Astronotus ocellatus - Bad Beginner Fish

8 Worst Beginner Fish: How To Start Your Aquarium Right

A lot of the most popular fish available in pet- and aquarium stores are surprisingly bad choices for beginners, and some of the least noticed species are actually very easy to care for. This can get very confusing, especially with most stores not being too helpful. This is why I compiled a list of some … Read more

Diamond Tetras

Diamond Tetras: Fascinating Care Tips and Tank Set-Up Advice

The Diamond tetra makes a dazzling addition to any peaceful community tank, especially when you keep these stunning little fish in large groups. These fish are relatively straightforward to care for, making them a good choice for beginner aquarists, and you can breed them pretty easily in the aquarium. Keep reading to learn everything you … Read more

Purple Thai Devil Crab

The Purple Thai Devil Crab Guide: Exploring the Enigma

There’s been a growing interest in unusual crustaceans in recent years, and, unfortunately, this sometimes results in new species being kept in inappropriate conditions. Sadly, there’s been much misinformation about how to keep purple Thai devil crabs, and these terrestrial crabs are sometimes even seen immersed in water in pet stores. In this article, I’ll … Read more

can snails live with goldfish

Can Snails Live With Goldfish: Our Compatibility Guide

Goldfish are infamously messy fish and it’s not unusual to see their tanks covered in algae. Since snails are one of the best algae eaters, many fish keepers have asked the question: Can goldfish live with snails? The answer is that snails can sometimes live with goldfish, but you need to get the combination right. … Read more

Aggressive Fish

12 Aggressive Fish Species for Your Home Aquarium

Although you might initially shy away from keeping aggressive freshwater fish species in your aquarium, some of the feistiest fish are also the most popular. So, what makes aggressive fish so popular? And are aggressive species more challenging to keep than peaceful ones? Read this guide to learn the 12 aggressive fish species we actually recommend … Read more

Bucktooth Tetra

The Bucktooth Tetra: A Fascinating Aquatic Species

The Bucktooth tetra looks cute and innocent enough, but these are actually some of the most aggressive fish in the hobby! For that reason, although they can make an interesting addition to your home tank, they are also challenging to keep successfully, largely because of their nasty behavior. Needless to say, this species is not … Read more

Odessa Barb

The Odessa Barb: A Comprehensive and Captivating Guide

The Odessa barb is a brightly colored freshwater fish that’s easy to care for and relatively hardy, making them the ideal candidate for a peaceful community tank. Not surprisingly, these fish have grown in popularity over the last few years, so it seemed right to put together this guide so that you can learn more … Read more

bolivian ram vs german blue ram

Bolivian Ram vs German Blue Ram Fish – Your Helpful Guide!

The Bolivian ram and German blue ram share many characteristics, such as being a part of the same fish family and being peaceful. But what are the differences between these two beautiful freshwater fish? An example of their differences is that the Bolivian ram is easy to care for and can live in a wide … Read more

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Caresheet: White Cloud Mountain Minnow | Tanichthys Albonubes

White clouds mountain minnow are a unique and hardy species of fish. Although you will usually find them next to tropical tetras, they are actually a type of peaceful minnow that is able to withstand cold water temperatures. Their docile nature and unique adaptability make them a great fish to keep in the aquarium setting. … Read more

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish: A Guide to This Unique Species

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish is a large freshwater fish with a unique look many fishkeepers fall for. But are these fish suitable for beginners, and will one thrive in a tank environment? There’s so much you need to know before you buy a Tiger Shovelnose catfish, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to the species … Read more


Pencilfish: Care Tips and Insights for This Enchanting Fish

What if I told you that there’s a family of beautiful community fish, closely related to tetras, but rarely kept, even by advanced fish keepers? Introducing the pencilfish – a fish tribe that’s largely overlooked, yet brimming with potential for freshwater community tanks. In this guide, we’ll explore the most commonly kept species, and learn … Read more

Cold Water Algae Eater

Cold Water Algae Eater – So, What Are Your Options?

Algae is the hobbyist’s sworn enemy, spreading in a slimy carpet over your tank and coating your decorations, plants, and viewing panes in green, red, or brown gunk. You can use an algae magnet to remove the eyesore from your tank glass, but you’ll need some help to get rid of algae growing in hard-to-reach … Read more

Betta Imbellis

Betta Imbellis: In-depth Care Guide and Habitat Insights

Recent years have seen wild betta fish species becoming more popular. One of the most popular types is Betta imbellis. Because of their relatively relaxed temperament and docile character, Betta imbellis has earned the common name the ‘Peaceful Betta’. Peaceful bettas can be kept in a wider variety of tank setups than other bettas, including … Read more

Where do Betta fish live in the wild? And how did they arrive in our homes? This article explains it all.

Betta fish in the wild | Where do wild Bettas live?

The Siamese fighting fish, better known as Betta splendens or just Betta, is one of the most popular aquarium fish worldwide. Loved by aquarists for its splendid colors, flowing fins and feisty attitude, it’s almost impossible to imagine the aquarium hobby without it. Despite this, many aquarists have little idea of the origins of their … Read more

colorful aquarium fish

The Most Colorful Aquarium Fish

One thing many aquarists focus on when setting up an aquarium and picking fish to stock it with is color. One or multiple colorful fish species can really brighten up a tank and make it become the centerpiece of a room. A wide range of vibrant freshwater fish species in the aquarium industry have beautiful … Read more