Fancy Goldfish

Caresheet: Fancy Goldfish | Carassius Auratus

After writing about them since the beginning of this blog a year ago, it’s about time for an official fancy goldfish caresheet. These fish are the victim of many fishkeeping myths – they cannot actually live in fish bowls, they don’t actually have a short livespan and fish flakes aren’t a fantastic idea either – … Read more

fish with personality

Fish with personality

When thinking of fishkeeping, many people think of tropical community tanks: peaceful, colorful and beautiful, but – admittedly – not always too exciting. This has lead to the idea that fishkeeping is a bit of a ‘boring’ hobby sometimes, and that keeping fish is just not the same as keeping a more fluffy, warmblooded pet. … Read more

How To Set Up A Quarantine Tank

How To Set Up A Quarantine Tank

Quarantining fish before adding them to the main display aquarium or when they’re sick is a very important part of fishkeeping. Even experienced aquarists often overlook this step because they think it isn’t needed and want their new fish in their tank as soon as possible! First, we need to understand what a quarantine tank … Read more