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Best Aquarium Bacteria Supplement
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Best Aquarium Bacteria Supplement

If you’re just starting up a new aquarium system, all the various information about the water cycle and nitrogen cycle plus the processes of different beneficial bacteria can get to be a little confusing. In short, aquarium bacteria supplements will introduce the necessary microorganisms…

March 22, 2021
Best Aquarium Stands
Aquarium equipment

Best Aquarium Stands For Your Tank Setup!

Aquarium purchased? Check. Substrate, filtration, and lighting bought? Check. Stocking list planned out for the next few months? Check. But a durable stand that will fit all your plumbing needs while keeping electrical cords organized and concealed? Maybe not so much. There’s a lot…

March 19, 2021
Albino Oscar

Albino Oscar (Astronotus Ocellatus) Care Sheet

The tiger oscar is one of the most personable and exciting species that you can have in your freshwater aquarium. But did you know that these South American fish also come in an albino variety? Albino oscars have all of the personality that their…

March 17, 2021
Crystal Shrimp

Crystal Red Shrimp Care Sheet

One of the most sought-after freshwater fish species is the crystal red shrimp. These small invertebrates have beautiful red and white markings that make them stand out in planted aquariums. Their miniature size makes them a favorite for nano tanks where other larger fish…

March 8, 2021
Dwarf Aquarium Lily

Dwarf Aquarium Lily Care Sheet

Name The dwarf aquarium lily is scientifically described as Nymphaea nouchali or Nymphaea stellata, and is often confused with many other Nymphaea species. This plant should not be confused with the blue Egyptian lotus (Nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea/Nymphaea caerulea); Nymphaea leibergii is also commonly referred to as the dwarf waterlily but is a…

March 4, 2021
Dragon Betta

Dragon Scale Betta (Betta Splendens) Care Sheet

This ancient fish gets an ancient makeover. The dragon scale betta, or simply referred to as dragon breeds, is a relatively new variety of betta fish with accentuated scales and often metallic coloration. While these fish are desired by many for their stoic appearances,…

March 2, 2021
Best Aquarium Decorations
Aquarium inspiration

Best Aquarium Decorations: Natural & Artificial

Some of the most beautiful aquarium setups have the most simple decorations. While these displays might seem easy to recreate, you will soon find out that achieving this effortlessness takes years of experience and a considerable amount of money. There are a few ways…

February 22, 2021
Blue Parrotfish

Blue Parrotfish (Scarus Coeruleus) Facts & Information

If you’ve ever had the chance to experience the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas or a Caribbean island, you’ve likely seen a parrotfish in its natural habitat. These fish inhabit tropical reefs and are some of the most common marine fish to come…

February 22, 2021
Feeder Guppy

Feeder Guppy: How To Breed & Care For Feeder Fish

If you have a predatory fish, you might have been recommended to feed live fish in order to stimulate natural hunting instincts and to give a varied diet. The problem is that many feeder fish carry diseases that can be passed to your fish…

February 11, 2021
Anubias Nana Petite
Aquarium plants

Anubias Nana ‘Petite’ Aquarium Plant Care Sheet

Anubias nana ‘petite’, more formally known as Anubias barteri var. nana ‘petite’, might be one of the most in-demand species of freshwater aquarium plant currently available in the hobby. The small, richly-green leaves of this plant make it a favorite foreground addition for many aquascapers while its undemanding…

February 10, 2021
Types Of Eels

Types Of Eels: 8 Of The Best Freshwater And Saltwater Eels

Did you know that eels are fish, too? These slimy snake-looking creatures look a lot different from your typical clownfish or guppy, but they are still considered fish. Eels can be freshwater or saltwater, ranging in size, color, and temperament. Some of these species…

February 1, 2021