How To Fish Mate

How Do Fish Mate: Mating Age, Seasons, And More

If you’re a keen hobbyist, you may have considered breeding from your stock. Many fishkeepers, especially betta enthusiasts, enjoy studying the genetics of a particular species and trying to create new and exciting variations of the fish. In this guide, we take a look at how to fish mate and reproduce. You may be surprised … Read more

Guppies And Betta

Guppies and Betta Fish – Do They Make Good Tank Mates?

So, you have some colorful Betta, and you’d like to add some Guppies to your tank. Can Guppies and Bettas thrive in the same aquarium? The answer is yes but there are several factors you’ll need to consider. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about keeping Guppies and Betta together. Factors … Read more

how many betta fish in a 20 gallon tank

How Many Betta Fish Can Live in a 20-Gallon Tank? A Guide

Keeping and breeding betta fish is an incredibly popular hobby these days, so if you have a spacious 20-gallon tank, you might be wondering how many of these beautiful fish you can keep. Can you keep multiple male Siamese fighting fish together in one tank? Do female betta fish fight? And what special adaptations do … Read more

how many betta fish in a 10 gallon tank

How Many Betta Fish in a 10-Gallon Tank – Our Helpful Guide

If you love your betta buddy’s bright colors, beautiful fins, and quirky character, you might wonder if your pet could get along with another betta. After all, that would mean twice the enjoyment and would really make your fish tank pop, right? However, these beautiful tropical fish are not known as Siamese Fighting Fish for … Read more

Male vs Female Betta

Male vs Female Betta Fish: How To Tell the Difference

People who are new to the world of betta keeping are sometimes surprised to learn that the classic betta splendens fish with long, flowing fins are always male. The less showy female betta fish are rarely seen in the hobby and are only kept by specialists who wish to keep several of them together in … Read more

why do frogs bite each other

Why Do Frogs Bite Each Other? Exploring Amphibian Behavior

You may have heard that aquarium frogs are peaceful creatures that can be kept in community tanks. So why are you seeing your frogs biting each other? While the ever-popular African dwarf frog is a docile, social species, there are other frogs that are downright aggressive and will bite anything that they can fit in … Read more

Goldfish Skin Peeling

Goldfish Skin Peeling: Understanding Causes and Solutions

A healthy goldfish shouldn’t lose its scales or skin. So you know that if your pet’s appearance changes and he begins losing scales, turning white, or his skin starts peeling off, there’s a serious problem. Peeling skin and lost goldfish scales can be caused by several things, including bacterial infections, poor water quality, low levels … Read more

oscar fish skin peeling off

Is Your Oscar Fish Skin Peeling Off? – Causes and Solutions

If you’ve seen your Oscar’s skin peeling, or scales flaking off, you have good reason to be concerned. Most of the time, skin conditions indicate a serious underlying problem in your Oscar’s tank that need addressing promptly. Whether your Oscar’s skin is peeling after an ugly encounter with another fish, a skin disease, or incorrect … Read more

Oscar Fish White Fungus

Dealing With Oscar Fish White Fungus: Tips and Treatments

Oscars are one of the fiercest and most menacing of all aquarium fish, but that doesn’t make them invulnerable to diseases. It’s not uncommon for Oscar keepers to report white patches on their Oscar’s skin – a legitimate cause for concern. But while you may assume that white patches on your Oscar are fungal infections, … Read more

giant danio

Discovering Giant Danio: A Colorful and Hardy Fish Species

Giant Danios make a great addition to a freshwater community tank. These large, active schooling fish need a big tank to accommodate them but make excellent companions for peaceful cichlids and other more sizeable species. Read this guide to learn more about choosing, caring for, and breeding these amazing fish! Giant Danio – At a … Read more

Betta Fish Tumors

Betta Fish Tumors – Identification, Causes, and Treatment

As a devoted betta fish owner, you love your beautiful pet, but if he suddenly develops a lump on his side, does that mean your betta has cancer? Fish tumors are usually a symptom of an underlying health problem. You can often treat betta fish tumors easily and successfully if you spot the issue early … Read more

electric yellow cichlid tank mates

Electric Yellow Cichlid Tank Mates – 7 of the Best

Hailing from Lake Malawi in East Africa, Electric yellow cichlids (aka. yellow labs) are understandably among the most popular of all African cichlids. Their radiant lemon-yellow color can evoke the atmosphere of a marine aquarium, especially when they’re kept alongside other fish with contrasting colors. But which types of fish can you successfully keep them … Read more