Cichlid Caves

5 Best Cichlid Caves: Reviews, Advice, and Instructions

Cichlids make fascinating pets. These tropical fish are relatively easy to keep, provided you set their tank up correctly and feed the fish a balanced, high-quality diet. One item of decoration you definitely need if you want to set up a cichlid tank is a cave. Many cichlid species are territorial, and the fish can … Read more


Pipefish Care Guide

If you’ve ever seen seahorses at the aquarium, you might have also seen some odd-looking skinny fish along with them. These are pipefish and are a very popular fish to keep in the home aquarium! Pipefish are very difficult to keep and are only recommended to expert keepers. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Red Stem Plants

9 Red Stem Plants: Your Aquarium’s Most Colorful Addition

Red aquatic plants can make a beautiful visual display in your fish tank, adding a bold splash of color to your aquascape that contrasts perfectly with the green leaves of your other planting. However, red aquarium plants are notoriously difficult to grow and maintain successfully, but there are a few species that beginners can take … Read more

heat rock for turtle

3 Best Heat Rocks for Turtles That Will Help Them Thrive

Turtles are cold-blooded creatures that can’t generate their own body heat. That means you’ll need to provide adequate heat sources for your turtles to remain healthy and thrive.  Heat rocks can be an excellent way of helping to provide your pet with the crucial additional heat he needs and encouraging your turtle’s natural basking behavior. … Read more

fish tank odor eliminator

Fish Tank Odor: How Do I Eliminate that Smell?

Does your fish tank stink? A foul aquarium smell is a problem that you need to address immediately. The good news is that the problem causing the odor is usually pretty simple to fix and prevent. Read this guide to determine what causes fish tank odors and how to fix and prevent them. Is A … Read more

best filter for 20 gallon aquarium

The Best Filter for Your 20-Gallon Aquarium

Whatever size aquarium you have, you need an efficient filtration system installed. Without a filter, the water in your fish tank will quickly become full of toxins that could harm or even kill your fish. Read this guide to discover the best filter for a 20-gallon aquarium and more. 6 Best Filter Systems for 20-Gallon … Read more

my fish keep dying

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying? 12 Common Causes & Solutions

Unfortunately, dying fish is a common problem that newbies to the fishkeeping hobby often encounter. So, why do your fish keep dying and what can you do to prevent that from happening? Read this informative article to find out what causes the unexplained loss of fish in tropical fish tanks and to learn how to … Read more

Freshwater aquarium sharks

The 10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Sharks for Tanks of All Sizes

There might not be any true freshwater shark species, but many tropical fish resemble their more fearsome marine counterparts. The freshwater aquarium hobby is home to many fish with a shark name. Each of these species has its own tank and care requirements, and most are kept in schools. Some species are beginner-friendly, while others require … Read more

Carpet Plants

11 Best Aquarium Carpet Plants for Your Tank

Aquatic plants make a beautiful addition to almost every tropical freshwater fish tank. Carpeting plants can fill in the aquarium’s foreground, adding a lush green, lawn-like carpet that provides shelter for shy fish and vulnerable fry. Some carpet plants also create glittering oxygen bubbles when you give them plenty of light and CO2. You’ll need … Read more

Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

If you’re a newbie to owning fish, you might be wondering if your fish sleep. Do fish sleep with their eyes open? Should you turn your fish tank lights out at night?  Read this guide to learn what happens to your fish and other aquatic livestock while you’re fast asleep at night. Do Fish Sleep? … Read more

Best Anemone for Clownfish

Best Anemone for Clownfish: A Great Marine Friendship

Sea anemones have a symbiotic relationship with Clownfish, in which both creatures help each other in some way. The spectacle of a Clownfish interacting with his adopted anemone has contributed to the popularity of these colorful little fish in reef tanks. So, how do you choose the best anemone for your Clownfish? And how do … Read more

Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

The Best Plants For Nitrate Removal

You may have heard that live plants are great to add to your freshwater aquarium to help with algae problems. But why? Plants take up nutrients, like nitrate, from the water to grow. Not only does this nitrate reduction method help reduce the number of excess nutrients in the aquarium water column, but it eventually … Read more

Bolivian Rams

Bolivian Rams: A Complete Care Guide

If you have a tropical fish tank and you’re looking for a peaceful, colorful fish to add to your collection, the Bolivian Ram might be a species to consider. These fish are pretty shy and won’t hassle other fish or invertebrates in your tank, making these beautiful fish an ideal addition to an established community … Read more