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My visit to Zoo Zajac (picture slideshow inside!)

March 10, 2013
tetraodon biocellatus

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Since the 5 gal and the new betta tank both finished cycling and were looking mighty empty, I decided it was time to start carrying out the plans I had for them. Off to Zoo Zajac it was!

They have both marine and freshwater sections, and also a coldwater area outside, which means lots of viewing and photography opportunities. We wandered around for over an hour before starting to collect the stuff we needed, and needless to say I took many pictures. There were just so many awesome fish and inverts to be seen. I spotted some huge sturgeons in a pond outside, a brackish paludarium with red clawed crabs, full grown plecos and clown loaches, a huge catfish, lovely dumbo bettas, many different kinds of discus and angelfish and last but not least an Mbu puffer which was for sale for a whopping 560 euros (~728 dollar!).

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Hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you have any tips for me about the cories/snail/crayfish/red lotus or want to share your own experiences with pet stores, be sure to leave a comment. Happy fishkeeping!

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