Can Male Guppies Live Together

Can Male Guppies Live Together? Read On To Find Out!

Guppies are classic community tank fish that are often recommended for beginners. Their long fins and diverse colors have made them one of the most popular of all aquarium fish for decades. But can you keep a group of guppies that are only male? The answer is yes, you can. But there are some potential … Read more

Can Frogs Eat Fish Food

Can Frogs Eat Fish Food? Everything You Need To Know!

Frogs are endlessly fascinating creatures to keep in an aquarium or herpetarium. But like fish, you need to create the ideal environment and feeding regime for them to remain healthy and happy. When it comes to feeding frogs, a diverse diet that mimics their natural menu is the key. If you try to feed your … Read more

betta fish color change

Do Betta Fish Change Color? Everything You Need To Know

Betta splendens, or Siamese fighting fish, have become so popular because of their stunning colors. Centuries of breeding have produced bettas of almost every imaginable color, so it may be shocking to discover that your beloved betta’s colors are fading or changing. Color changes in betta fish often indicate a health problem that needs attention, … Read more

Are Guppies Hardy

Are Guppies Hardy? (Their Health & Environment)

Guppies are known to be among the more robust freshwater aquarium fish. Not only are they tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, but they’re also forgiving when it comes to temperature, feeding regime, and tankmates. However, there’s a big difference between a guppy surviving and a guppy fulfilling its optimal health, appearance, and … Read more

Removing Tannins

Removing Tannins From Your Fishtank – Our Helpful Guide!

Tannins in an aquarium can darken the water, as well as make conditions more acidic. But what levels of tannin are good for your fish? And how can you remove them if you need to? Luckily, removing tannins from water is relatively straightforward and there are two easy methods, although in some cases you may … Read more

Betta Flaring

Betta Flaring: Why Is My Fish Showing Off So Much?

Flaring is one of the betta fish’s most intriguing behaviors. In a brief moment, it can make a timid-looking betta suddenly take on the appearance of a formidable fighter, ready for action! But why exactly do bettas flare, how often should they do it, and is it good for them? Let’s examine these questions more … Read more

Does Fish Food Expire

Does Fish Food Expire? What Every Owner Should Know

Every kind of fish food has some sort of expiry date that comes with it. While you may be able to use dried products a little past their use-by date, it’s important to avoid using seriously old fish foods, especially if they show any signs of decay. There are different rules for storing each kind … Read more

How Long Do Snails Sleep

How Long Do Snails Sleep? Snail Slumber Habits

Snails need sleep just like fish, shrimps, and frogs do! If you’ve noticed your pet snail resting motionless from time to time, chances are that he’s sleeping. But do snails sleep a whole night as we do? Not at all! Snails like naps and their sleep cycles may be nothing like you’d imagine! How Do … Read more