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The amount of different types of food available for shrimp and other freshwater crustaceans nowadays is rather dazzling – a simple search in a single webshop is enough to leave any aquarist confused. Which food is best?

While Aquariadise can’t definitively answer this question either, it can at least try to help by reviewing different foods. Keep reading for a review of Ebita Breed’s Jo Hinomaru Bento shrimp food!


Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bento comes in a small, round container and costs around $10 for 20g. The first thing that stands out when analysing this food is that the information on the container is in Japanese. This means that we’ll have to rely on whatever we can find about it online.

Finding information about the exact ingredients of this food has proven quite difficult. Almost all the sites I found listed the same copy + pasted information, which does mention “Phospholipid, Animal cholesterol, Vitamin C & DHA, Fresh water chlorella, Shrimp Guard, etc.” as ingredients and explains what they are (you can read the whole thing here).

There are quite a few ingredients; all have specific benefits. Whether this actually makes a food better for your shrimp than simpler formulations of similar quality? I don’t think there will be that much of a difference. That being said, this food is high quality and should help keep your shrimp happy and healthy. Unless you can read Japanese, you might want to avoid it if you want to know the exact ingredients.

The Jo Hinomaru Bento food comes in relatively small, square pellets, which I can appreciate because you don’t have to break them apart. They kept their consistency quite well and didn’t cause any clouding or changes in water quality, which is very important as shrimp don’t respond well to sudden fluctuations at all. Four pellets kept our hundreds of red cherry shrimp and four Amano shrimp busy for hours.


I tested Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bento in our heavily planted tropical 30 gallon aquarium. Although shrimp will flock to almost any food, they seemed particularly content with these pellets.


I would buy this food again. I liked the size and consistency of the pellets, the food was obviously high quality and carefully formulated by people that do really love shrimp. Most importantly, the shrimp loved it!

If you’re a very serious shrimp breeder, you might not appreciate the fact that the exact ingredients are a little difficult to find. The container is also on the small side if you have to feed a lot of shrimp.

You can buy Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bento shrimp food online over at The Shrimp Farm.

If you have any more questions about Ebita Breed Jo Hinomaru Bento shrimp food or want to share your own experiences with this product, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Although this product was sent to me specifically to test, this article contains nothing but my own honest opinions. This article contains affiliate links, which means you can support Aquariadise simply by doing your regular aquarium shopping.

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