how to grow algae in tank

How To Grow Algae in Tanks – Our In-Depth, Helpful Guide

Growing algae in a fish tank is so easy that most aquarium keepers want to find ways to control or prevent growth instead. Often, algae will grow in an aquarium and along aquarium glass whether you want them to or not! If you want to encourage algae growth, however, our team at Aquariadise has some … Read more

Orange Algae in Fish Tank

Orange Algae in Fish Tank | Is It Good for Your Fish?

A small overgrowth of orange algae in your fish tank is unsightly, but it might not necessarily be bad for your aquarium. Orange algae are mainly found in saltwater fish tanks, seashores, and other such environments, although they can also occur in freshwater fish tanks. But is orange algae bad for your fish, and what … Read more

Fast-Growing Aquarium Plants

7 Fast Growing Aquarium Plants!

There are plenty of reasons to want to go for fast growing live plants in your aquarium. Some fish love to nibble on plants, so it’s a great idea to grow them separately to add some variety to their diet. Fast growers compete with algae, are usually relatively easy to care for and can really … Read more

Background Aquarium Plants

7 Beautiful Background Aquarium Plants

When setting up a planted aquarium, one of the best ways to achieve a balanced, natural look is to create depth using foreground and background plants. Foreground plants are low and usually don’t stand out too much, while background plants are tall and can be much more extravagant.  Keep reading for a list of beautiful background … Read more

Aquarium Moss

Aquarium Moss

If you’re looking for a versatile, attractive, and almost-carpeting aquarium plant that’s suitable for beginners, chances are you may end up buying a species of moss. While the terrestrial version of this plant may not be regarded as very exciting, aquarium moss has many uses and looks great as a part of almost any aquascape. … Read more

Floating Aquarium Plants

Floating Aquarium Plants | Benefits & Types

Floating aquarium plants, often with long decorative roots, are popular in many types of aquarium setups and for good reason! There are many advantages to keeping floating plants in your planted aquarium; although they may not always be ideally kept with plant species that require a lot of light, they are a great addition to almost … Read more

Red Tiger Lotus

Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea Zenkeri) Care Sheet

If you’re looking for an unusual aquarium plant to use as a centerpiece in your aquarium, you’re in luck. The red tiger lotus is an eye-catcher with its bright red colors and interesting leaf contours. These plants are colorful, easy to care for, fast-growers, and great additions to the planted tank for both those with … Read more

Low light aquarium plants

9 Most Useful Low Light Aquarium Plants

If you’ve been in the aquarium hobby for a while, you’ll know that all aquarium plants need a source of light to grow and thrive. Not all plants are equal in their lighting needs, though: some need more than others while some not so much. Looking to set up a low tech aquarium with beautiful … Read more