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Best Basking Lights

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I have kept bearded dragons as pets for many years now, and one of the most important things you need to provide them with is a proper basking light.

Unlike ourselves, bearded dragons cannot regulate their internal temperature. They rely on moving between hot and cold areas to maintain their optimum body temperature.

Consequently, I’ve tried out many different basking lights for my dragons throughout the years. Some were amazing, while others fell short of my expectations. Finally, I created a list of what I think to be the best basking lights for bearded dragons available on the market today.

In this article, I will share my top basking lights for bearded dragons and tips on choosing the right one for your pet.

What To Look For When Buying a Basking Light?

You will be met with various choices in your search for a basking light, however, it is important to select the basking light best suited for your bearded dragon and its enclosure.

Some factors you need to consider before making your purchase include:

Whether It Provides Light or Warmth, or Both

Some basking lights provide heat without giving off any light, while others do the opposite. Also, there are basking lights that provide both heat and light.

In my opinion, bearded dragons need both heat and light to stay healthy. This is because they can’t tolerate temperatures below 72 degrees. They will need a constant source of heat all around the clock.

Also, they need a regular lighting schedule to help them with their sleeping patterns, energy levels, and overall health.

Infrared Light

Infrared rays can provide faint light and heat without disturbing your dragon’s sleep schedule. This is because they can’t see infrared light.

This lighting will also keep your dragons comfortable at night, with a 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. However, it won’t be sufficient during the daytime hours.

Therefore, an infrared bulb cannot provide your dragons with adequate lighting and heat. You will have to use an extra basking light during the day.


UVA radiation is the most important lighting for your dragons’ eyesight. If you don’t offer these guys UV light, they will be colorblind. Thus, you should never discount natural sunshine or a basking light that emits any UVA radiation.


UVB light is ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 300 and 400 nanometers. It is the main source of vitamin D that people and animals need.

Reptiles’ food can’t provide the right amount of vitamin D they need, so they have to get it from another source. This is why basking lights with UVB are essential for reptiles.

When your dragons don’t get enough UVB, they can develop a condition known as metabolic bone disease. This is where their bones become soft and deformed due to a lack of Vitamin D or calcium.


You should use a basking bulb for around 12 hours each day, so a bulb with a longer lifespan will save the trouble and expense of having to replace it more often.

Generally, the lifespan of lightbulbs falls between 2,000 to 3,500 hours. If you find a lightbulb that meets all the other criteria, pick the bulb with the longest lifespan.


When it comes to determining the best basking light for your beardie, the price of the bulb is the last item on your list. It’s feasible to pay a lot more or much less and still get an excellent product, depending on the brand.

However, there is generally a performance difference that justifies this price variation. For example, the price difference between a light that emits only UVA and one omitting both UVB and UVA is pretty significant, right?

Well, the truth is that your dragon needs both types of light. So, even if you have to spend more on your basking light, it will be worth it in the long run.

What Is the Difference Between a Heat Lamp & Heat Emitter?

A heat lamp will generally give UVA and UVB rays and enough heat for a basking area for your bearded dragon’s enclosure. However, once you turn it off to prevent disturbing your beardie’s photocycle, there is no more heat for your lizard.

On the other hand, the heat emitter has a longer lifespan than a heat bulb. Also, it provides constant heat throughout the night and day, so you will never have to worry about your bearded dragon’s temperature fluctuations.

However, it is an entirely separate product you can get in addition to some lighting sources.

What Watt Bulb Does a Bearded Dragon Need?

You should create a temperature gap in the enclosure by heating it to 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit and 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need a 100-watt heat bulb for every 40 gallons of space to produce this temperature.

In order to maintain two separate temperature ranges in your tank, you will need to have a heat bulb on one side and a UVB tube on the other.

What Type of Light is Ideal for Bearded Dragons?

These guys require a full-spectrum UV light source for around 12-14 hours daily throughout the spring and summer months.

You should change your UV lamps every six months, whether the light is burned out or not. This is because the UVB degrades over time, and your bearded dragon will no longer be getting the full spectrum of light that he needs.

In addition, you should give your reptile a basking heat lamp because most UVB lamps don’t produce much heat. UV lights just provide the basking temperature and not the necessary warmth.

What Are the Best Basking Lights for Bearded Dragons?

