Do Fish Sleep At Night

Do Fish Sleep At Night?

What happens when you turn off your aquarium light? Lots, actually. Did you know that fish have a sleep-wake cycle just like other animals? Not only fish but also all invertebrates in your tank as well! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what lurks in the dark in your home … Read more


Kribensis Cichlid Care Guide

If you’ve never heard of this species, you’re not alone. Many people haven’t, in part due to them having been renamed a few times over the years. The kribensis cichlid is a colorful African cichlid recently popularized by beginner and experienced aquarium hobbyists alike for its easy care requirements. These dwarf fish don’t grow to … Read more

Saltwater Angelfish

Saltwater Angelfish: Complete Care Guide

Saltwater angelfish are some of the most recognizable fish species in the aquarium-keeping hobby. Angels are colorful, big, and picturesque against a coral reef backdrop. But did you know that angelfish aren’t reef-safe and can’t be kept with corals? These fish require a lot of swimming space and should be introduced with caution to the … Read more

Best Fish Names

The Best Fish Names That’ll Fit Any Personality

After dogs and cats, fish are the most popular pet in the US! Whether you have a pet betta fish, a goldfish, or a pufferfish, each individual has its own personality. So, you want to choose a name for your fish that reflects its looks, character, or habits. You might want to go for funny … Read more

Purple Firefish

Purple Firefish Care Guide

If you own a marine tank, there is a dazzling array of colorful fish and invertebrate species to choose from as its inhabitants. One of our favorite fish, The Purple Firefish, is a fabulously colorful and beautiful addition to any tank. This reef tank fish is hardy and beginner-friendly, so those new to the marine … Read more

Albino Cherry Barb

Albino Cherry Barb Care Guide

The Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya) is an active fish and one of the most popular barbs in the hobby. These fish are relatively undemanding and easy to keep, making them excellent beginner fish for a peaceful community aquarium.  So, if you’re a new hobbyist to the aquarium trade looking for a nice addition to your … Read more

fish with personality

Fish with personality

When thinking of fishkeeping, many people think of tropical community tanks: peaceful, colorful and beautiful, but – admittedly – not always too exciting. This has lead to the idea that fishkeeping is a bit of a ‘boring’ hobby sometimes, and that keeping fish is just not the same as keeping a more fluffy, warmblooded pet. … Read more