Most Beautiful Fish

12 of the Most Beautiful Fish You Can Have in Your Aquarium

Our world is described as the “Blue Planet.” And when you consider that 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, that’s no surprise. So, hundreds of thousands of fish live in our oceans, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Many of these fish are incredibly beautiful, and some can be kept in … Read more


The Datnoid: Everything You Need To Know About This Asian Fish

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to add to your aquarium, you might want to consider the striking, predatory Datnoid. So, what exactly is a Datnoid? Can these fish live in a community tank? And can you breed these exciting fish in a home aquarium? Keep reading to learn everything you need … Read more

Exotic Freshwater Fish

14 Exotic Freshwater Fish for Your Aquarium

Your home fish tank is suitable for so much more than tetras and goldfish! There are many gorgeous, exotic freshwater fish you can keep in your aquarium that are bound to fascinate and impress visitors to your home. Read this guide to discover some beautiful exotic freshwater fish you can keep in your home tank. … Read more

Cichlid Caves

5 Best Cichlid Caves: Reviews, Advice, and Instructions

Cichlids make fascinating pets. These tropical fish are relatively easy to keep, provided you set their tank up correctly and feed the fish a balanced, high-quality diet. One item of decoration you definitely need if you want to set up a cichlid tank is a cave. Many cichlid species are territorial, and the fish can … Read more

Aggressive Fish

12 Aggressive Fish Species You Can Keep at Home

Although you might initially shy away from keeping aggressive freshwater fish species in your aquarium, some of the feistiest fish are also the most popular. So, what makes aggressive fish so popular? And are aggressive species more challenging to keep than peaceful ones? Read this guide to learn the twelve aggressive fish species we actually recommend … Read more

Blackwater Aquarium

Blackwater Aquarium Setup: A Complete Tank Guide

If you love the idea of creating a natural look for your aquarium, you might want to know more about how to set up a blackwater tank. Blackwater biotopes are more challenging to create and manage than a regular setup, being more on par with reef or marine tanks. However, once your blackwater tank is … Read more

Feather Duster Worms

Feather Duster Worms: A Complete Care Guide 

If you have a mature marine aquarium and you’re looking for something different to add to your collection, feather duster worms are a fantastic option.  These are delicate-looking creatures that can create a beautifully textured contrast against soft anemones and hard corals.  These fascinating invertebrates are not challenging to keep, as long as you provide … Read more

Xenia Coral

Xenia Coral Care Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Amateur marine aquarists may be envious of coral reef tanks. After all, it’s common knowledge that corals require ultra-pure water, and even the smallest mistake can result in significant financial failure. What if there was a low-cost, beginner-friendly coral that grew like weeds? Xenia coral is intriguing, gorgeous, and easy to find making it an … Read more

Why Do Betta Blow Bubbles

Why Do Betta Blow Bubbles: A Complete Guide

If you have betta fish, you may have noticed them blowing bubbles in your tank. So, why do betta fish blow bubbles in fish tanks? Are these air bubbles that the fish has gulped at the water surface? Is a bubble-blowing betta sick? Keep reading to discover the answers to all your questions and find … Read more

pistol shrimp care

Pistol Shrimp Care: A Complete Guide 

If you have a marine aquarium and you’re looking for a unique and impressive critter to add to your collection, the pistol shrimp could be perfect for you. Pistol shrimp are also known as snapping shrimp because of the loud sound the creature’s snapping claw makes. The claw generates a tremendous force that can easily … Read more


Apisto Species, Care, and Breeding Guide 

Apistogramma or apistos are one of the most popular tropical freshwater fish species in the hobby! Apistos are more commonly known as dwarf cichlids. These are small beautiful fish that are a great choice for experienced aquarists. Even better, apistos come in a whole range of different species. This guide provides an overview of these … Read more

Marsilea Hirsuta

Marsilea Hirsuta Care Guide

There are many types of live aquatic plants that can be used in a tropical fish tank. Some species are tall and make excellent background specimens, while others are shorter and can be grown in the foreground. Marsilea Hirsuta is a carpet-forming plant whose leaves resemble those of the terrestrial clover plant. This is not … Read more