DGE Reptile Basking Spot Bulb

DGE Reptile Basking Spot Bulb
  • ?Ideal Reptile Heat Lamp?: 4.3 inches high, 3.1 inches diameter, two packs. 120 Volt Red 100 Watt High Thermal Efficiency Infrared Sunlight will very quickly warm reptiles and raise the temperature in the terrarium.
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The DGE reptile basking spot bulb is a red, 120-volt, 100-watt bulb that provides enough heat and pleasant white light for your bearded dragon. To prevent any harm, you should put this bulb in a dome or housing that can handle at least 100 watts of power.

Also, be cautious and double-check to ensure your dragon cannot contact the bulb’s surface since it can become extremely hot.

At first, I was really worried that this light bulb wouldn’t last long, but it ended up lasting for 2000 hours or more! This saved me a lot of time and money in the long run.

Although it may seem like a fire hazard, this bulb is dimmable, allowing you to regulate the amount of heat precisely.

Finally, I loved its tiny size the most. It’s small in terms of punch capacity, measuring 4.3 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide and weighing only 1.44 ounces. This means it doesn’t take up as much room or ruin the appearance of your enclosure.

What We Like

  • Small and neat-looking
  • Long lifespan
  • Available
  • Cheap

Room for Improvement

  • The heat is intense and will cause first-degree burns in a matter of seconds

Wuhostam 100W Infrared Ceramic Heat Emitter

Wuhostam 100W Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp for Turtles
  • This heat lamp's input voltage is AC 90-120V, power is 100-Watts, full size is diameter 3.15 inch x height 4.13 inch
  • This ceramic heat emitter bulb is the perfect 24 hour heat source for reptiles and amphibians. It could last 9000-15,000 hours, even longer
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The Wuhostam Ceramic Heat Emitter is 100 watts and can provide heat to your bearded dragon’s enclosure 24/7. With this feature, you don’t need to concern yourself whether it’s on or off.

I like this light bulb so much because it lasts a really long time- 9,000 to 15,000 hours. This is a selling point because it means I don’t have to constantly replace the bulb.

Also, it has a diameter of 3.15 inches and a height of 4.13 inches, so it won’t add any trouble to your space.

However, I was disappointed that the heating element heats up rapidly and uniformly. This implies no delay in the temperature increase, which could potentially hurt your bearded dragon.

Further, the double-edged sword of this heating element is that it doesn’t produce light. While that means your bearded dragon will have a 24/7 source of heat, you’ll also need to add another light source to the tank.

What We Like

  • 24-hour heating
  • 9,000 to 15,000 hour lifetime
  • Compact and neat

Room for Improvement

  • No light source


  • ALL IN ONE - By providing UVA UVB heat and visible light from one bulb,the Tekizoo sun lamp could provide many of the known benefits of natural sunlight to captive reptiles.
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The Tekizoo UVB Sun Lamp is a self-ballasted high-intensity heating lamp with light and a basking platform for your bearded dragon. Also, it gives full-spectrum illumination.

I liked that this bulb had a heat emission hole to avoid overheating. If it gets too hot, it will turn off automatically and turn back on once it has cooled down sufficiently.

Not to mention, this heating lamp will provide your bearded dragon’s enclosure with healthy UVA and UVB light, thereby promoting growth, immunity, and metabolism.

On top of that, this bulb has a vertical installation requirement. Thus, distributing the heat more evenly throughout the basking area.

One perplexing aspect is that this light bulb is large or medium-sized, measuring 6.3 inches in height and 4.5 inches in diameter. So make sure there’s enough room for it before you buy it.

What We Like

  • A large bulb provides even distribution
  • Provides UVA and UVB light as well as heat
  • Self-ballasted

Room for Improvement

  • It cannot be used with a dimmer
  • Can’t come in contact with water

Zoo-Med Repti Basking Spot Bulb

Zoo-Med Repti Basking Spot Bulb

Zoo Med Laboratories The Repti Basking Spot Lamps have a unique patented double reflector that focuses 35% more heat and light into a tight beam. Ideal for use with diurnal reptiles that thermoregulate by basking, including many tropical and desert species.

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The Zoo-Med Repti Basking Bulb is a 100-watt bulb with a tight beam, directing more light to your bearded dragon’s basking spot and providing even heat throughout the enclosure.

I appreciate their durability, as they have 2,000-hour longevity, far greater than the typical light bulb’s lifespan.

Also, its medium size was suitable for my 40-gallon tank, so I didn’t have to worry about it messing up the look of my setup.

