black spots on aquarium plants

What Are the Black Spots on Aquarium Plants? (FAQs)

If you’ve discovered some black spots on your live plants, you may be concerned that there’s a problem to be addressed. In many cases, you’d be right. Black patches growing on aquarium plants is often due to ‘black beard algae’, a problematic type of algae that can overwhelm your aquarium if not dealt with urgently. … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone: Your Complete Care Guide

Most hobbyists start their journey into marine fishkeeping with a Clownfish. These colorful saltwater fish found fame in the Captain Nemo film, are easy to keep, relatively cheap to buy, and full of personality. Clownfish are happiest when in a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone, and Bubble-Tip anemones can make the perfect host for … Read more


Aponogeton: The Ultimate Guide to This Beautiful Plant

The Aponogeton ulvaceus is a delicate bulb plant from Madagascar that I found out about when I was looking to add some greenery to my aquarium. While doing my research, I saw a picture of an Aponogeton ulvaceus in full bloom and was hooked! Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of these tropical plants. … Read more

surprising benefits of aquarium plants

12 Surprising Facts About Aquatic Plants’ Benefits

Many aquarists love aquatic plants for their aesthetic appeal. I think there’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than a display of vibrant green foliage gently swaying in the current while brightly colored fish dart between the waving fronds. But plants are not just gorgeous to look at; they play a vital role in creating a … Read more

Surprising Benefits of Algae. Tropical fish with green algae in an aquarium.

5 Surprising Facts About the Benefits of Algae in Aquariums

The mere mention of algae in their tank is enough to send most aquarium hobbyists into a full-scale meltdown. However, before you dismiss these green, slimy organisms as just a pain to be endured, you might want to take a closer look at their role in creating a thriving aquatic ecosystem. In this article, I … Read more

Purple Algae in Fish Tanks

Purple Algae in Fish Tanks – What Can You Do About It?

Algae are the curse of the aquarium keeper, often covering the viewing panes, decorations, and plants in the tank with a slimy coating that ruins the aesthetic of your aquascape. In this article, we focus on two types of purple algae, one of which affects saltwater tanks and one afflicting freshwater environments. One of these … Read more

Rotala Wallichii

Rotala Wallichii: A Complete Care Guide

Looking for a vibrant red color to bring to your freshwater planted aquarium?  Rotala wallichii, also known as whorly Rotala, can be a bright and fluffy addition to the aquatic landscape. This versatile plant can create a gorgeous background for your tank, growing high enough to reach the surface of nearly any sized display.  However, … Read more

Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond Leaves in Your Aquarium: A Simple Guide

At Aquariadise, we’re constantly referring to fish that prefer soft, acidic water stained by tannins. These ‘blackwater environments’ are easy to achieve at home by adding tannin-rich ingredients, such as Indian almond leaves. Not only do they alter the water chemistry in favor of your fish, Indian almond leaves can also be used as a … Read more

Green Hair Algae

Green Hair Algae Prevention: Handy Hints and Terrific Tips

At Aquariadise, we’ve written dozens of articles on algae, so we know how frustrating algae problems can be! Green hair algae is one type that fish keepers often complain about, so here we’ve dedicated an entire page to find out what it is, how to get rid of it, and to prevent it from coming … Read more

Brown Algae in Fish Tanks

Brown Algae in Fish Tanks: Causes and Effective Solutions

As aquarium specialists, we know how concerning it can be to see any kind of algae bloom in your aquarium. Brown algae may look particularly unsightly, but thankfully, it’s one of the easier types of algae to control. A well-cycled tank, good aquarium maintenance, and clean water are your best friends when it comes to … Read more

Plants in Aquarium Pros and Cons

Plants in Aquarium Pros and Cons: Our Fascinating Guide

When I bought my first aquarium, I was daunted by the prospect of growing live plants. Although my fears were unfounded, I opted to launch my fishkeeping career purely with plastic replicas. Later on, my uncle introduced me to the ever-resilient Amazon Sword and I never looked back. Aquarium plants are not only easy to … Read more

plants for betta fish

10 Plants for Betta Fish: Creating a Beautiful Habitat

Betta fish are straightforward to care for, colorful, glamorous, and full of personality, so it’s no wonder they make such great pets for aquarists! In fact, second to goldfish, bettas are the world’s number one fishy friend. In the betta’s natural habitat, the water bodies are heavily vegetated, providing shelter, protection from predators, and offering … Read more

Cold Water Algae Eater

Cold Water Algae Eater – So, What Are Your Options?

Algae is the hobbyist’s sworn enemy, spreading in a slimy carpet over your tank and coating your decorations, plants, and viewing panes in green, red, or brown gunk. You can use an algae magnet to remove the eyesore from your tank glass, but you’ll need some help to get rid of algae growing in hard-to-reach … Read more

ludwigia palustris

Ludwigia Palustris: A Vibrant Burst of Aquarium Color

Have you ever wished for an aquarium plant whose colorful leaves could provide a beautiful foil for the green plants that surround it? Look no further than the Ludwigia family. With their red leaves and stems, Ludwigia plants provide vibrant bursts of color to add diversity and interest to the planted aquarium. Ludwigia palustris is … Read more

Red Stem Plants

9 Red Stem Plants: Your Aquarium’s Most Colorful Addition

Red aquatic plants can make a beautiful visual display in your fish tank, adding a bold splash of color to your aquascape that contrasts perfectly with the green leaves of your other planting. However, red aquarium plants are notoriously difficult to grow and maintain successfully, but there are a few species that beginners can take … Read more