Wondering how to keep your angelfish happy and healthy? Head over to the angelfish caresheet for the basics. #aquariums

Angelfish Care & Info For Aquarium Lovers

You’ve probably seen some little adorable angelfish at your local fish store; they can be blue, orange, gold, or just about any other color variation, and could make a great addition to your freshwater aquarium. In order for them to thrive and get along with the other fish in your aquarium, there are a few … Read more

Can female Betta sororities work? Find out the truth about keeping multiple female Betta fish together.

Betta sorority | The ugly truth

If you’re been in the aquarium hobby for a while, you might have come across the term “Betta sorority”. Many aquarists still advocate for keeping multiple female Betta fish together, as they are supposed to be less aggressive than their male counterparts. Is this actually true? Can female Bettas cohabit peacefully in aquariums as small as 10 … Read more

Ghost shrimp care & info

Palaemonetes | Ghost shrimp care & info

When it comes to keeping shrimp, most freshwater aquarists lean towards more exciting and colorful dwarf shrimp, like the Amano shrimp or Cherry Shrimp. Ghost shrimp are just as fun to watch and are often sold at aquarium stores for very low prices. If you’re looking for a small invertebrate to add to your freshwater aquarium cleaning crew, … Read more

Low light aquarium plants

9 Most Useful Low Light Aquarium Plants

If you’ve been in the aquarium hobby for a while, you’ll know that all aquarium plants need a source of light to grow and thrive. Not all plants are equal in their lighting needs, though: some need more than others while some not so much. Looking to set up a low tech aquarium with beautiful … Read more

Wondering how to light an aquarium? This guide contains everything you need to know! #fishtank

Planted aquarium: Full lighting guide

Lighting is an important part of your aquarium. Not only does it make the entire tank look good, but it’s also highly important for your fish and plants. Proper lighting can bring out the best color of your aquarium inhabitants.  If you are new to this area it can seem quite complicated, but trust me: … Read more

German Blue Ram

Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi | German Blue Ram Care & Info

In need of a pop of color for your aquarium? Few types of fish will brighten up your tank like the German blue ram. This dwarf cichlid species is appreciated by aquarists for its bright orange and electric blue colors, as well as its relatively peaceful temperament. Although the German blue ram is not the … Read more

Cory Catfish

Keeping Cory Catfish | 5 Adorable Cory Species & Care Tips

If you’re a freshwater aquarist, you’ve probably come across cory catfish before. The various members of the Corydoras genus are an incredibly popular aquarium fish and for good reason. They’ve got everything you want in a fish! Cory catfish are a peaceful community fish, easy for beginners and fascinating to watch. Some will even breed in the … Read more

Growing Dwarf Hairgrass

Growing Dwarf Hairgrass

The news is in: having a lush lawn isn’t just for your yard! Did you know that you can grow one in your fish tank, too? Aquarium grass is extremely popular with aquascaping professionals and aquarium trade hobbyists who use it to create a vibrant green carpet across the substrate. Of the carpet plant species … Read more

Bottom Feeder Fish

Top 5 Bottom Feeder Fish | Freshwater Bottom Dwellers

In the aquarium hobby, there are typically three zones in your tank that you want to consider when stocking to ensure you have an even spread of fish: there are surface feeders, mid-water fish, and bottom feeder fish. Bottom feeder fish live and feed on the lower section of the aquarium where they can bring … Read more

otocinclus catfish

Otocinclus catfish care & info

Otocinclus are little freshwater fish with a big appetite for algae. This aquascape-favorite seems ideal as an algae cleaner for small aquariums, but these dwarf catfish need some pretty specific care. If you’re willing to provide them with what they need to stay healthy and thriving, you’ll have a fascinating addition to your aquarium! Keep … Read more

Aquarium Snails

Aquarium Snails | Aquarium Snail Types & Info

When setting up and stocking your fish tank, you’re probably thinking of fish, right? Certainly not snails. Snails are pests. Or are they? The humble freshwater snail has been gaining popularity, and for good reason. There are some fascinating (and beautiful) species out there. Snails will even scrape algae off your tank walls, eat leftover fish food, and … Read more

crystal red shrimp

10 Freshwater shrimp species | Aquarium shrimp types & info

With the shrimp hobby exploding in the past few years, the number of selectively bred (dwarf) shrimp species has shot up. New varieties are always appearing and our knowledge on keeping and breeding these inverts is ever-growing.  In need of shrimpspiration? Mason from Build Your Aquarium discusses ten aquarium shrimp types. From extremely popular to … Read more

what to feed shrimp

Review: GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner

What to feed shrimp? With the amount of shrimp foods on the market getting slightly out of hand, this is the eternal shrimp keeping question. Although all shrimp keepers have different preferences when it comes to food for their shrimp, Aquariadise tries to make things a little easier with shrimp food reviews.  After the previous … Read more