The Repti basking spot bulb has a double reflector, amplifying heat and light by 33% without additional electrical cost. This technology also creates a targeted beam that your beardie will love!

What We Like

  • Targeted beam
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides heat and light

Room for Improvement

  • It will break if it gets wet

Fluker’s Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles

Fluker's Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles
  • Directs heat and light toward a specific area for basking reptiles
  • Package Dimensions: 9.652 H x 13.462 L x 9.652 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.2 pounds
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Fluker’s is ideal for your bearded dragon’s cage because it directs light and heat to a specific area while warming the rest of the enclosure, creating a pleasant temperature.

With this bulb, I could pick from multiple wattage options to best fit the size of my reptile’s enclosure, so I didn’t have to worry about whether or not to pick the right size.

Plus, it is very light at only 0.16 ounces. This means it will not put too much weight on a mounted fixture and cause it to bend.

Another wonderful aspect is that it is an incandescent bulb, which gives heat and light to your bearded dragon.

In my opinion, what makes this bulb unique is its compact size, with a diameter of 2.5 inches and a height of 3.5 inches, making it the perfect size for small reptile cages.

What We Like

  • Cheap
  • Small and light
  • Multiple wattage options

Room for Improvement

  • No full-spectrum lighting

Exo Terra Infrared

Exo Terra Infrared

The Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Terrarium Heat Lamp emits infrared heatwaves and is a typical heating lamp. Heat is important for reptiles, as it is essential for their activity and digestion.

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The Exo Terra Infrared Basking Reptile Lamp is a very affordable option to help maintain their temperature while not disrupting their sleep cycle.

However, you should provide an extra bulb to provide light during the day. Also, it has a built-in reflector, which transmits heat and creates an excellent basking area for your dragons.

What We Like

  • Very affordable
  • Red light won’t affect the sleep schedule
  • The built-in reflector directs the heat

Room for Improvement

  • It doesn’t provide light

XYZReptiles UVA

XYZReptiles UVA
  • Safe And Efficient UVA Reptile Light Bulb Made Under Strict Guidelines For Reptile Pets
  • Reptile Basking Light Creates Ideal Basking Area For Thermoregulation
  • Reptile Basking Bulb Stimulates Breeding Behavior Through UVA Rays
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XYZReptiles UVA Basking Light produces 100 watts of heat and light, which makes it ideal for bearded dragons that need a basking temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although I was ecstatic to find that it mimics sunshine, providing a wide range of light and UV radiation, it was devastating to know that it lacks the UVB radiation that provides vitamin D.

What We Like

  • Your beardie will mimic daylight
  • Temperature increases

Room for Improvement

  • Vitamin D isn’t provided by UVB

Bulb for OMAYKEY Basking Light

Bulb for OMAYKEY Basking Light
  • ? This 50W soft white light heat lamp is made of high-quality glass, it has a perfect heat radiation feature, more efficient and longer lasting
  • ? This heat lamp's input voltage is AC 110V-120V, power is 50 Watts, full size is diameter 3.03 inch x height 4.33 inch
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The OMAYKEY Basking Spot Heat Lamp Bulb did not meet my expectations. Although it doesn’t generate UVB light, it provides UVA light and heat, both essential for your bearded dragon.

Another thing to note about these is that they are cheap, despite the fact that they may burn quickly and aren’t ideal for daily usage.

What We Like

  • Generates ultraviolet light with a certain wavelength

Room for Improvement

  • It can only be operated for 3-5 hours each day
  • Not a good source of UVB rays
  • Life expectancy below the median


What Is the Wattage Requirement for a Bearded Dragon’s Terrarium?

The wattage you need for your light bulb depends on the size of your bearded dragon’s enclosure and its age. A baby or juvenile bearded dragon will need a 60-watt bulb if living in a 20-gallon enclosure.

In an enclosure of 40 gallons or more, subadults and adults will need a bulb emitting 80 to 100 watts of heat.

How Long Should a Heat Lamp Be on for Bearded Dragons?

The bearded dragon needs a natural light cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Therefore, you should turn off the light during their sleeping hours.

Wrapping Up

I know that finding the best basking light for your bearded dragons can be a daunting task, but I hope this article has helped you understand what to look for when choosing a heat lamp for your pet reptile.

Remember, providing your bearded dragon with the proper basking temperature and the light cycle is the most important thing.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with basking lights for bearded dragons, please feel free to comment below!

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