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If you enjoy reading the articles and posts on Aquariadise, you might want to have a look at these great aquarium blogs and websites as well!

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Aquascapinglove.com is a specialized blog that focuses on aquascaping techniques and the maintenance of the planted aquarium.

A link pointing at Fishponds.biz
Fish Ponds Guide is a guide on raising pond fish with pictures, tips and ideas.

Sitting by the Koi Pond
Fish Girl Writes (formerly Sitting by the Koi Pond), is a fishkeeping blog with info and personal updates from the author, who owns a few beautiful aquariums. Lots of photos and comprehensive articles, so definitely worth checking out!

Goldfish Science
Goldfish Science is a website with information on (fancy) goldfish run by a professional goldfish dealer. The site is in Dutch, but luckily for all you English-speaking readers, it includes a blog with links to, among other things, the author’s travels to China’s famous goldfish markets – with loads of pictures of beautiful fancies!

the aquarium guide

The Aquarium Guide is an informative website with helpful articles about aquascaping, stocking your aquarium and many other subjects!


Canadian Aquatic Auctions and Classifieds is a place for Canadian fish clubs, breeders and retailers to sell their fish and supplies and advertise their events across Canada!


Barbatanas Blog – This one’s not in English, but luckily Translate is there to help! An informative aquarium blog.

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