water volume available, giving you the scope to increase your stock without overcrowding. In addition, cleaning the tanks is made easier because all … Read more

best aquarium test kit

The Best Aquarium Test Kits Available on the Market Today

When it comes to testing aquarium water parameters, you’ve got two main options: liquid test kits (aka. drop test kits), and test strips. While test strips are sufficient for offering quick, approximate readings, liquid test kits offer a more accurate and reliable method to test both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. But which liquid test kit … Read more

spray bar aquarium

Spray Bar Aquarium Accessories – Let’s Look at the Options

Aquarium spray bars have so many benefits, I’m sometimes surprised more people don’t use them. Not only do they improve the oxygenation of your aquarium water, but they can also improve water circulation, and are great for fish that dislike strong currents. An additional bonus is that you don’t necessarily have to buy this aquarium … Read more