best aquarium plant fertilizer

Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Options For A Thriving Freshwater Tank

While some plants are supposed to be easy to keep, you might find yourself struggling with melting yellow leaves or a general lack of growth. There are a few factors that go into successfully growing and maintaining freshwater plants, including lighting, substrates, water flow, and nutrients. Nutrients can be confusing to test and understand in … Read more

Aquarium Grass

10 Best Aquarium Grass Species

Living plants are a great asset to any freshwater fish tank. Plants help clean the water by using chemicals that are harmful to your fish as fertilizer, and they oxygenate the water as part of the process of photosynthesis. A lush green carpet of living aquarium grass not only looks beautiful, but also provides shelter … Read more

Fast-Growing Aquarium Plants

7 Fast Growing Aquarium Plants!

There are plenty of reasons to want to go for fast growing live plants in your aquarium. Some fish love to nibble on plants, so it’s a great idea to grow them separately to add some variety to their diet. Fast growers compete with algae, are usually relatively easy to care for and can really … Read more

duckweed in aquarium

Duckweed In Aquarium: Benefit Or Nuisance?

If you’ve had problems with freshwater algae or maintaining water quality, you may have been recommended a type of floating plant called duckweed. Aquarium duckweed is generally a small plant that sits on top of the surface of many lakes and ponds in the wild. It has been added to the aquarium hobby for nutrient … Read more


Moneywort Care Guide

Moneywort, also known simply as Bacopa, is a popular freshwater aquarium plant that is moderately easy to grow. They are slow-growing but can reach heights of several inches tall both in and out of water depending on their placement. Moneywort does require some special lighting, though, which makes it a step up in difficulty compared … Read more


Lilaeopsis Care Guide

Fresh aquatic plants make an excellent addition to any freshwater aquarium, adding vibrant color, providing hiding places for shy fish species, helping to oxygenate the water, and soaking up nitrates. There is a vast selection of plant species you can choose to grow in your fish tank, provided that the water conditions are suitable. Some … Read more

Growing Dwarf Hairgrass

Growing Dwarf Hairgrass

The news is in: having a lush lawn isn’t just for your yard! Did you know that you can grow one in your fish tank, too? Aquarium grass is extremely popular with aquascaping professionals and aquarium trade hobbyists who use it to create a vibrant green carpet across the substrate. Of the carpet plant species … Read more

Coldwater Aquarium Plants

10 Easy Coldwater Aquarium Plants

Let’s be honest: tropical fish tanks can be a hassle. Sometimes, a busy life gets in the way of the maintenance they require, and that leads to a crumbling ecosystem and, unfortunately, dead fish. But a nice, lush aquarium can be a beautiful addition to your home. What to do… Well, you could always consider … Read more

Plantprofiel: Anubias (Anubias barteri)

Growing Anubias (Anubias Barteri)

Anubias is one of the most popular aquarium plant species and a favorite for many beginners and more experienced aquarists. It doesn’t require any special care, grows well in low-light aquariums, and has large broad leaves that are appreciated by fish that prefer some extra hiding places. As an added bonus, it also comes in … Read more

Growing Vallisneria

Growing Vallisneria

Vallisneria varieties, also known simply as ‘Vals’, are an aquarium plant species popular for their resemblance of sea grass, quick growth and easy care. They can reach a height of anywhere between a few inches to right across the top of your tank and the tall leaves make a great hiding place for shy fish. … Read more

Background Aquarium Plants

7 Beautiful Background Aquarium Plants

When setting up a planted aquarium, one of the best ways to achieve a balanced, natural look is to create depth using foreground and background plants. Foreground plants are low and usually don’t stand out too much, while background plants are tall and can be much more extravagant.  Keep reading for a list of beautiful background … Read more

Hardy Plants for Brackish Aquarium

7 Hardy Plants For A Brackish Aquarium

Some of the most popular species in the aquarium hobby, such as bumblebee gobies, are actually not freshwater fish but require a brackish tank. If you want to set up an aquarium for one of these species one thing you’ll need to think about is plants: most aquarium plants don’t appreciate being exposed to salt … Read more

Pogostemon Helferi

Growing Pogostemon Helferi | Downoi Plant Caresheet

Pogostemon helferi has taken the aquascaping world by storm with its funky, rosette-shaped appearance and wavy leaf shape. This small plant makes a beautiful foreground carpet for an aquascape by adding a lovely pop of green. It’s easy to grow, beginner-proof, and can even be attached to driftwood or rock for some added texture. Keep reading … Read more

Growing Cryptocoryne

Growing Cryptocoryne

Plants from the genus Cryptocoryne, usually referred to as ‘crypts’ by aquarists, are one of the easiest aquatic plants to keep. This, combined with the fact that they are available in many different color varieties that all look beautiful without needing special care, makes them one of the most popular plant species in the hobby … Read more

Guppy Grass

Guppy Grass

When picking out the right submerged plants for your private aquarium, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. Guppy grass will make you and your fish very happy for a lot of reasons.  Guppy grass, also known as Najas guadalupensis (the scientific name), Water Nymph, or Najas grass, is a popular fast-growing aquatic … Read more