Amano Shrimp and Betta

Amano Shrimp and Betta – Are They Suitable Tankmates?

Amano shrimp are an excellent addition to the tank if you want a creature to help keep algae down. These fascinating crustaceans consume algae very efficiently without bothering your aquatic plants. But if you have a betta fish, can you safely keep Amano shrimp with him? Basically, you can keep a betta fish with Amano … Read more

Electric Blue Ram vs German Blue Ram

Electric Blue Ram vs German Blue Ram – Our Comparison!

Electric Blue rams and German Blue rams are beautiful fish that many hobbyists admire. But there’s some confusion surrounding these two species. Are Electric Blue rams and German Blue rams the same species of fish? Can you keep both species together in the same tank? And can Electric Blue rams and German Blue rams interbreed? … Read more

how to lower kh in aquarium

How To Lower KH in Aquariums – Our Informative Guide

The KH levels in your fish tank are directly linked to the health and well-being of your fish and other livestock. Sometimes, those levels become out of kilter, being too low or too high, which can affect other crucial water quality factors, such as pH. But why is the correct KH level important? How do … Read more

Vorticella Shrimp

Vorticella Shrimp – The Lowdown on This Aquarium Parasite

If you want to get into keeping shrimp, you want to know how to keep them healthy and free from diseases. Shrimp can be susceptible to attack by various bacteria and parasites. If your venture into shrimp keeping is to be successful, you’ll need to know how to recognize and treat those diseases quickly and … Read more

Fluval 407 vs FX4

Fluval 407 vs FX4 – Which Canister Filter Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a canister filter for your fish tank, you’ll have probably considered the Fluval 407 vs FX4. But what are the similarities and differences between these two high-quality canister filter units? And which is the best option for your aquarium setup? Read this guide for a direct comparison between the Fluval 407 … Read more

endlers vs guppy

Endler’s vs Guppy? Which Aquarium Fish Should Get Your Vote?

Endler’s livebearers and guppies are both extremely popular tropical fish you’ll often see in home aquariums. These brightly colored little fish seem to be an excellent choice for a small tank. But what are the differences and similarities between the two species? In this guide, we take a closer look at Endler’s vs. guppies to … Read more

do assassin snails eat shrimp

Do Assassin Snails Eat Shrimp? Only if They Ca Catch Them!

Shrimp and snails can make an excellent cleanup crew, so many freshwater fish keepers like to keep a few invertebrates in their community tanks to help keep the habitat clean and free from general detritus. Usually, that’s a great idea, and these peaceful creatures can also make good companions for aggressive fish, such as bettas. … Read more

clean up crew

Putting Together the Perfect Clean Up Crew for Your Aquarium

Algae is an occupational hazard for aquarium hobbyists. Even a healthy fish tank has some of these green plants growing on the decorations, filter equipment, and viewing panes. Although algae won’t harm your fish, too much of the green stuff leaves your tank looking decidedly untidy. What can you do besides scrubbing your decorations and … Read more

soft water fish

Soft Water Fish – The 12 Best Options for Your Aquarium

Most freshwater aquarium fish prefer to live in a hard water environment in your fish tank. However, there are quite a few fish species that prefer softer water conditions. Providing the optimum water conditions for your fish is essential for their well-being and overall health. But how do you determine whether your fish tank water … Read more

Danios and Tetras

Danios and Tetras – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

There are many different species of tetras that can make a wonderful addition to a community setup. Danios are another staple aquarium favorite, and there are quite a few varieties to choose from. But can danios and tetras live together in the same community aquarium? Are all the species of danios and tetras peaceful? And … Read more

angelfish and goldfish

Angelfish and Goldfish – Can They Share the Same Tank?

Goldfish and angelfish are both extremely popular aquarium fishes with hobbyists. But can these beautiful fish make good tank mates and live harmoniously together? Well, the bad news is that angelfish and goldfish do not make a suitable combination. In this guide, we explain why you can’t safely keep angelfish and goldfish in the same … Read more

african dwarf frog and betta

Will Your African Dwarf Frog and Betta Fish Get Along?

Betta fish have a reputation as being aggressive, belligerent fish. However, most bettas appreciate some company to add interest to their habitat and provide the stimulation these intelligent fish need. African Dwarf frogs are undoubtedly cute little creatures that can make an interesting addition to a tropical fish tank. But are these tiny amphibians good … Read more

Can a Turtle Live in a 10 Gallon Tank

Can a Turtle Live in a 10 Gallon Tank – Read On To Find Out

So, you have a 10-gallon aquarium, and you’re wondering what you can keep in it. How about a turtle? Unfortunately, you can’t keep a turtle in a 10-gallon tank. That tank size is simply too small for any species of turtle. But what’s the ideal tank size for a turtle? And what creatures can live … Read more

Zodiac Loach

The Zodiac Loach – Our Guide to This Fascinating Fish!

Zodiac loaches or Nemacheilus triangularis are also known as Batik loaches. These small, nocturnal loaches are hardy and generally peaceful, making a good choice for a community tank. Read this guide to learn more about how to care for the fascinating Zodiac loach. Zodiac Loach Overview Batik Loach Species Profile The Batik loach or Zodiac … Read more