Pink Paddle Tail Eel

Pink Paddle Tail Eel Care Guide

The Pink Paddle Tail Eel or Purple Spaghetti Eel is a rarity in the marine aquarium hobby. They are also elusive creatures that are incredibly shy and hide away in your tank, burrowing down into the sandy substrate and keeping out of sight. However, if you want to add something unusual and desirable to your … Read more

Best Rodi System

The 5 Best RO/DI Systems for Aquariums

If you’re new to keeping marine fish or a reef tank, you’ll need to learn all about RO/DI systems. City water can contain heavy metals and chemicals that are potentially harmful to aquatic life. That’s where RO/DI systems can be extremely beneficial for your home tank in providing a healthy environment for your fish. In … Read more

Acclimation Fish

How To Acclimate Your New Fish: Best Tips & Methods

When you bring any new fish or livestock home from the fish store, you shouldn’t simply drop them out of their plastic bag straight into your fish tank! Instead, your fish must go through the correct acclimation process. Correct acclimation helps your new fish to adjust to the unfamiliar parameters of the tank water in … Read more

predatory freshwater fish

21 Predatory Freshwater Fish For Your Tank

Although you might not think that aggressive freshwater fish are suitable for life in an aquarium setting, some of the most popular tropical species are predatory. Many predatory species of fish are quite safe to keep in a community set up when given the right tank mates and environment.  Read this guide to learn what … Read more

Orange Peacock Cichlid

Orange Peacock Cichlid Care Guide

Orange Peacock Cichlids are among some of the more peaceful varieties of this popular species. If you’re looking for colorful, sociable fish to add to your collection, these attractive fish are certainly worth considering. Read this guide to find out more about these beautiful fish, including how to care for and breed them. Orange Peacock … Read more

Best Fish Tank Filter

5 Best Fish Tank Filter Options For Your Setup

Whether you have a freshwater fish tank or marine setup, you need a filter to keep your tank water clean and safe for your fish. But with so many types of filters available, which one do you choose?  In this guide, we review some of our favorite fish tank filters and provide you with all … Read more

Gardneri Killifish

Gardneri Killifish

If you’re looking for a colorful fish ideal for a small to medium-sized tank, then the Gardneri Killifish (Fundulopanchax gardneri) could be perfect for you. In this guide, we explain how to care for these beautiful little freshwater community fish and provide you with information on the best tank mates and environment to keep them … Read more

Gold Tetra

Gold Tetra

Every tropical fish keeper is almost sure to have kept at least one tetra species at some point in their hobbyist journey. With so many kinds of tetras to choose from, it can be hard to know which to choose. In this guide, we look at the Gold tetra. These little fish are not the … Read more

How To Dechlorinate Tap Water

How To Dechlorinate Tap Water

If you put untreated tap water directly into your fish tank, you will most likely kill your fish pretty quickly! But why is tap water so dangerous to your fish, and how can you make it safe? Keep reading to find out! What’s So Bad About Tap Water? So, why is tap water so dangerous … Read more

Crypt Parva

Crypt Parva

If you want the ideal foreground plant for your fish tank, Crypt Parva or Dwarf Water Trumpet might be just what you’re looking for. Crypt Parva is one of the smallest crypt tropical aquatic plants you can buy. This plant is slow-growing, but it is pretty hardy, eventually covering the floor of your aquarium in … Read more

Whisker Shrimp

Whisker Shrimp

Many hobbyists like to include freshwater invertebrates, such as shrimp, in their setup, partly for the entertainment that these busy little creatures provide and for their habit of cleaning the tank of debris and organic matter. Generally, aquarium shrimp are small, peaceful creatures that spend their lives foraging, breeding, and generally keeping themselves to themselves. … Read more

Best Filter For 55 Gallon Tank

5 Best Filters For 55-Gallon Tanks

Every freshwater and saltwater aquarium needs an effective filtration system that offers mechanical and biological functionality to keep the tank water clean, healthy, and well-oxygenated. But there are so many filters on the market that choosing the right one is certainly a challenge.  Read this article to learn how to choose the best filter for … Read more

Best Betta Fish

The Best Betta Fish Species To Keep In Your Tank

After the traditional goldfish, bettas are just about the most popular choice of pet fish on the planet. Bettas are intelligent, interactive, colorful freshwater fish that come in a dazzling array of beautiful forms, making them much-loved by aquarium hobbyists.  So, what’s not to love about a betta fish? But there are so many different … Read more

Blue Damselfish

Blue Damselfish Care Guide

If you’re a newbie to the marine aquarium hobby, you need to read this guide to the Blue Damselfish! This beautiful species of fish is among the most popular saltwater fish in the damselfish family, being both stunning to look at and easy to care for. Keep reading to find out everything you need to … Read more

Trapdoor Snail

Japanese Trapdoor Snail Care Guide

If you have a tropical community tank, you might want to consider including a few Japanese Trapdoor aquatic snails in your setup. Whether you’re an experienced fish keeper or a newbie to the aquarium hobby, these tiny snails will make an excellent choice for you. These freshwater snails are low-maintenance, easy to look after little … Read more