Aquarium nitrogen cycle & cycling a fish tank

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle & Cycling A Fish Tank

Immediately after setting up your aquarium, it can be very tempting to head to the pet store and buy a bunch of fish. Unfortunately, you’ll often find your new aquarium inhabitants upside down within a week if you do this. It can be very demotivating to find your new tank full of dead fish, but … Read more

best filter for 20 gallon aquarium

The Best Filter for Your 20-Gallon Aquarium

Whatever size aquarium you have, you need an efficient filtration system installed. Without a filter, the water in your fish tank will quickly become full of toxins that could harm or even kill your fish. Read this guide to discover the best filter for a 20-gallon aquarium and more. 6 Best Filter Systems for 20-Gallon … Read more

my fish keep dying

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying? 12 Common Causes & Solutions

Unfortunately, dying fish is a common problem that newbies to the fishkeeping hobby often encounter. So, why do your fish keep dying and what can you do to prevent that from happening? Read this informative article to find out what causes the unexplained loss of fish in tropical fish tanks and to learn how to … Read more

Goldfish Turning Black

Goldfish Turning Black: Causes and Treatment

It’s in the name: goldfish are gold. So why is yours turning black? Unfortunately, this isn’t good news and your fish might be suffering from ammonia poisoning. But don’t worry, with some quick correction to water parameters, your fish will be back to its bright metallic coloration in no time! Keep reading to find out … Read more

Best Fish Tank Filter

5 Best Fish Tank Filter Options For Your Setup

Whether you have a freshwater fish tank or marine setup, you need a filter to keep your tank water clean and safe for your fish. But with so many types of filters available, which one do you choose?  In this guide, we review some of our favorite fish tank filters and provide you with all … Read more

Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

The Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

You may have heard that live plants are great to add to your freshwater aquarium to help with algae problems. But why? Plants take up nutrients, like nitrate, from the water to grow. Not only does this nitrate reduction method help reduce the number of excess nutrients in the aquarium water column, but it eventually … Read more

Turtle Tank Ideas

Top Turtle Tank Ideas For Your Enclosure

If you happen to have an extra tank laying around and want to try something new other than fish, a turtle tank might be an exciting long-term project.  Many different species of turtle can make the perfect pet. However, you’ll need to make the perfect home for it to live in first. Keep reading to … Read more

Best Filter For 55 Gallon Tank

5 Best Filters For 55-Gallon Tanks

Every freshwater and saltwater aquarium needs an effective filtration system that offers mechanical and biological functionality to keep the tank water clean, healthy, and well-oxygenated. But there are so many filters on the market that choosing the right one is certainly a challenge.  Read this article to learn how to choose the best filter for … Read more

Best Ich Medicine For Fish

The Best Ich Medicine For Fish

Ich or White Spot Disease is just about the most common disease of aquarium fish that you’re almost guaranteed to encounter as a hobbyist. The good news is that this disease is usually pretty easy to cure, provided that you catch it in time and use an effective Ich medicine. Read this guide to learn … Read more

Salt Water Tank Set Up

How To Set-Up A Saltwater Tank

Ready to take on the challenge of starting a saltwater tank? Don’t worry, we’re here to talk you through every step of the way. The truth is, saltwater isn’t much more difficult to maintain than a freshwater tank, especially if you don’t plan on keeping any demanding corals. The other half of the coin, however, … Read more

Water Conditioner For Fish

The Best Water Conditioners For Fish In Your Aquarium

When you’re setting up a fish tank, it’s important to make sure the water you’re using is safe for fish and invertebrates — especially if you plan on filling your aquarium with tap water. If your tank’s water quality isn’t any good, it can open the way for harmful bacteria or other toxins that can … Read more

Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater Stingray Care Guide

If you’re an experienced aquarist and you’re looking for something different and undoubtedly impressive to add to your collection, the freshwater stingray might be a species to consider. Rays can be challenging to keep and are expensive to buy, so be sure to do plenty of research on their care before you part with your … Read more

Low Maintenance Fish

15 Low Maintenance Fish For Your Tank

Fishkeeping is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from kids to seniors. Although every fish species and tank setup requires a regular maintenance schedule to keep the environment clean and safe for your fish, some fish species are more low maintenance than others. In this guide, we introduce you … Read more

Redcap Oranda

Redcap Oranda Fancy Goldfish Profile And Care Guide

Most hobbyists began their lifelong fishkeeping obsession as kids with a pet goldfish.  But, those goldfish were most likely a comet, or common, goldfish rather than one of the more exotic fancy varieties. These types of goldfish are relatively easy to keep, which makes them good beginner fish, and can be relocated to a garden pond if … Read more

Best Aquarium Bacteria Supplement

Best Aquarium Bacteria Supplement

If you’re just starting up a new aquarium system, all the various information about the water cycle and nitrogen cycle plus the processes of different beneficial bacteria can get to be a little confusing. In short, aquarium bacteria supplements will introduce the necessary microorganisms into your fish tank for making the ecosystem sustainable for fish, … Read more