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glass aquarium plant pot review

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What’s an aquarium plant cup?

  • As you can see in the photo above, an aquarium plant cup is exactly what the name suggests. These little planters have suction cups that allow you to place them anywhere in the aquarium. That means they’re a great option if you don’t want to limit the green to the substrate. Mesh ledges were already an option for this, but the glass cups work for all plants including those that need to be planted in substrate. More room for even more plants!
  • Some aquarists like to keep the cups empty and use them as feeding bowls to prevent food from being scattered all over the substrate.
  • To use these plant cups, all you have to do is attach the suction cups and you’re ready to plant. Fill the cup with your preferred substrate and plant of choice. You can do this underwater or just submerge the cup very carefully after planting so the plants don’t float away.
  • After planting, firmly press the suction cups to the glass; give it a wiggle to make sure it has attached properly and isn’t about to fall down.

My thoughts

I ordered one of these plant cups to use in my 8 gallon cube tank and now I’m wondering why I never got one earlier! What a cheap and elegant way to greenify my tank even more.

I filled the cup with filter sand and planted some Pogostemon helferi cuttings in there. The plants are rooting well and the cup is still firmly attached to the glass. I do have to admit using sand as substrate wasn’t ideal. The cups have a tiny hole at the bottom, probably to allow for some degree of water flow, and the sand falls out if the cup is moved. Coarser substrates should work perfectly!

Buying an aquarium plant cup

These plant cups are sold at varying prices but the super cheap ones seem to work just as well as more expensive ones. As long as you get one that’s made of glass there is no difference! You can get one from Amazon under $5 here, although I got mine from AliExpress for under $2.50 here because I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer for shipping.

If you have any more questions about these aquarium plant cups or want to share you own planting experiences, don’t hesistate to leave a comment below!

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