Swim Bladder Disease Betta

Swim Bladder Disease Betta Fish Suffer From – A Handy Guide

Swim Bladder disease or swim bladder disorder is a fairly common ailment in aquarium fish, and betta fish are no exception. If you’ve noticed your betta swimming upside down, sideways, or getting stuck at the top or bottom of your tank, he might well have a swim bladder problem. While it can be distressing for … Read more

Mystery Snail and Betta

Mystery Snail and Betta: The Odd Couple of the Fish World

If housing your betta in a small-ish tank (think a 10-gallon, five gallons is the absolute minimum a betta can live in!), you may be concerned that there’s no space for your betta fish to have a friend. Well, fear not! Mystery snails are great starter tankmates for anyone attempting their first community tank or … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater

Do Betta Fish Need a Heater? Read Our Article To Find Out!

Bettas are well sought after for being hardy, beautiful, tropical aquarium fish. You can ensure that your betta has a long lifespan by making sure they have the proper tank setup with a heating system. Your bettas will not only live longer but they will be healthier in the long run. How Important Is A … Read more

betta fish color change

Do Betta Fish Change Color? Everything You Need To Know

Betta splendens, or Siamese fighting fish, have become so popular because of their stunning colors. Centuries of breeding have produced bettas of almost every imaginable color, so it may be shocking to discover that your beloved betta’s colors are fading or changing. Color changes in betta fish often indicate a health problem that needs attention, … Read more

Betta Fish Behavior Before Death

Betta Fish Behavior Before Death: How Can I Tell if My Betta Is Dying?

Betta fish are popular, colorful fish that many aquarists love. Unfortunately, they are prone to a variety of health issues. A betta’s environment is a direct factor influencing its lifespan. Factors like water quality, food quality, disease, and more affect how long a betta will live. As betta fish age or become sick, they show … Read more

Betta Flaring

Betta Flaring: Why Is My Fish Showing Off So Much?

Flaring is one of the betta fish’s most intriguing behaviors. In a brief moment, it can make a timid-looking betta suddenly take on the appearance of a formidable fighter, ready for action! But why exactly do bettas flare, how often should they do it, and is it good for them? Let’s examine these questions more … Read more

Why Do Betta Blow Bubbles

Why Do Bettas Blow Bubbles? What Does It Mean?

If you have betta fish, you may have noticed them blowing bubbles in your tank. So, why do betta fish blow bubbles in fish tanks? Are these air bubbles that the fish has gulped at the water surface? Is a bubble-blowing betta sick? Keep reading to discover the answers to all your questions and find … Read more

betta fish yawning

Betta Fish Yawning: Why Does My Betta Fish Yawn?

As we know, betta’s sleep like any other fish, but have you ever noticed them yawning? If so, you might be wondering why bettas yawn in the first place. Well, it turns out that betta fish yawn for a number of different reasons. For one thing, bettas yawn when they don’t have enough oxygen in … Read more

How To Transfer Betta Fish From Cup To Tank

How To Transfer Betta Fish From Cup To Tank – Our Guide!

Did you just buy a new betta fish from your local pet store and want it to be happy in its new home? The good news is that Bettas are quite hardy and easy to care for. But before you move your new Betta into its tank, there are a few things you should do … Read more

Guppies And Betta

Guppies and Betta Fish – Do They Make Good Tank Mates?

So, you have some colorful Betta, and you’d like to add some Guppies to your tank. Can Guppies and Bettas thrive in the same aquarium? The answer is yes but there are several factors you’ll need to consider. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about keeping Guppies and Betta together. Factors … Read more

Do Bettas Like Bubbles

Do Bettas Like Bubbles? The Answer to This Burning Question.

Do bettas like bubbles? Despite what you may have heard, bubbles in a betta fish tank are an optional, rather than mandatory, feature. While bubbles produced by an air pump can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, there are other perfectly good ways to oxygenate your fish tank. But do bettas actually … Read more

Overfed Betta Fish

How To Deal With an Overfed Betta Fish

Are you suspecting that your Betta fish is overfed? I know it can be hard to resist those big, begging eyes every time you walk by the fish tank, but it’s important to ensure your Betta isn’t overfed. When your lovely pal is overfed, he can end up with a bloated stomach, which can be … Read more

Betta Constipation

Betta Constipation: Causes, Prevention and Management

Like many other pet fish, bettas have quite a simple digestive tract, with a short esophagus and intestine, which usually works quickly and efficiently. Poop is a natural part of this digestive process, but how can you tell if your fish is pooping normally or not? Or even worse – What if he isn’t pooping … Read more

betta fungal infection

Betta Fungal Infection: Everything You Need To Know!

Did you know that betta fish can get infected with fungal spores? Like humans, betta fish can get fungal infections when stressed, sick, or in unfavorable conditions. How Do I Get Rid of Fungus in My Fish Tank? The short answer is you don’t. Both humans and fish come into contact with fungal spores every … Read more