Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common causes of disease in freshwater and marine fish is stress. Poor water conditions in the aquarium typically cause stress, so keeping your tank scrupulously clean is critical if your fish are going to thrive. But it’s not always easy to remove fish waste and uneaten food from the substrate, which … Read more

How To Raise pH In Aquarium

How To Raise pH In Your Aquarium

What’s so important about the pH levels in your freshwater aquarium? Why is a common water quality issue like low pH not suitable for some species of fish in your marine tank?  Well, if the pH levels in your fish tank are unstable or not suitable for the fish species you keep, your fish could … Read more

Best Nano Aquarium

Best Nano Aquarium: Our Top 6 Picks

If you long to keep fish but don’t have a lot of space for a big fish tank, don’t despair! Why not consider keeping a nano aquarium?  First off…what is a nano aquarium? Are these tanks harder to look after than full-sized ones? What creatures can even live in one? This guide tells you everything … Read more

Best Aquarium Test Strips

Best Aquarium Test Strips

Providing your fishy friend with clean, healthy water that’s safe for it to live in is crucial if it’s going to thrive. So, in addition to keeping the aquarium clean and maintaining your filter media properly, you’ll need to carry out regular checks to make sure the water parameters are correct and stable.  To do … Read more

Corner Aquarium

Complete Guide To Corner Aquariums

If you want to keep tropical or marine fish but you don’t have much space to play with, a corner aquarium might be the perfect solution for you. But if you’re new to fishkeeping, how do you know what corner fish tank is the best to choose? What’s a safe location for your aquarium? How … Read more

Aquarium Grass

10 Best Aquarium Grass Species

Living plants are a great asset to any freshwater fish tank. Plants help clean the water by using chemicals that are harmful to your fish as fertilizer, and they oxygenate the water as part of the process of photosynthesis. A lush green carpet of living aquarium grass not only looks beautiful, but also provides shelter … Read more

aquarium water changer

Top 6 Aquarium Water Changers

Carrying out partial water changes each week is an essential part of your aquarium maintenance routine, and it’s vital for the health and well-being of your fishes and other tank residents. In this guide, we discuss the pros and cons of using aquarium water changers, and we also review six of the best devices on … Read more


How To Prevent Columnaris Disease In Your Aquarium Fish

If you notice fluffy, white patches appearing on one or more of your fish, you might at first assume that some kind of fungus causes the problem. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Your fish could be suffering from a condition called Columnaris. So, what is Columnaris? What causes the disease, and will your fish … Read more

polluted aquarium

What Causes High Nitrites In The Aquarium?

While you might have heard that ammonia is deadly for aquarium fish, you might not have heard that nitrites can also be just as dangerous. It is important to understand what causes nitrites in the aquarium and how to quickly remove them if they do enter your saltwater or freshwater system as they can lead … Read more

aquarium gravel filter

Undergravel Aquarium Filter: Top 5 Most Effective Cleaners

Whether you have a 125-gallon reef tank or a 5-gallon betta tank, you need a filter system if you’re going to enjoy healthy, long-lived fishes. How so? Well, all living creatures produce waste products. Those waste products, together with decomposing plant matter, leftover food, etc., kick off the nitrogen cycle in your tank. If the … Read more

Aquarium Gravel

Aquarium Gravel: Types, Benefits, And Disadvantages

The substrate that you choose for your new aquarium can really add to the general aesthetics of your setup, as well as helping to provide an environment where beneficial bacteria can grow. If you want to keep live plants in your tank, a gravel substrate will aid healthy growth, and that, in turn, helps to … Read more

caviar sand

Choosing an aquarium substrate

There are many types of aquarium substrate available nowadays with products ranging from neon-colored gravel to natural-looking sands. Substrates are an important place for beneficial bacteria to grow but choosing the right products can be a bit of a challenge, as each substrate type has a different effect in your aquarium and on your fish.  Keep … Read more

Aquarium plants Pros And Cons

Aquarium Plants: Pros And Cons!

When choosing what kind of decorations you want for an aquarium, one of the first things you’re confronted with is whether or not you want a planted tank. Live aquarium plants can look beautiful, but a lot of aquarists are slightly intimidated by the thought of having to provide their plants with special care and … Read more