Coldwater Aquarium Fish

9 Easy Coldwater Aquarium Fish

Most types of fish sold in aquarium and pet shops come from tropical regions and require a heated aquarium. If you’re interested in setting up an unheated aquarium, though, you may be surprised to hear which popular “tropical” fish are actually sub-tropical and appreciate the lower temperatures found in a cold water tank! Keep reading … Read more

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

In the wild environment, fish are often seen leaping right out of the water, and to the alarm of hobbyists, some tank-kept fish do that too, sometimes jumping out of the tank! But why do fish jump out of the water, how do they manage to do that, and what can you do to stop … Read more

How To Care For A Black Orchid Betta

How To Care For A Black Orchid Betta

Male betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting fish, come in a dazzling range of stunning colors and finnage varieties, making one of these spectacular fish the perfect addition to a community display tank. Of all the colors of bettas that are widely available, the black orchid betta is among the most popular and sought … Read more


Gourami 101 | Gourami Fish Types & Info!

Gouramis are one of the most popular aquarium fish species and for good reason! These Anabantoids (closely related to bettas) are a great new addition to the top water layer of a peaceful community aquarium with their interesting behavior and often striking colors. There are many different gourami types available in the tropical aquarium trade nowadays, … Read more

Nano Fish For Small Tanks

7 Nano Fish For Small Tanks

If you have a small aquarium it can be pretty hard to find the right fish to stock it with. Most of the popular choices for smaller tanks – pygmy corydoras, dwarf puffers, clown killifish – should still be kept in at least around 10 gallons (40 L) and are wrongly marketed towards smaller setups. So … Read more