3.5 Gallon Fish Tank

3.5-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top 3 Choices on a Budget

They say bigger is better. But honestly, nothing beats a small, self-contained aquarium system. Smaller aquariums are indeed more difficult to keep than larger ones, but the challenge can make the results that much more rewarding. Successfully running a 3.5-gallon (13.2L) is no easy feat, but these pico systems can surprisingly hold an abundance of … Read more

how much substrate per gallon

How Much Substrate per Gallon Should You Use in Your Tank?

If you’re a newbie to the fish-keeping hobby, you’ll be keen to provide the perfect environment for your new pets. Once you’ve chosen your aquarium and decorations, you’ll need something to cover the tank bottom. But how much substrate do you need to use per gallon of water? And with so many high-quality substrates to … Read more

limestone in aquarium

Limestone in Aquariums – A Guide to the Pros and the Cons

Although putting a few pretty rocks and stones in your fish tank might seem like a great idea, and can make an excellent habitat for your fish, did you know that limestone can change the water chemistry? In this article, we’re going to focus on limestone. What happens to your fish tank water when you … Read more

Acrylic or Glass Fish Tank

Acrylic or Glass Fish Tank: Which Is Better?

The debate between glass and acrylic fish tanks is actually a debate between glass and plastic aquariums because acrylic is a type of plastic. In fact, acrylic is a type of plastic meant to mimic glass. That being said, acrylic has some unique benefits that glass does not. Ultimately, the type of fish tank you … Read more

Fishless Cycling

Fishless Cycling: How To Kick Off the Nitrogen Cycle

If you’re a beginner and about to set up your first aquarium, you’ll need to know how to cycle your tank. So, what is cycling, and why is it necessary?  Essentially, if you don’t cycle your fish tank before adding your pet fish, they will almost certainly not survive for very long, if at all! So, … Read more

Blackwater Aquarium

Blackwater Aquarium Setup: A Complete Tank Guide

If you love the idea of creating a natural look for your aquarium, you might want to know more about how to set up a blackwater tank. Blackwater biotopes are more challenging to create and manage than a regular setup, being more on par with reef or marine tanks. However, once your blackwater tank is … Read more

Signs of a Cycled Aquarium

Signs of a Cycled Aquarium | A Comprehensive Guide

What are the signs of a cycled aquarium? That’s what you need to know if you’ve recently set up a brand-new fish tank and you’re eagerly waiting to add your first fish. Adding fish to a newly set aquarium too soon is a common newbie error that can result in mass fish kills. So, keep … Read more

how to cycle a tank in 24 hours

How To Cycle a Tank in 24 Hours: A Comprehensive Guide

Ideally, you would have a few weeks or months to prepare your fish tank for new friends. In reality, most people purchase their fish tanks the same day they purchase their fishy friends. So, what can you do? How to cycle a tank in 24 hours? Keep reading to find out. Can You Cycle a … Read more

Top-Rated Aquarium Sump

Most Top-Rated Aquarium Sump For Your Tank

If you want to reduce or eliminate the need for water changes altogether, an aquarium sump can help you to do that and is a brilliant feature if you want a low-maintenance setup. The sump sits underneath the aquarium and provides additional stages of filtration, as well as performing other basic maintenance functions. Sumps are … Read more

Aquarium nitrogen cycle & cycling a fish tank

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle & Cycling A Fish Tank

Immediately after setting up your aquarium, it can be very tempting to head to the pet store and buy a bunch of fish. Unfortunately, you’ll often find your new aquarium inhabitants upside down within a week if you do this. It can be very demotivating to find your new tank full of dead fish, but … Read more


Paludarium: The Best Of Both Worlds

Tired of keeping fish tanks? Need to get away from water for a bit? Why not try something like a paludarium that combines the best of both worlds? Paludariums combine a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial environments, usually used to house fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even birds! Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Lily Pipes

All About Lily Pipes: Clean Water Filtration

This article about Lily pipes was written by Jesse of Aquatic Mag, an aquarium website containing articles about fishkeeping as well as an online aquarium plant store! What are Lily Pipes? In the aquatic world, you typically have filtration. With bigger aquariums (10+ gallons), stronger filtration is necessary and many hobbyists turn to canister filters. This creates … Read more

Setting Up Fish Tank Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes When Setting Up A Fish Tank

For newcomers to the fishkeeping hobby there are many mistakes that can be made during the process of researching and actually setting up your fish tank. This article will describe the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. It covers every part of the process of setting up an aquarium to hopefully make life a lot … Read more

Low Tech Planted Aquarium

How To Set Up A Low-Tech Planted Aquarium

Are you looking into setting up a low-tech planted aquarium but don’t have any experience? There are many sources on the internet that you can use to learn the perfect method but many of them are very confusing and promote their products. However, this guide is nothing like the others! We have explained everything comprehensively … Read more

Fishbowl Alternative

Setting Up A Planted Fish Bowl

Because fish bowls, vases and other small containers are not a good home for fish, you may have a few lying around being used as a candy bowl or decorative piece. If you’re looking for something new and aquarium-related to try, setting up a planted aquarium bowl may be a good idea! The lush green plants … Read more