aquatic plants with blue green algae

Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) Aquarium Treatment

If you notice a strange blue-green colored slime growing all over the surfaces in your fish tank, or perhaps detect an odd smell with no obvious source, you may have an outbreak of blue-green algae on your hands. So, what is this blue-green growth, what causes it, and how do you get rid of this … Read more

new tank syndrome

New Tank Syndrome: What It Is And How To Avoid It

Poor water quality is the biggest killer of pet fish, and new tank syndrome (NTS) is one of the most common causes of bad water in your fish tank. Overzealous cleaning of an established aquarium and filtration system can cause NTS, too. Did you know that new tank syndrome doesn’t just affect new setups? No … Read more

bubble eye goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish Care Guide: The Socially Active Species

An aquarium makes a very relaxing focal point for your home, and fish keeping is a hobby that’s growing in popularity. Children love having pets, but if you don’t fancy the hassle and expense of keeping a dog or a cat, you might want to consider keeping goldfish instead. Goldfish are pretty easy-to-care-for, and they … Read more

clean up crew

Putting Together the Perfect Clean Up Crew for Your Aquarium

Algae is an occupational hazard for aquarium hobbyists. Even a healthy fish tank has some of these green plants growing on the decorations, filter equipment, and viewing panes. Although algae won’t harm your fish, too much of the green stuff leaves your tank looking decidedly untidy. What can you do besides scrubbing your decorations and … Read more

are mollies aggressive fish

Are Mollies Aggressive Fish? – Temperament and Behavior

When it comes to setting up a community fish tank, mollies have to be at the top of the list for many hobbyists! These brightly colored, active fish add a wonderful pop of color to your aquarium, are easy to care for, and are prolific livebearers, providing you with lots of new fish. However, one … Read more

Common Fish Feeding Mistakes

8 Fish Feeding Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How To Avoid Them)

Regardless of the species, providing your fish with a balanced diet is essential for keeping your pets healthy and thriving. But fish feeding has many potential pitfalls that you must avoid, as getting it wrong often leads to health problems for your fish and even fatalities in extreme cases. I have over 40 years of … Read more

my fish keep dying

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying? 12 Common Causes & Solutions

Unfortunately, dying fish is a common problem that newbies to the fishkeeping hobby often encounter. So, why do your fish keep dying and what can you do to prevent that from happening? Read this informative article to find out what causes the unexplained loss of fish in tropical fish tanks and to learn how to … Read more

Best Tropical Fish Food

The 7 Best Tropical Fish Food Options

As well as providing them with the correct environment, a high-quality, balanced diet is absolutely crucial for your fish’s health. But with such a mind-boggling range of tropical fish foods out there, how do you know what to choose? In this guide, you can learn what to look for in the best tropical fish foods … Read more

Things to Stop Doing If You Have a Saltwater Aquarium

10 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Have a Saltwater Aquarium

Keeping a saltwater fish tank can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but doing so successfully requires meticulous attention to detail and quite a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, many marine enthusiasts make accidental mistakes that can harm the delicate ecosystem of a saltwater aquarium. This article highlights key missteps in marine tank management that can … Read more

Impact of Overfeeding

What Every Fish Keeper Needs to Know About the Impact of Overfeeding

As with any pet, providing your fish with a correct diet in the right amounts is essential for their health and longevity. That sounds pretty straightforward, but it’s something that beginners to the hobby often get wrong, sometimes with drastic results. One of the most important aspects of tropical and cold water fishkeeping is understanding … Read more

Common Fish Disease Treatment Mistakes

9 Disease Treatment Mistakes Everyone Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

I’ve kept tropical and freshwater fish of many different species for over 40 years. I love their vibrant colors, beautiful finnage, and quirky personalities. However, what I don’t love about fishkeeping is their susceptibility to diseases. Of course, some species are hardier than others, but every type of fish can get sick sometimes. As a … Read more

black spots on aquarium plants

What Are the Black Spots on Aquarium Plants? (FAQs)

If you’ve discovered some black spots on your live plants, you may be concerned that there’s a problem to be addressed. In many cases, you’d be right. Black patches growing on aquarium plants is often due to ‘black beard algae’, a problematic type of algae that can overwhelm your aquarium if not dealt with urgently. … Read more

Glass Fish Care Guide

Glass Fish (Parambassis ranga) Care Sheet

Are you looking to fill your fresh water tank with something a little odd? The glass fish, also commonly called the Indian glassy fish, is a perfectly transparent species of fish that likes to shoal together in very bold and active groupings. While it has been widely believed that these aquarium fish are more difficult … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone: Your Complete Care Guide

Most hobbyists start their journey into marine fishkeeping with a Clownfish. These colorful saltwater fish found fame in the Captain Nemo film, are easy to keep, relatively cheap to buy, and full of personality. Clownfish are happiest when in a symbiotic relationship with a sea anemone, and Bubble-Tip anemones can make the perfect host for … Read more