are mollies aggressive fish

Are Mollies Aggressive Fish? – Temperament and Behavior

When it comes to setting up a community fish tank, mollies have to be at the top of the list for many hobbyists! These brightly colored, active fish add a wonderful pop of color to your aquarium, are easy to care for, and are prolific livebearers, providing you with lots of new fish. However, one … Read more

Types of Koi

Types of Koi – Let’s Explore These Fascinating Fish

The art of keeping and breeding koi fish is a century-old tradition that has resulted in some of the most beautiful and expensive fish in the aquarium hobby. As a result, there are over 100 different types of koi fish that each have their own patterns and stories of origination. Keep reading to find out … Read more

Angelfish Kissing

Angelfish Kissing – Let’s Examine When and Why They Kiss!

Angelfish are intelligent and intriguing fish with complex behavior and courtship rituals. If you’ve seen your angelfish locking lips together, the chances are that it’s a male and female showing that they’re preparing to spawn together. But since locking lips can also be practiced by two males fighting one another for dominance, you need to … Read more

Do Fish Scales Grow Back

Do Fish Scales Grow Back? (+ Other FAQs)

Your fish’s scales give the creature a shiny, glittering look that catches the eye when the fish are darting around your aquarium. The outer layer of scales also enables the fish to swim smoothly through the water without resistance and protect the fish’s flesh from injury and attack by parasites and bacteria. But what if … Read more

Betta Fish Toys

Betta Fish Toys to Entertain and Stimulate Your Fish

You might be wondering if your betta fish ever gets bored. These beautiful fish are regularly kept in small tanks all alone due to their aggression and territorial nature toward other fish. The truth is that yes, betta fish can get bored. These fish need proper exercise and enrichment through aquarium decorations, different fish foods, … Read more

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Shrimp? Let’s Examine the Facts..

Kuhli loaches are one of my favorite fish. Mysterious, nocturnal, and eel-like, these beautiful creatures make a fascinating addition to most community tank setups. Some fishkeepers, however, are concerned about keeping kuhli loaches with shrimp. After all, other loach species are notorious for eating invertebrates, and there have been rumors on the internet about kuhlis … Read more

Are Rainbow Fish Aggressive

Are Rainbow Fish Aggressive? Let’s Dive In and Find Out

Rainbow fish are beautiful and energetic tropical fish that are often kept in community tanks with other community fish. But some fish keepers have reported problems with aggression in rainbow fish, especially from males that can get territorial at breeding time. Here we’re going to look at which species of rainbow fish are more prone … Read more

betta fish fin curling

Betta Fish Fin Curling (Cause, Treatment, + More)

Betta fish are intelligent little creatures full of character and can make great pets. With patience, you can even teach your betta a few cool tricks! But the main reason people choose bettas is because of the fish’s beautiful looks. Bettas, or Siamese Fighting fish, come in a dazzling range of colors, and many varieties … Read more

Goldfish Not Eating

Is Your Goldfish Not Eating? Read On To Find Out Why

Goldfish are normally one of the greediest of all pet fish, so it’ll always be concerning if they completely refuse to eat. A lack of appetite in your goldfish is a classic tell-tale sign of a serious problem in your tank environment or your goldfish’s health that’ll need correcting as soon as possible. In many … Read more

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish in Your Home Aquarium?

Goldfish are notoriously messy fish, and this often leads to algae problems in their fish tank. Since plecos are such excellent algae eaters, you may be wondering, ‘Can I keep a pleco in my goldfish tank?’. Well, the answer is yes, but with some conditions to be fulfilled. Only certain types of pleco are suitable … Read more

are gourami aggressive

Are Gouramis Aggressive Fish? We Examine the Facts

There are currently around 133 species of gouramis, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to keeping them in your home aquarium! You might have heard that gouramis are aggressive. But is that true? Can gouramis be peaceful community tank fish, or are these creatures just troublemakers that are best avoided? Read this … Read more

guppy and angelfish

Guppies and Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Guppies and angelfish are two popular tropical fish species that you’ll see for sale in most fish stores. Now, you might think that these two fish would make fabulous tank mates. After all, angelfish are elegant, graceful fish that seem to cruise effortlessly and peacefully through the water column, while adult guppies come in rainbow … Read more