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Treating ich (white spot disease)

Ich, also known as white spot disease or ick, is a very common fish disease that almost every aquarist will unfortunately encounterΒ sooner or later. If there are white spots on your fish, you might be dealing with ich as well.Β  Keep reading for everything…

August 14, 2016
betta bowl bad
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Treating fin rot

When the beautiful fins of your previously healthy looking fish suddenly seem to be melting away, it can be easy to panic. It may be fin rot! Luckily this common aquarium fish disease is often curable, especially if you take action right away. Keep…

July 26, 2015
quarantine tank
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Quarantine tank 101 – What is a quarantine tank?

Although quarantining fish in a separate tank or tub whenever it’s needed can prevent disease from spreading in the main aquarium, it’s something that’s often forgotten or skipped by impatient fishkeepers. I use simple, cheap food-safe tubs and it has saved me a lot…

June 8, 2013
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How to check aquarium fish for parasites

If you’re worried your fish has parasites or just want to make absolutely sure that new fish you have in your quarantine tank isn’t carrying any creepy things that could harm its future tankmates, your best bet is to check for parasites with a…

March 3, 2013