black spots on aquarium plants

What Are the Black Spots on Aquarium Plants? (FAQs)

If you’ve discovered some black spots on your live plants, you may be concerned that there’s a problem to be addressed. In many cases, you’d be right. Black patches growing on aquarium plants is often due to ‘black beard algae’, a problematic type of algae that can overwhelm your aquarium if not dealt with urgently. … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone: Your Complete Care Guide

Most hobbyists start their journey into marine fishkeeping with a Clownfish. These colorful saltwater fish found fame in the Captain Nemo film, are easy to keep, relatively cheap to buy, and full of personality. Clownfish are happiest when in a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone, and Bubble-Tip anemones can make the perfect host for … Read more

surprising benefits of aquarium plants

12 Surprising Facts About Aquatic Plants’ Benefits

Many aquarists love aquatic plants for their aesthetic appeal. I think there’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than a display of vibrant green foliage gently swaying in the current while brightly colored fish dart between the waving fronds. But plants are not just gorgeous to look at; they play a vital role in creating a … Read more

Purple Algae in Fish Tanks

Purple Algae in Fish Tanks – What Can You Do About It?

Algae are the curse of the aquarium keeper, often covering the viewing panes, decorations, and plants in the tank with a slimy coating that ruins the aesthetic of your aquascape. In this article, we focus on two types of purple algae, one of which affects saltwater tanks and one afflicting freshwater environments. One of these … Read more

Hammer Coral : Plant Care Guide

Hammer Coral: How To Care For This Unique Coral

The Hammer Coral is a beautiful large stony coral that is popular with many reef aquarium keepers. In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to care for this coral, including how to propagate it. What is Hammer Coral? Hammer Coral is also known by the scientific name, Euphyllia Fimbriata. Sometimes also called Hammerhead Coral, this … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Green Star Polyps

How to Grow and Care for Green Star Polyps

If you’re a beginner to the reef aquarium hobby, Green Star polyps are a great starting point and can add color and movement to your setup. These corals attach to rocks and other hard surfaces, resembling a beautiful field of waving phosphorescent grass once the colony is established. In this guide, we give you all … Read more

ludwigia palustris

Ludwigia Palustris: A Vibrant Burst of Aquarium Color

Have you ever wished for an aquarium plant whose colorful leaves could provide a beautiful foil for the green plants that surround it? Look no further than the Ludwigia family. With their red leaves and stems, Ludwigia plants provide vibrant bursts of color to add diversity and interest to the planted aquarium. Ludwigia palustris is … Read more

Rotala indica

Guide to Caring for Rotala indica (Aquarium Plant Care)

Rotala indica is a beautiful aquarium plant that does well in most well-maintained tropical freshwater tanks, even without CO2 supplementation. This red-leafed plant species is easy to care for and can grow quite tall, making it an ideal choice to create an exciting backdrop to a deep tank setup. Read this guide to learn everything … Read more

alternanthera reineckii 'mini'

Alternanthera Reineckii ‘Mini’: Pretty and Easy to Care for

Alternanthera reineckii “mini” is a beautiful red-leafed plant that’s perfect if you want a plant that grows slowly and doesn’t get too tall for a small tank. Unlike many red plants, this variety isn’t especially difficult to care for, making it a good choice for a novice aquarist. The plant is readily available and not … Read more

baby dwarf tear care guide

Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides) Care Sheet

Dwarf baby tears are one of the most beautiful and delicate foreground plants you can currently get. Their bright clusters can be used to completely cover the substrate of freshwater aquariums, creating a soft bed of lush green, or they can be used for coverage floating on the surface of the water. They demand high … Read more

Hemianthus micranthemoides

Hemianthus Micranthemoides Care Guide

Most hobbyists, myself included, love to include plenty of vibrant, living plants in their tanks. If you want a versatile, bright green plant that’s easy to grow in a tropical freshwater tank, Hemianthus Micranthemoides might be a species worth considering. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about growing and propagating this … Read more

Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi: An Elegant, Pretty Addition to Your Tank

If you’re looking for a tall, elegant background plant that you can grow in your tropical fish tank, Cyperus helferi could be a species that’s worth considering. This large-sized aquarium plant species can be tricky to settle in a new environment, so we don’t recommend it as a beginner plant. That said, if you’re new … Read more

Fissidens Fontanus

Fissidens Fontanus: Gorgeous, Hassle-Free Aquatic Plant

Fissidens fontanus is a relatively newly-discovered aquatic plant that’s native to the US and is taking the hobby by storm; being gorgeous to look at, incredibly easy to grow, and hassle-free to care for once it’s taken root. If you want to bring a whole new dimension to your fish tank, keep reading to learn … Read more

Ludwigia arcuata

Ludwigia Arcuata: A Comprehensive Care Guide

Ludwigias are a popular family of aquarium plants because of their stunning red colors, but it’s important to know that some species are much easier to grow than others. Ludwigia arcuata is a beautiful variety with slender, narrow red leaves, but it is also harder to grow than some of its relatives. Let’s look closer … Read more