Vermetid Snail

Vermetid Snail: All the Facts an Aquarist Could Need

If you have a reef tank, you’ll likely enjoy having a few snails in your tank as good company for your other invertebrates and as part of a cleanup crew. However, Vermetid snails are quite another matter. These snails are pests, and you must get rid of them immediately. But what’s so bad about Vermetid … Read more

Emerald Crab

Emerald Crabs: Beautiful and Fascinating Tank Guests

Second only to the Caridean shrimp, the Emerald Crab is now one of the most popular crustaceans for saltwater aquariums. Their captivating color, robust character, and algae-eating distinction all have understandable allure. But what about the stories of Emerald Crabs eating coral and attacking fish? In this care guide, we’ll get to the bottom of … Read more

Cleaner Shrimp

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp: Our Guide to Keeping Healthy Shrimp

Skunk cleaner shrimp (aka. Pacific cleaner shrimp) have been becoming ever-more popular in the aquarium trade, largely due to their fascinating cleaning habits. Not only do these colorful invertebrates help clean the aquarium of algae and leftover food, but they also offer a special cleaning service to your fish, freeing them from harmful bacteria and … Read more

Pom Pom Crab

Pom Pom Crab: The Cute Freshwater Crustacean

If you’re looking for a peaceful, fun creature to add to your freshwater aquarium, you might want to consider the Pom Pom crab. These fully-aquatic crabs shouldn’t be confused with their marine counterparts, and they aren’t as readily available in the aquarium hobby as other species of micro crabs, so most hobbyists don’t know much … Read more

Fire Shrimp

Fire Shrimp Care: A Complete Guide for Aquarists

The Blood Red Fire Shrimp is one of the most striking creatures in the natural world with its deep red color, fragile grace, and fascinating cleaning behavior. So, it’s little wonder these tiny creatures are among the most sought-after in the marine aquarium hobby. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about the Fire Shrimp, … Read more

Do You Need to Acclimate Snails

Do You Need to Acclimate Snails? A Complete Guide

Aquatic snails are the perfect animals to use as cleanup crew members and for providing company for territorial or semi-aggressive fish that don’t do well with regular tank mates. Aquarium snails come in lots of different sizes, colors, and patterns, are easy to care for, are readily available, and they’re beginner-friendly, too. When you add … Read more

mystery snail eggs dried out

Have Your Mystery Snail Eggs Dried Out? Then Read on…

One theory as to how mystery snails got their name is the phenomenal rate at which they breed. One day you have just two snails, and the next you wonder how you have two hundred of them! But if you want your mystery snails to successfully reproduce, you may be concerned about their eggs drying … Read more

Sick Mystery Snails

Sick Mystery Snails – Possible Causes and Best Treatments

Mystery snails make an excellent addition to most freshwater tanks! These colorful snails are helpful to the hobbyist because they graze on detritus, leftover fish food, and some algae species, keeping the tank tidy. In addition, the Mystery snail can make a peaceful companion for feisty fish, such as bettas, and these harmless mollusks are … Read more

mystery snail shell rot

Mystery Snail Shell Rot – Possible Causes, Best Treatments

If you’ve noticed your mystery snail’s shell becoming thinner, more pale, cracked, deformed, or damaged, it may be suffering from snail shell erosion or ‘shell rot’. This can be due to several factors, but acidic water is often one of the root causes. Here I’ll run you through some of the main causes of shell … Read more

shrimp that can break glass

Shrimp That Can Break Glass – The Beautiful Mantis Shrimp

Did you know that there’s a shrimp that can actually break glass? Well, there is a remarkable crustacean that can do exactly that! The beautifully colored Mantis shrimp is a tiny underwater vandal with a big reputation! So, what are Mantis shrimp? Are Mantis shrimp safe to keep? And can a Mantis shrimp harm a … Read more

Do Mystery Snails Eat Algae

Do Mystery Snails Eat Algae? Let’s Check the Facts

Many aquarists dread discovering snails living in their fish tank. After all, snails are destructive creatures that eat your plants, right? Well, that can be the case with species such as pond snails or bubble snails that hitchhike their way into your tank hidden in plants. However, Mystery snails are not only attractive, but they … Read more

Cuttlebone for Snails

Cuttlebone for Snails – Are They a Nutritious Tank Addition?

We all know cuttlebones are good for parakeets, but snails? Yes! Aquarium snails such as mystery snails, nerite snails, and rabbit snails can all benefit from having cuttlebones in their tank. Cuttlebones are not only a healthy snack for these pet invertebrates, but they can also help adjust the water parameters to favorable conditions for … Read more

Hydra in Aquarium

Hydra in Aquariums – What Course of Action To Take

The Hydra is the scourge of many fish tanks and is definitely not a creature that you want to have in your aquarium, especially if you have small fish or a breeder tank. This guide explains how to identify, eliminate, and prevent a Hydra population from invading your setup! Ancient Origins The original Hydra monster … Read more