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How To Care For The Large Rabbit Snail
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How To Care For The Large Rabbit Snail

Ornamental snails can make a decorative and entertaining addition to your aquarium community. In this guide, we take a look at the popular and widely available Rabbit snail. Rabbit snails are easy to care for and exhibit some unique behaviors that can be fascinating…

March 23, 2020
Ultimate Care Tips For Banana Eels
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Ultimate Care Tips For Banana Eels

An eel might not be your first choice when it comes to choosing a new fish for your marine tank. However, if you are an experienced hobbyist, and you’re looking for something different, one of these unusual, eye-catching creatures might be worth considering if…

March 2, 2020
Dragon Eel

Dragon Eel: Care Guide for Health, Tankmates, and More

If you have a very large marine aquarium and you’re looking to add a truly spectacular specimen to your collection, look no further than the Dragon Eel. Here’s a guide to keeping this menacing-looking creature in your home tank. If you dare! Enter the…

February 25, 2020
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How to set up a blackworm culture

Live worms are one of the most nutritious foods for small to medium sized fish, and are accepted by all but the pickiest. They are rich in proteins, fats and vitamins, which makes them an excellent food for both encouraging breeding and growing fry. There are…

February 12, 2018
bumblebee goby
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Caresheet: Bumblebee goby | Brachygobius spp.

Gobies from the Brachygobius genus, better known as bumblebee gobies, are small bottom-dwelling aquarium fish species featuring a bee-like yellow and black striped pattern. This species may not be the best choice for most community aquariums and requires a tank set up with brackish…

February 5, 2017
stocking a 10 gallon fish tank
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Stocking a 10 gallon fish tank

10 gallon (38L) aquarium kits such as this one are cheap and easy to fit into any room, which makes them a very popular choice. However, it can be difficult to figure out what fish to stock a 10 gal with. 10 gallons is not…

September 27, 2016
colorful aquarium fish
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7 colorful freshwater fish

When setting up an aquarium and picking fish to stock it with, one thing many aquarists focus on is color. One or multiple colorful fish species can really brighten up a tank and form an eye-catching centerpiece. Many species in the aquarium trade sport…

September 4, 2016
malaysian trumpet snails
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Caresheet: Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian trumpet snails are seen by many aquarists as ‘pest’ snails. While they do reproduce quickly, they are also great detritus feeders and help prevent compaction of your substrate by burrowing through it. Keep reading for more information about Malaysian trumpet snail care, how…

July 3, 2016