Acclimation Fish

How To Acclimate Your New Fish: Best Tips & Methods

When you bring any new fish or livestock home from the fish store, you shouldn’t simply drop them out of their plastic bag straight into your fish tank! Instead, your fish must go through the correct acclimation process. Correct acclimation helps your new fish to adjust to the unfamiliar parameters of the tank water in … Read more

Best Pond Plants

18 Best Pond Plants To Keep Your Pond Healthy

You might think that fish are the best part of having a backyard pond, but the endless species of aquatic plants available really puts the entire ecosystem into focus! Plants are important for pond setups. They provide food and protection for fish, improve water quality, and can even help combat erosion. Luckily, many species require … Read more

Fighting Conch

Fighting Conch: Complete Care Guide

Struggling with a dirty sand bed in your saltwater aquarium? The Fighting Conch is a very popular addition to the marine aquarium for keeping substrates clean and overturned. However, its heavy dependence on the sand bed also, unfortunately, limits some hobbyists from adding them to their tanks. Keep reading to find out everything you need … Read more

Piranha Care

Red-Bellied Piranha Care Guide

Piranhas have long been a favorite with fish keepers, having been kept in home aquariums for well over 50 years. Two species of piranha are commonly sold in pet shops: the Red-bellied and the Black Piranha.  These tropical fish have a reputation as being dangerous, predatory maneaters with a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth. So, … Read more

Neon Tetra Paracheirodon Innesi

Caresheet: Neon Tetra | Paracheirodon Innesi

When you think of fishkeeping and the many different tropical species available, neon tetras will often be the first fish that comes to mind. They are true classics in the aquarium hobby and remain very popular to this day among new and old aquarists alike. Their striking bright blue stripes, peaceful nature, and relatively easy … Read more

predatory freshwater fish

21 Predatory Freshwater Fish For Your Tank

Although you might not think that aggressive freshwater fish are suitable for life in an aquarium setting, some of the most popular tropical species are predatory. Many predatory species of fish are quite safe to keep in a community set up when given the right tank mates and environment.  Read this guide to learn what … Read more

Goldfish Turning Black

Goldfish Turning Black: Causes and Treatment

It’s in the name: goldfish are gold. So why is yours turning black? Unfortunately, this isn’t good news and your fish might be suffering from ammonia poisoning. But don’t worry, with some quick correction to water parameters, your fish will be back to its bright metallic coloration in no time! Keep reading to find out … Read more

Orange Peacock Cichlid

Orange Peacock Cichlid Care Guide

Orange Peacock Cichlids are among some of the more peaceful varieties of this popular species. If you’re looking for colorful, sociable fish to add to your collection, these attractive fish are certainly worth considering. Read this guide to find out more about these beautiful fish, including how to care for and breed them. Orange Peacock … Read more

Convict Cichlid

Convict Cichlid {Amatitlania Nigrofasciata} Care Guide

The Convict cichlid could be just what you’re looking for if you have a community of aggressive or semi-aggressive species, and you want another fish to add to your collection. Despite their reputation for aggression, Convict cichlids are extremely easy to care for and can be suitable for a well-informed beginner, especially if kept in … Read more

5 gallon freshwater fish tank

5-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Four Choices

While some hobbyists like to get as much room as possible for their fish to roam, others enjoy testing the limits of just how small of an operating ecosystem they can get. 5 gallon (18.9 L) fish tanks are usually known as the bare minimum for betta fish, but these tiny tanks can be bursting … Read more

20 gallon fish aquarium

20-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Five Choices

If you want to get into the fish keeping hobby, a 20-gallon tank could be the ideal size starter aquarium for you. A 20-gallon fish tank is big enough to accommodate a decent range of species while being small enough to maintain easily. As well as fish, you can keep invertebrates, too, including African Dwarf … Read more

55 gallon empty fish tank

55-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Five Choices

There is a good reason why 55 gallon (208.2 L) fish tanks seem to be everywhere in the aquarium hobby; they’re not too big and they’re not too small so they allow for a full range of both marine and freshwater species with the required equipment and products being easy to find. If you’re serious … Read more

polluted aquarium

What Causes High Nitrites In The Aquarium?

While you might have heard that ammonia is deadly for aquarium fish, you might not have heard that nitrites can also be just as dangerous. It is important to understand what causes nitrites in the aquarium and how to quickly remove them if they do enter your saltwater or freshwater system as they can lead … Read more

75 gallon aquarium with corals

75-Gallon Aquarium: Our Top Five Best Picks

A 75-gallon aquarium is one of the larger home tanks that you can choose, and a setup of that size gives you a lot of choices when it comes to selecting what fish species to keep. Larger tanks mean that you can choose to house bigger, show specimens in a species-specific aquarium, or you might … Read more

40 gallon breeder tank with corals

40-Gallon Breeder Tank: Our Top Four Choices

If you’ve been keeping fish for a while, you might fancy raising your own livestock and getting into the fish breeding hobby. In that case, you’ll need a special spawning tank. A 40-gallon breeder tank is a popular choice for those who are into breeding fish. In this article, we take a look at five … Read more