Goldfish Warts

Goldfish Warts – What Causes Them and How To Treat Them

So you’ve seen some lumps or bumps growing on your goldfish and are worried about their health. The good news is that most wart-like growths on goldfish are completely benign cutaneous tumors that won’t affect your pet fish’s health. What Are the Lumps on My Goldfish? The lumps and bumps on your goldfish are very … Read more

Goldfish Septicemia

Goldfish Septicemia – What Causes It, How Do You Treat It?

Goldfish are pretty hardy creatures that are resistant to many of the more common fish diseases. However, like all fish species, goldfish can be vulnerable to a secondary infection called Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. So, what is septicemia? Is the infection fatal to goldfish? And how can septicemia in goldfish be prevented? Keep reading to find … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Bloodworms

Can Goldfish Eat Bloodworms? Read Our Article To Find Out!

Goldfish will thrive and grow well if they are fed a nutritious, high-quality, balanced diet. So, what do goldfish like to eat? Are goldfish carnivores? And can goldfish eat bloodworms? Well, goldfish are omnivores that enjoy a varied diet that can include bloodworms and other similar foods. Read this guide to learn everything you need … Read more

angelfish and goldfish

Angelfish and Goldfish – Can They Share the Same Tank?

Goldfish and angelfish are both extremely popular aquarium fishes with hobbyists. But can these beautiful fish make good tank mates and live harmoniously together? Well, the bad news is that angelfish and goldfish do not make a suitable combination. In this guide, we explain why you can’t safely keep angelfish and goldfish in the same … Read more

Goldfish Poop

Goldfish Poop: What Do the Different Colors Mean?

Goldfish are popular among aquarium fish but are notoriously messy. They produce lots of fish waste! As unpleasant as it may seem, goldfish poop can indicate the status of their health. It can tell you whether your goldfish has an infection, digestive issue, or other health issues. Why is it important to keep an eye … Read more

fantail goldfish

Fantail Goldfish Care Guide: All You Need To Know!

You’ve just got a beautiful little Fantail goldfish from the pet store, and you are so excited to have it in your tank. I had my first Fantail goldfish when I was a kid, and I completely understand how you feel right now! From my experience, I can tell you that goldfish are extraordinary pets … Read more

Goldfish and Tetras

Goldfish and Tetras: The Odd Couple of the Fish World

Did you just return from your local fish store with a brand-new goldfish and tetras? You may be wondering if it’s okay to keep these two fish together. Unfortunately, the answer is no. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “But they’re both small fish! They’ll be fine together.” I’m sorry to say that this … Read more

How Many Goldfish in a 20 Gallon Tank

How Many Goldfish Can You Keep in a 20-Gallon Tank?

When you buy a goldfish from a pet store, you might not realize that the cute little inch-long fish you took home will quickly grow. So, many goldfish end up living in tanks that are far too small, leading to long-term health problems. Ideally, goldfish need a 20-gallon tank as a minimum requirement. So, how … Read more

Fancy Goldfish

Caresheet: Fancy Goldfish | Carassius Auratus

After writing about them since the beginning of this blog a year ago, it’s about time for an official fancy goldfish caresheet. These fish are the victim of many fishkeeping myths – they cannot actually live in fish bowls, they don’t actually have a short livespan and fish flakes aren’t a fantastic idea either – … Read more

Homemade fish food

Homemade Fish Food | How To Make Gel Food

If you’re done with regular commercial pellets or need to cut your aquarium spending, keep reading! Gel food is a great alternative to the fish food sold in pet- and aquarium stores, and it’s cheap and very easy to make too. It’s already very popular among goldfish keepers because it can help fish overcome swim bladder problems … Read more

Keeping Fancy Goldfish In Ponds

Keeping Fancy Goldfish In Ponds

Although keeping fancy goldfish in an outdoor pond year-round is not an option everywhere due to climate differences, setting up a fancy goldfish pond even just for the summer can be a fun project. (Temporary) life in a pond is often beneficial for your goldfish when done right and it can also lessen maintenance time for … Read more

Feeding Goldfish

Feeding Goldfish

Feeding (fancy) goldfish seems simple: you buy some fish flakes and you’re all set, right? As with many things in the aquarium world, it’s unfortunately a little more complicated. Traditional fish flakes, while marketed as such, are almost never suitable goldfish food. They usually contain fillers that barely have nutritional value and can actually be bad … Read more

Carassius Auratus

Caresheet: Goldfish | Carassius Auratus

Common goldfish are a long-time favorite as an easy first pet, which makes it extra surprising that they can’t actually be kept in the classic goldfish bowl. So what is a good home for our favorite orange friend? Keep reading for more info on how to keep goldfish, suitable pond mates, what to feed and … Read more

Goldfish Tankmates

Goldfish Tankmates: Well-Matched Companions For This Humble Fish

Goldfish are traditional pets that are often bought for kids. Many of these beautiful fish end up living in isolation in their tank, apparently very happily.  But does your goldfish really need a tank mate? The simple answer to that question is yes! In this guide, we take a closer look at the humble goldfish … Read more

Een Goudvis

How to goldfish-proof your aquarium

If you’re used to peaceful tropical community or shrimp tanks, switching to (fancy) goldfish is a big step. Not just because goldfish are coldwater fish that require big tanks (for more info on why bowls and small tanks are bad, check out this article) and very specific diets, but also because they’re super destructive and love to uproot … Read more