Pond Liner

Should You Use a Pond Liner? Everything You Need to Know!

Many people, especially fish owners, will toy with the idea of putting a pond in their yard at some point or another. This decision brings a million more questions and decisions to make, and one thing you might be wondering is what exactly it takes to maintain a pond. In this article, we’ll answer questions … Read more

Platies and Guppies

Platies and Guppies: How To Care for Them + Other FAQs

Guppies and platies are both beautiful types of livebearer fish. These stunning species both make for not only excellent pets of their own accord but also beautiful tankmates for a community tank. While they’re of different species, these two have many similar requirements and can be found living together in harmony in many home aquariums. … Read more

Wasting Disease in Fish

Wasting Disease in Fish – What It Is and How To Cope!

Wasting disease, also known as Fish Tuberculosis, is a disease that affects freshwater fish like Betts, Gourami’s, Tetras, Danios, and Barbs. Knowing the signs of this disease and what causes it can mean the difference between life and death for your fish. What Is Wasting Disease? Wasting disease is a fatal disease that is caused … Read more

Can Fish Have a Heart Attack

Can a Fish Have a Heart Attack? Let’s Examine the Facts!

Can a fish have a heart attack like a human? The answer to that question is yes. The heart is key to life because it circulates blood, gives oxygen to our body, and gets rid of waste. Heart attacks happen when an area of the heart doesn’t get enough blood. Read on to find out … Read more

yoyo loach eat snails

Do Yoyo Loach Eat Snails – Let’s Explore This In-Depth!

Does your snail population have you up at night in worry? Do you constantly dread waking up to find a snail feast on your water plants or even worse, your prized fish tank? Fear not, because there is a simple solution: Yoyo loaches! Yoyo loaches are small, bottom-dwelling fish that are native to Eastern Asia. … Read more

Betta Fish Behavior Before Death

Betta Fish Behavior Before Death: How Can I Tell if My Betta Is Dying?

Betta fish are popular, colorful fish that many aquarists love. Unfortunately, they are prone to a variety of health issues. A betta’s environment is a direct factor influencing its lifespan. Factors like water quality, food quality, disease, and more affect how long a betta will live. As betta fish age or become sick, they show … Read more

Water Mites in Fish Tank

Water Mites in Your Fish Tank: What Are These Tiny Bugs?

If you have discovered tiny bugs in your fish tank, you may (understandably) be worried. Fortunately, the bugs are probably water mites, and most species are harmless. Still, having mites in your aquarium could signal that something else is wrong, and water mite populations can get out of control quickly. What Do Water Mites Look … Read more

Why Did My Ghost Shrimp Die

Why Did My Ghost Shrimp Die? Let’s Examine the Facts!

Did you walk by your aquarium today and notice that one of your beloved ghost shrimp had suddenly passed away? If so, you may be feeling confused and frustrated about what could have possibly caused this unexpected death. There are many possible culprits when it comes to why your ghost shrimp might have died. Some … Read more

What To Do With Unwanted Fish

What To Do With Unwanted Fish – We Explore the Answers!

Is your fish tank overstocked with unwanted pet fish? Are you looking for creative ways to find a new home for your unwanted fishies? Well, there are some humane and effective ways that you can do to find a new home for them. For example, you can post an ad online or in your local … Read more

triops in aquarium

How To Set Up Triops in Aquarium (Full Guide)

If you are a true fish geek, then triops should definitely be on your radar. These fascinating little creatures are small, colorful crustaceans that make a wonderful addition to any aquarium. I know what you’re thinking – triops in aquariums may seem like a strange idea at first. But trust me, once you learn more … Read more

Whisker Shrimp vs Ghost Shrimp

Whisker Shrimp vs Ghost Shrimp – Our Helpful Guide

Whisker shrimp and Ghost shrimp are both popular aquarium shrimp species from the Palaemonidae family of shrimps. Some of their relatives live in seawater, but whisker shrimps and ghost shrimps are both freshwater shrimps. While the two species look remarkably similar, they actually live on opposite sides of the world! The Ghost shrimp is from … Read more

What Eats Fish Poop

What Eats Fish Poop? The Tank Clean-up Crew!

If you have a freshwater aquarium, you know that maintaining a clean environment is one of the most important aspects of keeping your fish healthy. Part of keeping things clean means removing waste, including fish poop. So, what eats fish poop in freshwater aquariums? There are a few different creatures that can help keep your … Read more

scuds in aquarium

Scuds in Aquarium: What Are They & How To Control Them

Scuds are small, shrimp-like creatures that belong to the family of Gammaridae. But what exactly are they, and how can you control their population in your aquarium? While these little creatures are amazing at eating algae and acting as a clean-up crew, they also have high reproductive rates that can be difficult to manage. Also, … Read more

Pond Snail vs Bladder Snail

Pond Snail vs Bladder Snail – How To Tell Them Apart?

Are you thinking about hiring a clean-up crew for your tank, but are unsure which type of snail you have? Well, you’re not alone! At a glance, pond snails and bladder snails may look very similar. However, there are a few key differences between the pond and bladder snails, including their physical appearance, habitat preferences, … Read more

Chinese High Fin Banded Shark

Chinese High-Fin Banded Shark: A Comprehensive Shark Guide

The Chinese High Fin Banded Shark is a fish that looks especially cute when they’re young – perhaps you’ve seen them scurrying around the bottom of the tank in a pet store. But if you think they’d make a nice addition to your community tank, think again! This fish quickly grows to over 4 feet … Read more