How To Keep Brine Shrimp Alive

How To Keep Brine Shrimp Alive – Helpful Instructions

Brine shrimp are an extremely useful live or frozen food for aquarium fish and aquaculture. But if you’ve just bought a big bag of brine shrimp to last your fish several days, you may be wondering what’s the best way to keep them alive. Brine shrimp can be successfully kept alive in a refrigerator for … Read more

Frogbit Roots

Frogbit Roots – What They Are, and How To Manage Them

Amazon Frogbit is an attractive floating plant often grown in tropical freshwater aquariums. Its modest demands and many useful attributes have made it a popular plant among fish keepers for decades. This Amazonian plant isn’t entirely without its problems, however. Its fast growth rate and ability to cast heavy shade over the aquarium means that … Read more

why is my fish shaking

Why Is My Fish Shaking? Let’s Examine the Possibilities

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed your fish shaking, twitching, shivering, or trembling and are wondering why they’re exhibiting this strange behavior. Vigorous shaking in some aquarium fish is a natural courtship behavior used to impress a potential partner, but if your fish is shaking for longer periods, it’s probably a sign of an … Read more

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish? Read Our Article To Find Out!

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed a few of your fish disappearing in the night, and your algae eater looking particularly satisfied in the morning. Or perhaps you’ve heard gruesome stories of algae eaters going on a killing spree in a community tank? Though such horror stories do exist, the good news is … Read more

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank

Can You Put Crystals in a Fish Tank? Read on To Find Out

When it comes to decorating a fish tank, some of us like to get creative. For me, nothing can beat an aquascaped aquarium with plenty of plants, stunning rocks, and twisted pieces of driftwood. But can you include crystals as part of your aquarium decor? The answer is yes! You can. But you also need … Read more

How Often To Change Fish Tank Water

How Often To Change Fish Tank Water in Your Aquarium

When I got my first aquarium twenty years ago, I just assumed that the filter would do most of the cleaning work and didn’t realize that I’d have to change the water frequently too! But I soon learned that partial water changes are a standard part of good aquarium maintenance. While aquarium filters perform an … Read more

Bloated Frog

Bloated Frog Causes and Treatments – Our Helpful Guide

Dropsy, bloat, edema, hydropsy, and ascites are all fairly synonymous terms referring to a very unpleasant condition of swelling up in pet frogs. Unfortunately, the condition can be very unpleasant or even fatal for frogs such as Pacman frogs, African Dwarf frogs, and African Clawed frogs, and can only be safely treated by a trained … Read more

fat lip fish

Fat Lip Fish Issues – How To Identify When There’s a Problem

If you’ve noticed that your fish has swollen lips, there are a few possible causes – some of them quite benign and others very serious. ‘Fat Lips’ or ‘Duck Lips’ can be caused by fish genetics, mild injuries, viruses, or bacterial infections. In the latter case, fat lips can indicate a very serious illness and … Read more

red eared slider tank mates

11 Red-Eared Slider Tank Mates (Species, Origins + More)

Red-eared sliders are exotic and beautiful-looking turtles, but are also messy and love to eat fish! In an aquarium, tankmates of red-eared sliders need to be either very big or fast to escape the greedy belly of this omnivorous reptile. There are no perfect solutions, and even the toughest of fish may succumb to attacks. … Read more

Ghost Shrimp vs Cherry Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp vs Cherry Shrimp – Our Helpful Guide!

Cherry shrimps and Ghost shrimps are two of the most commonly kept freshwater aquarium shrimp species. Their small size and easygoing temperament make them a great choice for beginners, and their ability to help keep the tank clean is a bonus for any aquarist. But which one is the better of the two? Let’s take … Read more

Hole in the Head Fish

Hole in the Head Fish Disease – Prevention and Treatment!

Hole in the head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) disease are two fairly synonymous common diseases that can cause distress not only to your aquarium fish but also for you to witness. The sudden appearance of unsightly lesions and holes forming on your fish is never going to be a comfortable experience for either of … Read more

is well water safe for fish

Is Well Water Safe for Fish? Let’s Examine the Facts..

If you have well water and are thinking about getting an aquarium, you’re probably wondering if you can use it for your fish. The short answer is yes! You can use well water or borehole water for your fish, although in some instances you’ll need to treat it first. This involves a bit of understanding … Read more

Swim Bladder Disease Betta

Swim Bladder Disease Betta Fish Suffer From – A Handy Guide

Swim Bladder disease or swim bladder disorder is a fairly common ailment in aquarium fish, and betta fish are no exception. If you’ve noticed your betta swimming upside down, sideways, or getting stuck at the top or bottom of your tank, he might well have a swim bladder problem. While it can be distressing for … Read more