what do axolotl eat

What Do Axolotl Eat? – How to Keep a Healthy, Well-Fed Pet!

Axolotls are lively, cute little creatures that can make unusual, quirky pets that even engage and interact with their owners, making them a popular choice in the aquarium hobby. But are pet Axolotls difficult to feed? Can they eat live food? And do you need to hand-feed your Axolotl? Read this guide to learn how … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food? – Our Handy Guide

If you’re keeping both goldfish and tropical fish, you might be wondering – can I skip buying two kinds of food for my fish, and just feed my goldfish the tropical fish food? The answer is that tropical fish food is often not so different from goldfish food and can occasionally be used as a … Read more

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish? Read Our Article To Find Out!

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed a few of your fish disappearing in the night, and your algae eater looking particularly satisfied in the morning. Or perhaps you’ve heard gruesome stories of algae eaters going on a killing spree in a community tank? Though such horror stories do exist, the good news is … Read more

Culturing Daphnia

Culturing Daphnia: The Science, Facts, Tips, and Techniques

Daphnia, or water fleas, are tiny plankton-like freshwater crustaceans that make an excellent food source for aquarium fish, fish fry, amphibians, and some invertebrates. You can keep large groups of these creatures in a small tank and harvest them whenever you want to feed your fish a nutritious treat. If you fancy raising daphnia as … Read more

do tetras eat shrimp

Do Tetras Eat Shrimp? Tank Mates or Tasty Treats?

Now there have been some reports online of tetras eating dwarf shrimp species, especially cherry shrimp. Are these stories true, and how can we protect our precious shrimp from the ravages of our hungry tetras? The truth is that tetras can sometimes eat dwarf shrimp, but usually only when larger tetras are kept with the … Read more

how to feed a blind fish

How to Feed a Blind Fish: 5 Proven Methods

It’s not unusual for fish to lose their eyesight either through disease, an accident, or a fight with a tank mate. Some fish are even born blind because of a genetic quirk. However, a lack of sight doesn’t mean that your pet can’t enjoy an excellent quality of life. Of course, providing any fish with … Read more

best color enhancing fish food

The Best Color-Enhancing Fish Foods To Keep Your Fish Bright

Whether you have a bright beautiful betta fish or a tropical tetra, you want to feed your pet the healthiest, most nutritious food available. Some of these foods can also enhance your fish’s color, so why not get the best of both worlds? Read this guide for help choosing the best color enhancing fish food … Read more

Can Fish Eat Lettuce

Can Fish Eat Lettuce? Incorporating Greens Into Fish Diets

Many freshwater fish species are omnivores, meaning they eat plant matter and meaty protein. Regular commercially produced fish flakes and pellets provide much of what your fish need to remain healthy and thriving, but many hobbyists like to enhance their fish diets with a few extras in the form of vegetables. Most people have a … Read more

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp? Let’s Examine the Facts..

Kuhli loaches are one of my favorite fish. Mysterious, nocturnal, and eel-like, these beautiful creatures make a fascinating addition to most community tank setups. Some fishkeepers, however, are concerned about keeping kuhli loaches with shrimp. After all, other loach species are notorious for eating invertebrates, and there have been rumors on the internet about kuhlis … Read more

Goldfish Not Eating

Is Your Goldfish Not Eating? Read On To Find Out Why

Goldfish are normally one of the greediest of all pet fish, so it’ll always be concerning if they completely refuse to eat. A lack of appetite in your goldfish is a classic tell-tale sign of a serious problem in your tank environment or your goldfish’s health that’ll need correcting as soon as possible. In many … Read more


Superworms: Top 5 Best Options for Feeding Your Fish

If you have carnivorous or omnivorous fish, you most likely feed them bloodworms and other similar meaty protein sources. This guide discusses Superworms, including how to raise this nutritionally valuable fish food at home. Keep reading for the definitive buyer’s guide to Superworms! What Are Superworms? Superworms are sometimes called Kingworms or Morio worms, although … Read more

do bettas eat snails

Do Bettas Eat Snails? Read On To Find Out the Answer!

It can be difficult to find tough enough tank mates for your betta tank. Some bettas are just so darn aggressive, they’ll pick fights with anything you put in their tank. But surely aquarium snails should be a safe bet? Sadly not. While many people have kept betta fish and snails together for years without … Read more

do cory catfish eat algae

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae? – Read Our Article to Find Out

Algae is a major bugbear for most aquarium owners, and many people like to assemble an aquatic cleaning crew to graze on the algae and keep it under control. Corydoras catfish are hardy, peaceful, easy to care for, and full of personality, which makes them ideal for a beginner’s tropical community tank. But do Cory … Read more


How To Make Infusoria: The Fish Fry Superfood 

If you’re looking to breed your fish, you’ll need a good nutrition source for your new fry once they hatch. Infusoria can be the solution you’re looking for, but what is it? How do you use it, and where do you find it? Read on to learn everything you need to know about infusoria. What … Read more