Whisker Shrimp

Whisker Shrimp

Many hobbyists like to include freshwater invertebrates, such as shrimp, in their setup, partly for the entertainment that these busy little creatures provide and for their habit of cleaning the tank of debris and organic matter. Generally, aquarium shrimp are small, peaceful creatures that spend their lives foraging, breeding, and generally keeping themselves to themselves. … Read more

Banded Coral Shrimp

Banded Coral Shrimp Care Guide

Are you setting up a saltwater tank and don’t know which shrimp to choose? The banded coral shrimp (also called the coral banded shrimp and banded cleaner shrimp) is one of the most widely available types of ‘shrimp’ in the hobby, but they’re not necessarily suitable for every tank setup. Keep reading to find out … Read more

Saltwater Shrimp

Saltwater Shrimp

The saltwater world of the aquarium hobby is filled with colorful fish species and flowing corals. But did you know that there are a plethora of invertebrates that you can keep in your reef, fish only with live rock (FOWLR) or species-specific tanks?  Marine shrimp are especially popular additions to the aquarium as they can … Read more

Crystal Shrimp

Crystal Red Shrimp Care Sheet

One of the most sought-after freshwater fish species is the crystal red shrimp. These small invertebrates have beautiful red and white markings that make them stand out in planted aquariums. Their miniature size makes them a favorite for nano tanks where other larger fish might not be able to fit comfortably. However, these shrimp can … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta) Care Sheet

The harlequin shrimp might be one of the most beautiful saltwater invertebrates currently available in the aquarium hobby. While these shrimp do well in community and reef tank settings, their selective diet makes them slightly more difficult to keep than other marine shrimp. However, if you’re struggling with an Asterina starfish problem, then a harlequin shrimp might … Read more

What Do Shrimp Eat

What Do Shrimp Eat? Plants and Proteins They Need In Their Diet

Marine and freshwater shrimp are becoming an extremely popular addition to many home aquariums. These peaceful little creatures are not only fascinating to watch as they scurry around the tank in their endless search for food, but they also make a great clean-up crew, helping to keep your tank tidy. So, shrimp are well-known for … Read more

Vampire Shrimp Care Guide

Care Sheet: Vampire Shrimp | Atya gabonensis

If you’re looking for a rare kind of freshwater shrimp that looks a little scary (but is completely harmless), then the vampire shrimp might be right for you. These shrimp are actually incredibly peaceful and can be seen sifting through the water column for food with their tiny fan-like appendages. They’re a little hard to … Read more

Looking for an easy live food option for your aquarium fish that you can culture at home? Brine shrimp are the solution!

Brine Shrimp Benefits & Growth Tips

If you’ve been in the aquarium game for long enough, you’ve probably heard of brine shrimp. They’re mentioned as potential fish food in almost every care guide you’ll read, and for good reason. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about brine shrimp. What they are, the benefits they provide, and how … Read more

Ghost shrimp care & info

Palaemonetes | Ghost shrimp care & info

When it comes to keeping shrimp, most freshwater aquarists lean towards more exciting and colorful dwarf shrimp, like the Amano shrimp or Cherry Shrimp. Ghost shrimp are just as fun to watch and are often sold at aquarium stores for very low prices. If you’re looking for a small invertebrate to add to your freshwater aquarium cleaning crew, … Read more

crystal red shrimp

10 Freshwater shrimp species | Aquarium shrimp types & info

With the shrimp hobby exploding in the past few years, the number of selectively bred (dwarf) shrimp species has shot up. New varieties are always appearing and our knowledge on keeping and breeding these inverts is ever-growing.  In need of shrimpspiration? Mason from Build Your Aquarium discusses ten aquarium shrimp types. From extremely popular to … Read more

what to feed shrimp

Review: GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner

What to feed shrimp? With the amount of shrimp foods on the market getting slightly out of hand, this is the eternal shrimp keeping question. Although all shrimp keepers have different preferences when it comes to food for their shrimp, Aquariadise tries to make things a little easier with shrimp food reviews.  After the previous … Read more

atyopsis moluccensis

Caresheet: Bamboo shrimp | Atyopsis Moluccensis

This filter-feeding shrimp is one of the most interesting aquarium shrimp available in the freshwater hobby, courtesy of its unusual feeding method. Unlike most other shrimp, bamboo shrimp are not bottom feeders. They use fan-like appendages to filter particles out of the water. This calls for an entirely different feeding method, but luckily, successfully caring for … Read more

hinomaru bento

Review: Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bento shrimp food

The amount of different types of food available for shrimp and other freshwater crustaceans nowadays is rather dazzling – a simple search in a single webshop is enough to leave any aquarist confused. Which food is best? While Aquariadise can’t definitively answer this question either, it can at least try to help by reviewing different … Read more

Dwarf Shrimp

Dwarf Shrimp Care | Keeping Neocaridina & Caridina

Although an aquarium dedicated to something as seemingly boring as tiny shrimp may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the (dwarf) shrimp hobby is growing fast. Knowledge about their existence and care is spreading and exciting color varieties are being developed. More and more aquarists are giving shrimp keeping a try; if you are, too, keep … Read more

Cherry Shrimp

Caresheet: Cherry Shrimp | Neocaridina Davidi

Cherry shrimp are a type of dwarf shrimp appreciated by many aquarists for their bright colors and easy care. If you’re looking for a clean-up crew in your planted aquarium, a new breeding project, or just a fun addition to a peaceful community tank, these shrimp make a great choice!  Keep reading for everything you … Read more