Anacharis: Source Of Food For Goldfish, Cichlids, And Apple Snails

Living aquatic plants not only look beautiful in your display tank, but they provide several essential functions. Plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, helping to oxygenate the tank water for your fish. Also, plants use the nitrates in the water as fertilizer, helping to keep the aquarium environment healthier for your fishes. Lush … Read more

Looking to set up a South American biotope aquarium? These 6 South American cichlids are perfect for beginners! #aquariums

South American cichlids | 6 colorful species for beginners!

Did you know that a very large percentage of the fish we keep in our aquariums hail from the often dark waters of South America? A SA biotope is one of the most beautiful aquarium types you can set up, with its tannin-stained waters, creeping roots and colorful fish. Some of the most colorful and … Read more

Dwarf Cichlids

6 Peaceful Dwarf Cichlids For Your Community Tank!

Cichlids are known for belligerence and having an aggressive nature. However, it is possible to keep dwarf cichlids in a harmonious community setup, provided you choose the right species to live together.  There are a few dwarf cichlid species for beginner aquarists that provide a gentle introduction to keeping these lovely fish. As you become … Read more

Best Food For Cichlids Colors

The Best Food for Cichlid Colors: Enhancing Their Brightness

Cichlids are beautiful fish that come in many varieties. These fish are a favorite with aquarists because of their gorgeous colors and big personalities.  To get the best from your cichlids, you’ll need to feed them a balanced, high-quality diet that also enhances and brightens their colors. Read this guide to discover the six best … Read more

Freshwater aquarium sharks

The 10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Sharks for Tanks of All Sizes

There might not be any true freshwater shark species, but many tropical fish resemble their more fearsome marine counterparts. The freshwater aquarium hobby is home to many fish with a shark name. Each of these species has its own tank and care requirements, and most are kept in schools. Some species are beginner-friendly, while others require … Read more

Monte Carlo Aquarium Plant

Monte Carlo Aquarium Plant Care Guide

The Monte Carlo plant is an extremely popular carpeting plant that does well in moderately-lit, freshwater, tropical fish tanks. This plant is beginner-friendly and has a very fast growth rate, quickly spreading across the bottom of the tank to create a beautiful, brilliant green carpet. You can also grow the Monte Carlo plant as an … Read more

predatory freshwater fish

21 Predatory Freshwater Fish For Your Tank

Although you might not think that aggressive freshwater fish are suitable for life in an aquarium setting, some of the most popular tropical species are predatory. Many predatory species of fish are quite safe to keep in a community set up when given the right tank mates and environment.  Read this guide to learn what … Read more

Orange Peacock Cichlid

Orange Peacock Cichlid Care Guide

Orange Peacock Cichlids are among some of the more peaceful varieties of this popular species. If you’re looking for colorful, sociable fish to add to your collection, these attractive fish are certainly worth considering. Read this guide to find out more about these beautiful fish, including how to care for and breed them. Orange Peacock … Read more

Best Fish Tank Filter

5 Best Fish Tank Filter Options For Your Setup

Whether you have a freshwater fish tank or marine setup, you need a filter to keep your tank water clean and safe for your fish. But with so many types of filters available, which one do you choose?  In this guide, we review some of our favorite fish tank filters and provide you with all … Read more

Best Aquarium Brands

The Best Aquarium Brands

While researching your next tank, you’re bound to come across many different aquarium brand names. Every fish tank, filter, powerhead, substrate, and air pump is made by a different company. Some companies only specialize in some products, while others offer a broad selection of every possible thing an aquarium buyer might need.  It is important … Read more

Crypt Parva

Crypt Parva

If you want the ideal foreground plant for your fish tank, Crypt Parva or Dwarf Water Trumpet might be just what you’re looking for. Crypt Parva is one of the smallest crypt tropical aquatic plants you can buy. This plant is slow-growing, but it is pretty hardy, eventually covering the floor of your aquarium in … Read more

Otocinclus Vestitus

Otocinclus Vestitus Care Guide

Otocinclus, or Otos as they’re affectionately known to many hobbyists, can make an interesting and useful addition to tropical, freshwater community aquariums. In total, there are 19 species of Otocinclus, but in this article, we’re focusing on Otocinclus vestitus, the little catfish characterized by the dark stripe on its back. Read this guide to find … Read more

Zebra Otocinclus

Zebra Otocinclus Care Guide

If you want a small, peaceful, bottom-dwelling fish and proven algae eater for your fish tank, then the Zebra otocinclus (Otocinclus cocama) might be what you’re looking for. These sweet little fish make an unusual addition to a freshwater aquarium, but they do have a reputation of being difficult fish to keep.  In this guide, … Read more

Eclipse Catfish

Eclipse Catfish Care Guide

Looking for an unusual fish to add to your large freshwater aquarium? The eclipse catfish is rarely seen among fish keepers in the aquarium hobby, but it can be kept by an intermediate or advanced fish owner. These predatory fish have beautiful colorations and can grow to impressive sizes. Still, they are catfish with big … Read more


Kribensis Cichlid Care Guide

If you’ve never heard of this species, you’re not alone. Many people haven’t, in part due to them having been renamed a few times over the years. The kribensis cichlid is a colorful African cichlid recently popularized by beginner and experienced aquarium hobbyists alike for its easy care requirements. These dwarf fish don’t grow to … Read more