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Aquarium equipment

Why You Need An Aquarium Drip Loop

If you’re about to buy a beautiful new fish tank, you’ll no doubt be aware that you need to buy various electrical items for it. No matter what size the tank, you’ll need a filtration system. If you plan on keeping tropical fish, you’ll…

November 2, 2020
aquarium gloves on top of aquarium tank
Aquarium equipment

Aquarium Gloves: The Best Options For Fish Tank Safety

Aquarium gloves are a good idea if you’re working with dangerous livestock, have sensitive skin, or just want to keep unnecessary chemicals and oils out of your fish tank system. Gloves that are specifically designed for aquarium usage are usually pretty cheap and reusable,…

October 29, 2020
30 Gallon Fish Tank
Aquarium equipment

30 Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top 5 Choices

One of the most common aquarium sizes available today is the 29 gallon (109.8 L), but maybe you have space for just one more gallon and you can allow for a 30 gallon (113.6 L) setup instead. A 30-gallon aquarium is enough space to…

August 17, 2020
Air Stone
Aquarium equipment

Air Stone: The Complete Guide With Instructions

Maybe one of the simplest pieces of aquarium equipment, the air stone can be used in many different ways, including for oxygenating a tank, filtration, or as decoration. What does an air stone do? Aquarium air stones are typically made from a type of…

July 16, 2020
90-gallon tank
Aquarium equipment Reviews

90-Gallon Aquarium: Top 4 Picks

Have you finally made up your mind about that aquarium upgrade you’ve been talking about for a while? Or perhaps you’re looking to downgrade to something a bit more manageable, but that is still easy to maintain and gives lots of room for livestock.…

April 19, 2020
Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner
Aquarium equipment Reviews

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common causes of disease in freshwater and marine fish is stress. Poor water conditions in the aquarium typically cause stress, so keeping your tank scrupulously clean is critical if your fish are going to thrive. But it’s not always easy…

March 9, 2020
Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home
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Best Aquarium Coffee Table To Satisfy Any Home

If you love fishkeeping, you’ll love the idea of having a stunning aquarium table as a focal point in your home. In this guide, we discuss the practicalities of keeping a coffee table aquarium, as well as highlighting some of the best products currently…

February 13, 2020