Loach Catfish

Loach Catfish: A Complete Species Care Guide

Did you know that loaches are a type of catfish?  Yes, these slimy and snake-like fish are very closely related to catfish, which makes their aquarium care and maintenance pretty similar. If catfish aren’t your preferred fish, then there are tons of tropical loach species that you could add to your aquarium. Keep reading to … Read more

Best Pond Plants

18 Best Pond Plants To Keep Your Ecosystem Healthy

You might think that fish are the best part of having a backyard pond, but the endless species of aquatic plants available really puts the entire ecosystem into focus! Plants are important for pond setups. They provide food and protection for fish, improve water quality, and can even help combat erosion. Luckily, many species require … Read more

Fighting Conch

Fighting Conch: A Complete Care Guide

Struggling with a dirty sand bed in your saltwater aquarium? The Fighting Conch is a very popular addition to the marine aquarium for keeping substrates clean and overturned. However, its heavy dependence on the sand bed also, unfortunately, limits some hobbyists from adding them to their tanks. Keep reading to find out everything you need … Read more

Goldfish Turning Black

Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black: Causes and Treatment

It’s in the name: goldfish are gold. So why is yours turning black? Unfortunately, this isn’t good news and your fish might be suffering from ammonia poisoning. But don’t worry, with some quick correction to water parameters, your fish will be back to its bright metallic coloration in no time! Keep reading to find out … Read more

Foxface Rabbitfish Care

Foxface Rabbitfish: Our Complete Care Guide

Foxface rabbitfish are interesting fish. They don’t really look like any other fish in the marine aquarium hobby, and they have some interesting behaviors.  If you’re an intermediate saltwater aquarium keeper, then a foxface rabbitfish might be the next best addition to your tank. Just don’t get too close to those venomous spines! Keep reading … Read more

Green Parrot Fish

Green Parrot Fish

Have you ever wondered where sand comes from? You might think that sand is worn-down pieces of rock and shell. Or you might even believe that sand has always been present on the earth.  Though this is somewhat true, one of the major contributors to sand is marine parrotfish. These tropical fish munch away on … Read more

Best Aquarium Brands

The Best Aquarium Brands

While researching your next tank, you’re bound to come across many different aquarium brand names. Every fish tank, filter, powerhead, substrate, and air pump is made by a different company. Some companies only specialize in some products, while others offer a broad selection of every possible thing an aquarium buyer might need.  It is important … Read more

Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

The Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

You may have heard that live plants are great to add to your freshwater aquarium to help with algae problems. But why? Plants take up nutrients, like nitrate, from the water to grow. Not only does this nitrate reduction method help reduce the number of excess nutrients in the aquarium water column, but it eventually … Read more

Yellowtail Damsels

Yellowtail Damsels

It can be very tempting to choose an inexpensive fish, like the yellowtail damsel, for your first saltwater aquarium. You definitely don’t want to risk losing a more expensive fish, and there seem to be plenty of damselfish to go around. The problem is that yellowtail damsels are much more aggressive than other species of … Read more

Turtle Tank Ideas

Top Turtle Tank Ideas For Your Enclosure

If you happen to have an extra tank laying around and want to try something new other than fish, a turtle tank might be an exciting long-term project.  Many different species of turtle can make the perfect pet. However, you’ll need to make the perfect home for it to live in first. Keep reading to … Read more

Trumpet Coral

Trumpet Coral Care Guide

Trumpet corals are very popular among beginner and advanced reef keepers alike. These corals don’t offer the most coloration, but they are easy to keep and can be placed in a variety of places among the reef.  Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the trumpet coral and if this coral … Read more

Yellow Reef Fish

Yellow Reef Fish Species

Is yellow your favorite color? Or are you looking for a pop of color to add to your saltwater fish aquarium? Yellow is one of the more desired colors in the reef aquarium, as not many fish are that color. Luckily, there are a few options of yellow reef-safe fish to choose from that might … Read more

Best Reef Salt

The Best Reef Salt For Your Saltwater Aquarium

The first step to having a successful reef tank is having good saltwater. Most nutrients needed in a reef aquarium are a combination of those naturally occurring in water being used and those supplemented by additional salt. Because of this, some reef salts provide better nutrient levels for your tank. You’ll also want a safe, … Read more

Baby Snapping Turtle

Baby Snapping Turtle Care Guide

Snapping turtles are known for their prehistoric appearance and enormous size. They are very common in the wild, where they should be given plenty of space. But did you know that you can keep one of these ancient creatures in your aquarium or pond? It isn’t easy, and you will need a lot of space … Read more

Best Saltwater Fish

The Best Saltwater Fish To Keep In Your Tank

For many aquarists, there’s nothing more exciting than setting up their first saltwater aquarium. While a freshwater aquarium can be beautiful, saltwater aquariums can host a wide array of striking aquatic life not found in freshwater tanks. Saltwater aquarium fish come in wide varieties, providing hobbyists with plenty of choices as to how they want … Read more