Aquarium Safe Paint

Aquarium-Safe Paint: A Comprehensive Guide for Aquarists

There might be times when you want to use paint inside and outside your fish tank. But you need to know that the paint you’re using is safe for your fish and living plants. The wrong kind of paint can chemically react with the fish tank water and can also cause the glass viewing panes … Read more

dragon rock aquarium

Dragon Rock Aquarium Decoration: Eye-Catching and Adaptable

Dragon stone or Ohko stone is a popular rock that’s often used in aquascaping aquariums and terrariums. But is Dragon stone safe to use in your fish tank? Does this stone change the aquarium water chemistry? And where can you buy Ohko stone? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Dragon … Read more

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank? Read On To Find Out

When it comes to decorating a fish tank, some of us like to get creative. For me, nothing can beat an aquascaped aquarium with plenty of plants, stunning rocks, and twisted pieces of driftwood. But can you include crystals as part of your aquarium decor? The answer is yes! You can. But you also need … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater? Read To Find Out!

Bettas are well sought after for being hardy, beautiful, tropical aquarium fish. You can ensure that your betta has a long lifespan by making sure they have the proper tank setup with a heating system. Your bettas will not only live longer but they will be healthier in the long run. How Important Is a … Read more

Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud

Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud? Read On To Find Out

Although your aquarium might be the focal point in a room, you only want to see your tropical fish swimming silently around their beautifully aquascaped home. You certainly don’t want the ambiance ruined by a noisy filter. But why is your filter tank so loud, and what can you do to fix it, reduce the … Read more

best phosphate reactor

The 4 Best Phosphate Reactor – Why It’s Essential for You

Let’s face it, we all hate cleaning our dirty fish tanks! I’ll admit it! Fish poop, algae, uneaten and rotting food particles, debris, and bacteria can contaminate the tank water and build up over time. With enough time, this build-up can both turn your aquarium into a disgusting swamp and make your fish sick, neither … Read more

How To Keep a Fish Tank Warm Without a Heater

How To Keep a Fish Tank Warm Without a Heater: 12 Tips!

If your heater has broken, or you’re thinking of starting a fish tank and don’t want to use a heater, don’t worry! There are several ways to keep your fish tank warm without using a heater. For example, you can keep your fish tank warm by simply placing it in a warm room. If you … Read more

Fluval 407 vs FX4

Fluval 407 vs FX4 – Which Canister Filter Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a canister filter for your fish tank, you’ll have probably considered the Fluval 407 vs FX4. But what are the similarities and differences between these two high-quality canister filter units? And which is the best option for your aquarium setup? Read this guide for a direct comparison between the Fluval 407 … Read more

do mystery snails need a filter

Do Mystery Snails Need a Filter? We Have the Answer!

Mystery snails need a fish tank filter to keep their water in good condition. Without a filter, levels of oxygen go down, levels of ammonia go up, and you can quickly have an unhealthy environment for your pet snails. If you see your mystery snail floating for extended periods of time, breathing air from the … Read more

Do Shrimps Need a Heater

Do Shrimps Need a Heater? A Complete Guide

Freshwater shrimps are small, cute crustaceans that can turn any freshwater tank into a vibrant and lively ecosystem. But with the cold weather already upon us, you may wonder if they need a heater to stay healthy. To put it shortly, freshwater shrimp need heaters. They come from lakes, so they’re accustomed to warmer temperatures … Read more

Salt Water Powerhead

Salt Water Powerhead – the 6 Best Options for Your Aquarium

Powerheads are essential in saltwater aquariums to recreate ocean currents and circulate water. In my first experience setting up a saltwater tank, I didn’t use a powerhead, and my fish was not happy. I was on the hunt for the best powerhead for my saltwater tank. I tried a bunch of different ones, but none … Read more

Kessil 160we Review

The Kessil 160WE Review: An LED Light Great for Any Setup

Proper lighting is vital for any tank, freshwater or saltwater. The light you buy must meet the needs of both your fish and plants. Different types of fish and plants all have different light requirements. When you’re considering an LED light for your aquarium, it typically comes down to Kessil and everyone else who tries … Read more

Gifts for Aquarium Lovers

25 Best Gifts for Aquarium Lovers: Ideas for Any Fish Fan

Keeping an aquarium is a popular hobby among people of all ages and backgrounds. If you have an aquarium lover in your life, you may be wondering what you can give as a gift. Whether they’re new to the hobby or an experienced keeper who has everything, there is a perfect gift for everyone. Here … Read more