soft corals

10 Soft Corals for Beginners (+ FAQs)

If you have a reef tank, soft corals can be just as naturally beautiful as your fish. Corals also provide nutrients for many of the other organisms living in your aquarium. But aren’t corals difficult to care for? Are there any corals that are suitable for a beginner tank? And can you grow corals from … Read more

Clown Triggerfish

Clown Triggerfish: Exciting, Beginner-Friendly Aquarium Fish

Clown triggerfish are a striking species known for their vibrant coloring and unusual behaviors. These gorgeous fish can make an excellent addition to a tropical marine aquarium with appropriate companion fish. Despite being highly aggressive and territorial, Clown triggers are pretty easy to care for and are considered beginner-friendly, provided you have a tank large … Read more

Tomini Tang

Tomini Tang: Colorful, Vibrant, and Quirky Aquarium Fish

The Tomini tang is also known as the Tomini surgeon fish and is one of the most popular tangs, largely because of its small size and bright colors. These fish are reef-safe and pretty long-lived with quirky personalities that make them fun to keep in a well-established marine community tank. But are Tomini tangs beginner-friendly? … Read more

Red Devil Cichlid

Red Devil Cichlid: Care Guide for This Charismatic Fish

If you’re setting up a cichlid tank and you want a specimen with charisma, presence, and attitude, look no further than the Red Devil cichlid! The fish’s common name gives you a clue to its temperament. These critters can be aggressive toward other fish, so you need to choose tank mates for your Red Devil … Read more

Blue Phantom Pleco

Blue Phantom Pleco: Our Handy, In-depth Aquarists’ Guide

Blue Phantom plecos are attractive tropical fish that can keep your aquarium tidy by grazing on algae. These bottom-dwelling, active fish from Venezuela are straightforward to care for and are pretty long-lived too, Making them an excellent option for a large community tank. Read this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about … Read more

Porcupine Puffer

The Porcupine Puffer: Singular, Intriguing, and Captivating

Most aquarium fish cannot be described as cute or endearing. However, the porcupine puffer fish, or blowfish as it is sometimes also known, does fit both those labels. Hobbyists love these weird-looking fish for their big personalities and strange appearance, but does the porcupine puffer have a place in a marine community or reef tank, … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone: Your Complete Care Guide

Most hobbyists start their journey into marine fishkeeping with a Clownfish. These colorful saltwater fish found fame in the Captain Nemo film, are easy to keep, relatively cheap to buy, and full of personality. Clownfish are happiest when in a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone, and Bubble-Tip anemones can make the perfect host for … Read more

upside down catfish

Upside Down Catfish: A Quirky and Distinctive Aquarium Fish

The Upside Down catfish gets its name from its weird upside-down swimming style that enables the creature to feed more easily on the water’s surface. This quirky little fish is incredibly popular in the hobby and has been around for centuries, even appearing in ancient Egyptian artworks! But are these strange little fish suitable for … Read more

ryukin goldfish

Our Full Guide to Caring for Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish are an unusual variety of fancy goldfish from Japan. These gorgeous fish are beginner-friendly and can live in an indoor fish tank or outside in your garden pond. To learn more about the origins of these delightful, egg-shaped goldfish, including how to care for and breed them, keep reading! Ryukin Goldfish – At … Read more

six line wrasse

Six-Line Wrasse Care Guide (Tank Setup, Breeding + More)

The Six-line wrasse makes a bright and beautiful addition to any large saltwater fish tank setup. Although they can be aggressive towards some smaller fish and invertebrates, once they’re established, these vibrantly colored fish are relatively easy to care for and are regarded as reef-safe. This guide explains how to care for the stunning Six-line … Read more

fish with teeth

Fish With Teeth: Nature at Its Most Fascinating

Nature has evolved an incredible diversity of tooth adaptations in fish, from anglerfish with bioluminescent lures to sharks with serrated teeth. Each fish species’ unique dentition enables the creature to thrive in its environment and suits a diverse range of feeding habits and behaviors. In this guide, we introduce 19 amazing fish species with terrifying teeth. … Read more

Pom Pom Crab

Pom Pom Crab: The Cute Freshwater Crustacean

If you’re looking for a peaceful, fun creature to add to your freshwater aquarium, you might want to consider the Pom Pom crab. These fully-aquatic crabs shouldn’t be confused with their marine counterparts, and they aren’t as readily available in the aquarium hobby as other species of micro crabs, so most hobbyists don’t know much … Read more

how do eels reproduce

How Do Eels Reproduce? Eel Reproduction in the Wild

Eels are one of the most fascinating marine and freshwater creatures on the planet, and their reproductive processes have baffled naturalists and scientists for decades. Even with today’s technology and scientific resources, we’re still unsure how eels create offspring. However, in this comprehensive guide to eel reproduction, we dive deeper into what we know about … Read more

Fire Shrimp

Fire Shrimp Care: A Complete Guide for Aquarists

The Blood Red Fire Shrimp is one of the most striking creatures in the natural world with its deep red color, fragile grace, and fascinating cleaning behavior. So, it’s little wonder these tiny creatures are among the most sought-after in the marine aquarium hobby. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about the Fire Shrimp, … Read more

what do axolotl eat

What Do Axolotl Eat? – How to Keep a Healthy, Well-Fed Pet!

Axolotls are lively, cute little creatures that can make unusual, quirky pets that even engage and interact with their owners, making them a popular choice in the aquarium hobby. But are pet Axolotls difficult to feed? Can they eat live food? And do you need to hand-feed your Axolotl? Read this guide to learn how … Read more