Do Shrimps Need a Heater

Do Shrimps Need a Heater? A Complete Guide

Freshwater shrimps are small, cute crustaceans that can turn any freshwater tank into a vibrant and lively ecosystem. But with the cold weather already upon us, you may wonder if they need a heater to stay healthy. To put it shortly, freshwater shrimp need heaters. They come from lakes, so they’re accustomed to warmer temperatures … Read more

Salt Water Powerhead

Salt Water Powerhead – the 6 Best Options for Your Aquarium

Powerheads are essential in saltwater aquariums to recreate ocean currents and circulate water. In my first experience setting up a saltwater tank, I didn’t use a powerhead, and my fish was not happy. I was on the hunt for the best powerhead for my saltwater tank. I tried a bunch of different ones, but none … Read more

Kessil 160we Review

The Kessil 160WE Review: An LED Light Great for Any Setup

Proper lighting is vital for any tank, freshwater or saltwater. The light you buy must meet the needs of both your fish and plants. Different types of fish and plants all have different light requirements. When you’re considering an LED light for your aquarium, it typically comes down to Kessil and everyone else who tries … Read more

Gifts for Aquarium Lovers

25 Best Gifts for Aquarium Lovers: Ideas for Any Fish Fan

Keeping an aquarium is a popular hobby among people of all ages and backgrounds. If you have an aquarium lover in your life, you may be wondering what you can give as a gift. Whether they’re new to the hobby or an experienced keeper who has everything, there is a perfect gift for everyone. Here … Read more

Aquarium Night Light

Aquarium Night Light Guide: Which Is Right for Your Tank?

Daytime lighting is usually the focus of most fish owners, especially if your tank has live plants, which require a large amount of light. But what about at night? Do fish need night lighting? Why would it be beneficial? Read our guide to learn more about our top aquarium night light picks! Using Night Lighting … Read more

best lighting for reef tank

Top 5 Picks for Best Lighting for Reef Tanks in 2022

Finding the right lighting for coral reef tanks may seem a little bewildering. There’s a lot of talk about the necessary wavelengths and spectrums, fluorescent blues and the hues… and what in the ocean have Zooxanthellae algae got to do with it? In this guide, we’ll make things a bit simpler for you. Without needing … Read more

Koi Pond Filtering Systems

Top 6 Best Koi Pond Filtering Systems in 2022

Water filtration is a key factor in keeping your fish healthy. Filters can help to remove toxic substances and improve water quality. Koi fish are very sensitive to changes in water conditions and can quickly become ill from poor water quality. But what koi pond filtering systems are best? We’ve done all the research for … Read more

Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Best High-Rated Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

Although a fish tank makes a beautiful focal point in any room and can be an absorbing and fulfilling hobby, there is a downside; you have to clean it every week! Keeping the tank clean is essential if you are to enjoy a healthy, thriving population of fish. Indeed, many fish diseases are caused by … Read more

Best CO2 Regulator

The Best CO2 Regulators for Your Aquarium in 2022

Supplying your aquatic plants with additional CO2 can be the difference between a mediocre planted tank with a few slow-growing plants and an abundant aquascape buzzing with vibrant color. CO2 systems are not without their risks, though. These kits are highly pressurized and can cause serious harm or even death to your fish if something … Read more

how long can fish go without a filter

How Long Can Fish Go Without a Filter?

Everyone wants to ensure their fish have a long and healthy life. One of the key ways to do this is by ensuring their tank is properly filtered. But how long can fish live without a filter? A captive-bred fish can go without a fish filter for about 3 days to a maximum of a … Read more

Best Basking Lights

8 Best Basking Lights for Bearded Dragons

I have kept bearded dragons as pets for many years now, and one of the most important things you need to provide them with is a proper basking light. Unlike ourselves, bearded dragons cannot regulate their internal temperature. They rely on moving between hot and cold areas to maintain their optimum body temperature. Consequently, I’ve … Read more

Cichlid Caves

5 Best Cichlid Caves: Reviews, Advice, and Instructions

Cichlids make fascinating pets. These tropical fish are relatively easy to keep, provided you set their tank up correctly and feed the fish a balanced, high-quality diet. One item of decoration you definitely need if you want to set up a cichlid tank is a cave. Many cichlid species are territorial, and the fish can … Read more

heat rock for turtle

3 Best Heat Rocks for Turtles That Will Help Them Thrive

Turtles are cold-blooded creatures that can’t generate their own body heat. That means you’ll need to provide adequate heat sources for your turtles to remain healthy and thrive.  Heat rocks can be an excellent way of helping to provide your pet with the crucial additional heat he needs and encouraging your turtle’s natural basking behavior. … Read more

90-gallon tank

The Best 90-Gallon Aquarium Options

When you’re prepping your home for a tank setup, one of the first things you’re going to consider is what fish tank size you want. Larger tanks are great for people who want to home a variety of aquarium fish, but they also take up a lot of space and fall into a higher price … Read more