Badis Badis

Badis Badis Profile And Care Guide

The strangely-named badis badis is a small yet beautiful fish that has the remarkable ability to change colors depending on its mood. These interesting creatures are easy to care for and can make a good choice for a beginner who is looking to add something a little different to their collection.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll … Read more

Redcap Oranda

Redcap Oranda Fancy Goldfish Profile And Care Guide

Most hobbyists began their lifelong fishkeeping obsession as kids with a pet goldfish.  But, those goldfish were most likely a comet, or common, goldfish rather than one of the more exotic fancy varieties. These types of goldfish are relatively easy to keep, which makes them good beginner fish, and can be relocated to a garden pond if … Read more


Oranda Goldfish Complete Care Guide

Did you have a pet goldfish when you were a kid? Many of us did, but that fish was likely nowhere near as exotic or downright weird-looking as the oranda fancy goldfish.  In this guide, we introduce you to the beautiful oranda and include top tips and advice on how to keep this peaceful fish happy and … Read more

Pike Cichlid

Pike Cichlid Care Sheet

The pike cichlid also named the Crenicichla lepidota, is a striking, attractive fish that can make an impressive addition to a large aquarium. Unfortunately, these fish are aggressive and predatory, so they don’t generally make suitable candidates for a peaceful community tank. However, the enigmatic pike cichlid is popular with many hobbyists who enjoy keeping these … Read more

Mustard Gas Betta

Mustard Gas Betta Care Sheet

Betta fish come in many color morphs and forms, making them an extremely popular choice of aquarium fish with hobbyists worldwide. In this guide, we take a detailed look at the beautiful mustard gas betta, including how to care for the fish and where you can buy them. What is a mustard gas betta? The … Read more

fahaka pufferfish

Fahaka Pufferfish (Tetraodon Lineatus) Care Sheet

The Fahaka pufferfish is an intelligent fish that makes a wonderful pet and can even be taught to take food from your hand. These creatures are one of the cutest in the hobby with their brilliant orange eyes, smiling expression, and strange, bumbling way of swimming, and they are one of the few species of … Read more

fish tank smells

Fish Tank Smells

Most fish tanks are relatively smell-free. However, sometimes aquarium owners notice unusually stinky tank water, and that shouldn’t happen. Basically, if you can smell your fish tank when the lid is closed, and you’re in another room, there’s a problem that requires your immediate attention. In this guide, we take a closer look (or sniff!) … Read more

freshwater eel

Freshwater Eel: Families, Species, Care, And More

If you fancy keeping something a little bit different from the usual tropical fish and invertebrates that you see in most home aquariums, you might like to consider keeping freshwater eels. In this guide, we provide an overview of how to care for freshwater eels so that you know exactly what you’re taking on. Of … Read more

rosy barb at the bottom of aquarium

Rosy Barb: Care For The Brightly Scaled Species

Rosy barbs are a favorite fish among hobbyists for many reasons. Rosy barbs are active and peaceful fish that do well in community tanks, and their bright, metallic coloration can create a truly spectacular display. These fish are easy to look after, making them a great choice for beginner aquarists. The Rosy barb is one … Read more

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of Water: All The Answers

In the wild environment, fish are often seen leaping right out of the water, and to the alarm of hobbyists, some tank-kept fish do that too, sometimes jumping out of the tank! But why do fish jump out of the water, how do they manage to do that, and what can you do to stop … Read more

Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Best High-Rated Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

Although a fish tank makes a beautiful focal point in any room and can be an absorbing and fulfilling hobby, there is a downside; you have to clean it every week! Keeping the tank clean is essential if you are to enjoy a healthy, thriving population of fish. Indeed, many fish diseases are caused by … Read more

Best Way To Care For A Telescope Goldfish

Best Way To Care For A Telescope Goldfish

If you enjoy the spectacular finnage and wide range of colors that are offered by fantail goldfish, you might want to consider adding a telescope goldfish to your collection. In this guide, we give you all the information you’ll need to successfully keep and breed these beautiful freshwater fish in a home aquarium setup. But … Read more

Dwarf Cichlids

6 Peaceful Dwarf Cichlids For Your Community Tank!

Cichlids are known for belligerence and having an aggressive nature. However, it is possible to keep dwarf cichlids in a harmonious community setup, provided you choose the right species to live together.  There are a few dwarf cichlid species for beginner aquarists that provide a gentle introduction to keeping these lovely fish. As you become … Read more

Setting Up Fish Tank Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes When Setting Up A Fish Tank

For newcomers to the fishkeeping hobby there are many mistakes that can be made during the process of researching and actually setting up your fish tank. This article will describe the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. It covers every part of the process of setting up an aquarium¬†to hopefully¬†make life a lot … Read more