Clown Killifish: Diet, Tank Size, Behavior, and More

Clown Killifish: Diet, Tank Size, Behavior, and More

If you have a small tank or you want a peaceful little community fish to add to your collection, the Clown Killifish could be just what you’re looking for. These tiny fish add a splash of color and activity to the tank, are relatively easy to keep, and can be bred in captivity too. The … Read more

Balloon Molly Care Guide

Balloon Molly: Tank Size, Tankmates, Diet, and More

Molly fish are one of the most popular and commonly kept fish in tropical aquariums. These brightly colored, lively little fish are very easy to care for, living happily in a community of other peaceful fish, and bringing lots of fascinating behaviors that will keep onlookers enthralled for hours. Mollies make a great first fish … Read more

Angelfish Tankmates

Angelfish Tankmates: The Good And The Bad

Angelfish are one of the most popular choices of fish for a tropical aquarium setup. With their unusual, distinctive shape, a beautiful array of colorations to choose from, and quirky behaviors, Angelfish are a joy to behold as they glide elegantly around the aquarium. However, Angelfish do have a reputation as being somewhat aggressive and … Read more

Opaline Gourami Ultimate Care Guide

Opaline Gourami Ultimate Care Guide: Colorful Additions

The Opaline gourami is also known as the Marbled gourami and is a color variant of the Blue gourami or Three-spot gourami, and you may find these fish in your local fish store under these names. The scientific name of the Opaline gourami is, trichopodus trichopterus, formerly trichogaster trichopterus. The variable, attractive patterns of the … Read more

Zebra Loach

How To Best Care For A Zebra Loach

The Zebra Loach is an attractive, lively freshwater tropical fish that’s an excellent choice for a beginner hobbyist. These peaceful fish can live in smaller aquariums above 30 gallons, although they are intolerant of fluctuations in the tank water parameters. In this guide, we introduce the Zebra Loach and provide you with all the information … Read more

Jardini Arowana: Water Conditions, Health, Tankmates & More

Jardini Arowana: Water Conditions, Health, Tankmates & More

If you’re looking for a large, unusual addition to your tank, you might want to consider the mysterious Jardini Arowana. In this guide, we provide an overview of what to expect if you take on one of these unusual giants. First of all, let’s find out more about this stunning fish. What is a Jardini … Read more

Nerite Snails

Nerite Snails Care Guide: All You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a way to keep your tank clean, Nerite snails could be the answer to your problem. Nerite snails spend much of their lives moving slowly around their habitat, consuming algae and particles of debris. Nerite snails are extremely easy to care for and make a colorful addition to any tank setup. … Read more

Betta Fish Care Guide

Betta Book

THE FULL GUIDE TO SETTING UP A BETTER BETTA FISH TANK Of all the fish available in the aquarium trade these days, the most popular species is also one of the smallest. It’s a colorful insect eater with a fascinating history and stunning looks: Betta splendens, usually referred to as just ‘Betta’ (pronounced bet-tuh). Appreciated … Read more

Poecilia Sphenops

Caresheet: Molly Fish | Poecilia Sphenops

Poecilia sphenops, also known as mollies, are one of the most popular aquarium fish species. These livebearers are available in many different colors and patterns and are sure to add a fun note to your aquarium. They make an easy breeding project and also offer a great opportunity to set up a brackish tank. Keep … Read more

female betta fish

Keeping female Betta fish

Betta fish (Betta splendens) are one of the most popular fish species available today and male Bettas are widely appreciated for their wide range of beautiful colors and many fin types. Female Bettas, however, are a lot more difficult to find in the hobby and overlooked by most aquarists. They are often thought of as … Read more

colorful aquarium fish

The Most Colorful Aquarium Fish

One thing many aquarists focus on when setting up an aquarium and picking fish to stock it with is color. One or multiple colorful fish species can really brighten up a tank and make it become the centerpiece of a room. A wide range of vibrant freshwater fish species in the aquarium industry have beautiful … Read more

xiphophorus hellerii

Caresheet: Swordtail | Xiphophorus hellerii

A jewel in the freshwater community tanks, the swordtail brings an energetic aura into their aquarium. Their quick movements and ease of care make them easily one of the best freshwater community fish. Keep reading for everything you need to know about swordtail care and keeping your swordtails happy and healthy! This swordtail caresheet is … Read more

chromobotia macracanthus

Caresheet: Clown Loach | Chromobotia macracanthus

Juvenile clown loaches can be found for sale in almost any aquarium store. Their contrasting black and orange stripes and their tendency to snack on nuisance snails make them a popular beginner’s choice, but they are actually on the list of the 8 worst beginner aquarium fish!   Keep reading to find out everything you need … Read more

Fishbowl Alternative

Setting Up A Planted Fish Bowl

Because fish bowls, vases and other small containers are not a good home for fish, you may have a few lying around being used as a candy bowl or decorative piece. If you’re looking for something new and aquarium-related to try, setting up a planted aquarium bowl may be a good idea! The lush green plants … Read more

Easy Schooling Aquarium Fish

7 Easy Schooling Aquarium Fish!

When stocking an aquarium with fish, it’s usually recommended to choose one top dwelling species, one species that stays in the middle water layer and one bottom dwelling species to start with (unless the aquarium is < 15 gal/57L, then you should stick to only one or two fish species). In this article, we focus … Read more