can fish choke

Can Fish Choke? Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

When I had my first aquarium in my teens, I mistakenly fed my community tank fish with medium-sized sinking pellets. While the larger fish lapped them up, a smaller Cardinal tetra managed to get one lodged in its throat. If you’re wondering if fish can choke, the answer is yes! And I can tell you … Read more

Betta Breathing Heavy

Is Your Betta Breathing Heavily? – Causes and Treatments

If you’ve noticed your betta breathing heavily, you have good reason to be concerned. Heavy or rapid breathing is a classic sign that something is not right either in your betta’s health or the aquarium environment. Here we’ll look at some of the main reasons that your betta might be breathing fast, and what you … Read more

Columnaris vs Ich

Columnaris vs Ich – Our Helpful and Scientific Guide

Columnaris and Ich are two common diseases that can affect almost any species of tropical fish. Beginner aquarists often confuse the two diseases. However, both conditions have different causes and require different treatments, so it’s imperative that you can distinguish between the two. If your fish are sick and you think Columnaris or Ich might … Read more

Betta Fish Stomach Explode

Betta Fish Stomach Explodes – What Are the Causes?

An exploded stomach or ruptured organs is a rare, yet fatal condition in betta fish, where massive inflammation and pressure in the abdomen cause vital organs to burst open, with death following soon after. There are several causes for a burst stomach in betta fish, but luckily, most of them can be prevented or treated … Read more

Pleco White Fungus

Pleco White Fungus Disease – The Causes and Treatments

There are around 150 species of plecos, many of which are seen regularly in the hobby. Plecos or plecostomus are peaceful, bottom-dwelling fish that are generally pretty hardy if kept in clean conditions and offered a high-quality diet. However, plecos can be vulnerable to a few diseases, one of which is white fungus. Plecos sometimes … Read more

clamped fins betta

Clamped Fins in Betta Fish – Causes and Treatments

One of the reasons we all love betta fish so much is their stunning, long flowing fins that they use to show us and one another how they’re feeling. Whereas erect, puffed-out fins indicate a betta in prime health, fins that are constantly clamped or closed can be a sign of an underlying health problem … Read more

ammonia burn fish

Ammonia Fish Burns: Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

Ammonia is a gas that is produced by decomposing organic matter. It’s found in nature and is also used in many industrial processes. Ammonia is very poisonous to fish and can cause severe burns. However, there are ways to protect your fish from ammonia poisoning and burns. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need … Read more

Betta Anchor Worm

Betta Anchor Worm Issues – Identification and Treatment

Although betta fish are not commonly attacked by parasites, that can happen occasionally. Anchor worms on betta fish are a pretty rare sight. However, if your betta buddy does get infected, you’ll need to know what to do to help your pet. Read this comprehensive, detailed guide to learn how to identify, treat, and prevent … Read more

signs crayfish dying

Signs Crayfish Are Dying – What You Should Look Out For

Crayfish can make excellent pets. These cute crustaceans are fascinating to watch, hardy, and easy to keep. If conditions are correct, there’s no reason for your crayfish to die suddenly. Crayfish usually die because of unsuitable or poor water conditions, an uncycled tank, lack of oxygen, large, aggressive tank mates, and old age. In this … Read more

fish swimming in circle

Are Your Fish Swimming in Circles? Let’s Check Out Why

One of the joys of keeping fish in aquariums is watching your fish enjoy the habitat you’ve created for them. Different fish species gravitate toward different areas of the water column, and many have different swimming styles. But why is your fish swimming in circles, and is that normal behavior? Read this guide to learn … Read more

fat lip fish

Fat Lip Fish Issues – How To Identify When There’s a Problem

If you’ve noticed that your fish has swollen lips, there are a few possible causes – some of them quite benign and others very serious. ‘Fat Lips’ or ‘Duck Lips’ can be caused by fish genetics, mild injuries, viruses, or bacterial infections. In the latter case, fat lips can indicate a very serious illness and … Read more

Goldfish Septicemia

Goldfish Septicemia – What Causes It, How Do You Treat It?

Goldfish are pretty hardy creatures that are resistant to many of the more common fish diseases. However, like all fish species, goldfish can be vulnerable to a secondary infection called Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. So, what is septicemia? Is the infection fatal to goldfish? And how can septicemia in goldfish be prevented? Keep reading to find … Read more

Fish Rubbing on Rocks

Is Your Fish Rubbing on Rocks? Read On To Find Out Why

Have you noticed your coldwater or tropical fish rubbing on rocks and other hard objects and surfaces in your tank? Is that normal, natural behavior, or is there something seriously amiss with your fishy friends? Rubbing and flicking their bodies against rocks is usually a sign that all is not well with your fish. There … Read more

Hole in the Head Fish

Hole in the Head Fish Disease – Prevention and Treatment!

Hole in the head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) disease are two fairly synonymous common diseases that can cause distress not only to your aquarium fish but also for you to witness. The sudden appearance of unsightly lesions and holes forming on your fish is never going to be a comfortable experience for either of … Read more

Swim Bladder Disease Betta

Swim Bladder Disease Betta Fish Suffer From – A Handy Guide

Swim Bladder disease or swim bladder disorder is a fairly common ailment in aquarium fish, and betta fish are no exception. If you’ve noticed your betta swimming upside down, sideways, or getting stuck at the top or bottom of your tank, he might well have a swim bladder problem. While it can be distressing for … Read more