Swordtail Fish: Vibrant and Energetic Delights for Your Tank

A jewel in the freshwater community tanks, the swordtail brings an energetic aura into their aquarium. Their quick movements and ease of care make these active fish a popular fish for the community aquarium. Novice aquarists, however, should be aware that mixed groups of swordtails can reproduce very quickly, and can also interbreed with platies. … Read more

schooling aquarium fish

13 Schooling Aquarium Fish: Fascinating and Beautiful

There’s something about a tightly packed school of colorful aquarium fish, gracefully moving through a beautifully decorated tank that immediately captures the imagination, and transports one to an exotic world. But which peaceful schooling fish are the most colorful, interesting, and easy to keep? Here we’ll run through a list of 13 of the best … Read more