Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon In The Aquarium

If you’ve ever needed to buy an aquarium filter, you might have seen that it includes a cartridge of activated carbon. Activated carbon is the most popular type of filter media for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This simple and inexpensive method of chemical filtration helps keep tanks clear and odorless, and can even remove … Read more

Best Aquarium Wave Maker

Best Aquarium Wavemaker To Keep Your Aquarium Flowing

A wavemaker might not be the first thing on your mind when starting a new aquarium, but water flow is one of the most important aspects of a successful ecosystem. There are a few things to consider when buying a wavemaker, like power, pattern, and of course, price. Too strong of a wavemaker can make … Read more

Best Aquarium Stands

Best Aquarium Stands For Your Tank Setup!

Aquarium purchased? Check. Substrate, filtration, and lighting bought? Check. Stocking list planned out for the next few months? Check. But a durable stand that will fit all your plumbing needs while keeping electrical cords organized and concealed? Maybe not so much. There’s a lot more to aquarium stands than you might think. Of course, you … Read more

90-gallon tank

90-Gallon Aquarium: Top 4 Picks

Have you finally made up your mind about that aquarium upgrade you’ve been talking about for a while? Or perhaps you’re looking to downgrade to something a bit more manageable, but that is still easy to maintain and gives lots of room for livestock. Whatever the reason for your search for a new tank, a … Read more

Best Aquarium Pump

Best Aquarium Pump: Our Top 5 Picks

Aquarium pumps are essential for providing a healthy environment for your fish and other aquatic creatures. There are lots of pumps out there to pick from, and with so many choices, deciding which product to buy can be confusing. What do aquarium pumps even do? And do you really need one for your fish tank? … Read more

Best Aquarium Test Strips

Best Aquarium Test Strips

Providing your fishy friend with clean, healthy water that’s safe for it to live in is crucial if it’s going to thrive. So, in addition to keeping the aquarium clean and maintaining your filter media properly, you’ll need to carry out regular checks to make sure the water parameters are correct and stable.  To do … Read more

aquarium lighting timers

Aquarium Lighting Timers

When setting up a new tank, an aquarium lighting timer might be the last thing that comes to mind on your list of things to buy. However, lighting is one of the most important aspects of reef and planted aquarium systems, and without it, many organisms fail to survive. Not only does the actual light … Read more

pH Meter

Finding The Best pH Meter

All fish species have different preferences when it comes to water quality. If you don’t provide your fish with the conditions they need, your pets will become stressed, weakening their immune systems and leaving them vulnerable to common fish diseases. Checking your fish tank water’s pH and hardness should be a part of your regular … Read more

aquarium gloves on top of aquarium tank

Aquarium Gloves: The Best Options For Fish Tank Safety

Aquarium gloves are a good idea if you’re working with dangerous livestock, have sensitive skin, or just want to keep unnecessary chemicals and oils out of your fish tank system. Gloves that are specifically designed for aquarium usage are usually pretty cheap and reusable, which can be more economic and environmentally friendly than single-use latex … Read more

Best UV Sterilizer Freshwater Aquarium

Best UV Sterilizer For A Freshwater Aquarium

UV sterilizers are used by some hobbyists to kill bacteria and pathogens in the tank without harming the fish. But do you really need a UV sterilizer for your freshwater aquarium? Read on to discover everything you need to know about UV sterilizers, how they work, what they do, and whether or not you actually … Read more

Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home

Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home

If you love fishkeeping, you’ll love the idea of having a stunning aquarium table as a focal point in your home. In this guide, we discuss the practicalities of keeping a coffee table aquarium, as well as highlighting some of the best products currently out there on the market. What is an aquarium coffee table … Read more

aquariums with equipments

Why You Need An Aquarium Drip Loop

If you’re about to buy a beautiful new fish tank, you’ll no doubt be aware that you need to buy various electrical items for it. No matter what size the tank, you’ll need a filtration system. If you plan on keeping tropical fish, you’ll need a heater. And to provide your fish with plenty of … Read more

Air Stone

Air Stone: The Complete Guide With Instructions

Maybe one of the simplest pieces of aquarium equipment, the air stone can be used in many different ways, including for oxygenating a tank, filtration, or as decoration. What does an air stone do? Aquarium air stones are typically made from a type of porous rock or limewood. Porous material allows oxygen to be pushed … Read more

Wondering how to light an aquarium? This guide contains everything you need to know! #fishtank

Planted aquarium: Full lighting guide

Lighting is an important part of your aquarium. Not only does it make the entire tank look good, but it’s also highly important for your fish and plants. Proper lighting can bring out the best color of your aquarium inhabitants.  If you are new to this area it can seem quite complicated, but trust me: … Read more

uv sterilizer

UV Sterilizer: Uses and Purposes in the Aquarium

You’ve got your filter, your heater, and your light all ready to go, so you’re all set to start up your aquarium, right? Well, maybe. You may need to consider investing in a UV sterilizer for problems that you could come across down the line. Or maybe you’ve already reached that point and you’re trying … Read more