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Moving the goldfish (again!)

May 19, 2013

We’ve had a pretty awful and cold spring so far, but today the water in the goldfish pond I bought a while ago was finally warm enough to move my three fancies! They will be in this 132 gal pond for the rest of the summer to grow, munch on algae all day and benefit from the natural sunlight. They’ve been in there for a few hours now and seem quite happy; hopefully they’ll keep doing well as the temperature drops a bit during the night.

During the transition I took tons of photos:

The three of them in a bucket to get used to the pond water.

The three of them in a bucket to get used to the pond water.

Little Antoine. He actually seems to be developing a bit of a round belly and also sports breeding stars now.

Leon is growing fatter and bigger very quickly. His wen (head growth) has also been developing lately.

Sauron did not want to stay still for a size comparison.

“mom, let me go, you’re so embarassing!”

Leon was the first one to be released. He looked quite lost. :(

Luckily Antoine was released soon after…

…and it didn’t take them long to find each other!

Sauron looking a bit lost also, right after he was released.

Luckily he quickly found his buddies again as well.

Time for some foraging.

So much swimming room!

After the photos and videos we covered the pond with a net so the cats won’t be able to get to the fish. More plants will be added soon to cheer things up a bit, but for now I’m just happy they’re finally in the pond. If you’re interested in setting up a (temporary) pond like this yourself, have a look at this guide.

Happy pond-keeping!

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  • ReplyIzzy the Fish GirlMay 20, 2013 at 4:04 am

    Welcome to the pond club!! It’ll look fantastic when the plants grow in for the summer!! 😀

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