pygmy corydoras with betta

Keeping Pygmy Corydoras With Betta – Our Helpful Guide

So you’re wondering if pygmy corydoras could make the perfect tank mates for betta fish? Pygmy cory catfish are indeed one of the best tank mates for betta fish, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be a match made in heaven! The aggressive betta fish can be notoriously difficult to keep with other fish, so … Read more

Overfed Betta Fish

Overfed Betta Fish: The Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Are you suspecting that your betta fish is overfed? I know it can be hard to resist those big, begging eyes every time you walk by the fish tank, but it’s important to ensure your betta isn’t overfed. When your lovely pal is overfed, he can end up with a bloated stomach, which can be … Read more

Betta Breathing Heavy

Is Your Betta Breathing Heavily? – Causes and Treatments

If you’ve noticed your betta breathing heavily, you have good reason to be concerned. Heavy or rapid breathing is a classic sign that something is not right either in your betta’s health or the aquarium environment. Here we’ll look at some of the main reasons that your betta might be breathing fast, and what you … Read more

Do Bettas Like Bubbles

Do Bettas Like Bubbles? The Interesting Answer

Despite what you may have heard, bubbles in a betta fish tank are an optional, rather than mandatory, feature. While bubbles produced by an air pump can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, there are other perfectly good ways to oxygenate your fish tank. But do bettas like bubbles?The answer is that … Read more

Betta Fish Stomach Explode

Betta Fish Stomach Explodes – What Are the Causes?

An exploded stomach or ruptured organs is a rare, yet fatal condition in betta fish, where massive inflammation and pressure in the abdomen cause vital organs to burst open, with death following soon after. There are several causes for a burst stomach in betta fish, but luckily, most of them can be prevented or treated … Read more

Betta Fish Staying at Top of Tank

Is Your Betta Fish Staying at the Top of the Tank?

Betta fish are known for their preference to inhabit the mid to upper reaches of the water, rather than swimming around on the bottom. But if your pet betta is spending all of its time at the surface it could indicate a problem. There are several possible reasons for your betta to be staying at … Read more

clamped fins betta

Clamped Fins in Betta Fish – Causes and Treatments

One of the reasons we all love betta fish so much is their stunning, long flowing fins that they use to show us and one another how they’re feeling. Whereas erect, puffed-out fins indicate a betta in prime health, fins that are constantly clamped or closed can be a sign of an underlying health problem … Read more

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta Fish – Can They Live Together?

When it comes to looking for tankmates for betta fish, rasboras are often mentioned as some of the best. Harlequin rasboras are no exception to this rule, and there are some interesting reasons why these two species of fish can make excellent tank mates. Here we’re going to explore all the reasons why harlequin rasbora … Read more

Betta Anchor Worm

Betta Anchor Worm Issues – Identification and Treatment

Although betta fish are not commonly attacked by parasites, that can happen occasionally. Anchor worms on betta fish are a pretty rare sight. However, if your betta buddy does get infected, you’ll need to know what to do to help your pet. Read this comprehensive, detailed guide to learn how to identify, treat, and prevent … Read more

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food? Read Our Article To Find Out!

For people who love tropical fish and enjoy watching them go about their various schooling and feeding routines, Guppies are often a favorite choice. Also known as Millions fish because of their prolific breeding habit, Guppies come in over 300 varieties and are relatively easy to raise and care for in a smaller fish tank. … Read more

betta fish fight

Do Betta Fish Fight? Everything You Need To Know

The most common question when considering keeping more than one betta fish is, “Do betta fish fight?” The quick answer to this question is yes, betta fish will fight. Actually, I made a very silly mistake in my first experience with betta fish! I put two males in the same tank without researching whether or … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater? Read To Find Out!

Bettas are well sought after for being hardy, beautiful, tropical aquarium fish. You can ensure that your betta has a long lifespan by making sure they have the proper tank setup with a heating system. Your bettas will not only live longer but they will be healthier in the long run. How Important Is a … Read more

Amano Shrimp and Betta

Amano Shrimp and Betta – Are They Suitable Tankmates?

Amano shrimp are an excellent addition to the tank if you want a creature to help keep algae down. These fascinating crustaceans consume algae very efficiently without bothering your aquatic plants. But if you have a betta fish, can you safely keep Amano shrimp with him? Basically, you can keep a betta fish with Amano … Read more

How To Tell if Betta Eggs Are Fertilized

How To Tell if Betta Eggs Are Fertilized (FAQs)

If you’re housing a male and female betta together, then chances are you’re hoping to breed them. Whether you’re just starting out in breeding your bettas, or if you’re trying to figure out if your eggs are fertilized, then this is the place for you. In this article, we will discuss how Betta eggs are … Read more

Swim Bladder Disease Betta

Swim Bladder Disease Betta Fish Suffer From – A Handy Guide

Swim Bladder disease or swim bladder disorder is a fairly common ailment in aquarium fish, and betta fish are no exception. If you’ve noticed your betta swimming upside down, sideways, or getting stuck at the top or bottom of your tank, he might well have a swim bladder problem. While it can be distressing for … Read more