Fishless Cycling

Fishless Cycling: How To Kick Off the Nitrogen Cycle

If you’re a beginner and about to set up your first aquarium, you’ll need to know how to cycle your tank. So, what is cycling, and why is it necessary?  Essentially, if you don’t cycle your fish tank before adding your pet fish, they will almost certainly not survive for very long, if at all! So, … Read more

Aquarium nitrogen cycle & cycling a fish tank

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle & Cycling A Fish Tank

Immediately after setting up your aquarium, it can be very tempting to head to the pet store and buy a bunch of fish. Unfortunately, you’ll often find your new aquarium inhabitants upside down within a week if you do this. It can be very demotivating to find your new tank full of dead fish, but … Read more

Signs of a Cycled Aquarium

Signs of a Cycled Aquarium | A Comprehensive Guide

What are the signs of a cycled aquarium? That’s what you need to know if you’ve recently set up a brand-new fish tank and you’re eagerly waiting to add your first fish. Adding fish to a newly set aquarium too soon is a common newbie error that can result in mass fish kills. So, keep … Read more

how to cycle a tank in 24 hours

How To Cycle a Tank in 24 Hours: A Comprehensive Guide

Ideally, you would have a few weeks or months to prepare your fish tank for new friends. In reality, most people purchase their fish tanks the same day they purchase their fishy friends. So, what can you do? How to cycle a tank in 24 hours? Keep reading to find out. Can You Cycle a … Read more

downside to artificial plants

Hidden Downside to Artificial Plant Decor in Natural Tanks

These days, fake plants have become extremely popular as aquarium decoration pieces, largely because of their low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Indeed, when I got into the fishkeeping hobby over 40 years ago, I had lots of silk plants adorning my first aquarium. However, there are quite a few hidden downsides to using artificial plants … Read more

aquarist- recommended products for tank health

Aquarist-Approved Products for a Healthier Tank You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

As an aquarist with over four decades of experience in keeping coldwater and tropical fish of many different species, I’ve learned that having a successful, thriving aquarium isn’t just about water and fish. This absorbing hobby is all about creating a harmonious, balanced ecosystem where every element, from the substrate to the lighting, contributes to … Read more

persistently murky water

Aquarium Water Still Murky After Treatment? Try This

Cloudy aquarium water is frustrating for any aquarist, especially if you’re new to the hobby. After all, you want to enjoy a clear view of your fish, and if the water turns murky, you can’t do that. In addition, cloudy tank water can’t be good news for your fish, right? But what does it mean … Read more

Impact of Overfeeding

What Every Fish Keeper Needs to Know About the Impact of Overfeeding

As with any pet, providing your fish with a correct diet in the right amounts is essential for their health and longevity. That sounds pretty straightforward, but it’s something that beginners to the hobby often get wrong, sometimes with drastic results. One of the most important aspects of tropical and cold water fishkeeping is understanding … Read more

habits for a healthy community aquarium

11 Habits of People Who Have a Healthy Community Aquarium

Have you ever gazed into a thriving community tank and wondered how every fish, plant, and critter appears so healthy and glowing with vitality? The answer often comes down to a few simple habits that separate pro fishkeepers from the rest. If you want to boast a vibrant community tank, in radiant health, we suggest … Read more

Nitrates vs Nitrites Aquarium

Nitrates vs Nitrites – How to Balance an Aquarium Setting

What are nitrates vs. nitrites in the aquarium? Why is it important to know how to manage their levels? Are these chemicals dangerous to your fish? So, there’s some science involved in the aquarium hobby, but understanding how your fish tank’s ecosystem works needn’t be complicated. However, you need to understand the difference between nitrates … Read more

how often to change filter cartridge in fish tank

How Often to Change the Filter Cartridge in Your Fish Tank?

Maintaining good water quality in your fish tank is the most important aspect of keeping aquarium fish of any species, as the fish will quickly become sick and die if the water is dirty and polluted with ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. To keep the water safe and clean, you should run an efficient aquarium filter … Read more

oscar fish skin peeling off

Is Your Oscar Fish Skin Peeling Off? – Causes and Solutions

If you’ve seen your Oscar’s skin peeling, or scales flaking off, you have good reason to be concerned. Most of the time, skin conditions indicate a serious underlying problem in your Oscar’s tank that need addressing promptly. Whether your Oscar’s skin is peeling after an ugly encounter with another fish, a skin disease, or incorrect … Read more

Fish Laying on Bottom of Tank

Fish Laying on the Bottom of the Tank? Then, Read On..

If you spot one of your fish lying on the substrate, should you be concerned? Well, that depends on the species of fish and what other symptoms it is displaying. Read this guide to learn why your fish is lying on the bottom of the tank and what you should do to help your pet. … Read more

Top Fin Bacteria Starter

Top Fin Bacteria Starter – Our In-Depth Product Review

Adding a bacteria starter to a new aquarium can help to kickstart the biological filter, reducing the time it takes to cycle the fish tank fully. But what is a bacteria starter? How do these products work? And what’s the best bacteria starter to use? Read this guide to learn how aquarium bacteria starters work … Read more