Archerfish: The Masterful Precision Predators of the Waters

From my childhood trip to The Sea Life London Aquarium, one fish captured my imagination more than all the rest. That fish’s name is the archerfish, and it has evolved a hunting strategy unlike any other. I watched spellbound as they pursed their lips to the water’s surface and spat jets of water into the … Read more

Dragon Fish Goby

Dragon Fish Goby: Appearance, Habits, Habitat, and Diet

For years, dragon fish gobies have remained on the oddball fringes of the aquarium world. Their occasionally bright colors and intriguing appearance makes them understandably alluring, but it must be understood that ‘dragon gobies’ are not typical or easy pet fish to care for! As a largely nocturnal species that requires special water conditions, I … Read more

ludwigia palustris

Ludwigia Palustris: A Vibrant Burst of Aquarium Color

Have you ever wished for an aquarium plant whose colorful leaves could provide a beautiful foil for the green plants that surround it? Look no further than the Ludwigia family. With their red leaves and stems, Ludwigia plants provide vibrant bursts of color to add diversity and interest to the planted aquarium. Ludwigia palustris is … Read more

how many angelfish in a 40 gallon tank

How Many Angelfish in a 40-Gallon Tank? Read On to Find Out!

Angelfish. Big, intelligent tropical fish that shine with personality. But did you know that angelfish can also be quite territorial? It’s important to give them plenty of swimming space and choose their tank mates carefully. I’d recommend only ever keeping a maximum of two angelfish in a 40-gallon aquarium, either alone or with some hardy … Read more

do tetras eat shrimp

Do Tetras Eat Shrimp? Tank Mates or Tasty Treats?

Now there have been some reports online of tetras eating dwarf shrimp species, especially cherry shrimp. Are these stories true, and how can we protect our precious shrimp from the ravages of our hungry tetras? The truth is that tetras can sometimes eat dwarf shrimp, but usually only when larger tetras are kept with the … Read more

Ludwigia arcuata

Ludwigia Arcuata: A Comprehensive Care Guide

Ludwigias are a popular family of aquarium plants because of their stunning red colors, but it’s important to know that some species are much easier to grow than others. Ludwigia arcuata is a beautiful variety with slender, narrow red leaves, but it is also harder to grow than some of its relatives. Let’s look closer … Read more

White Skirt Tetra

The White Skirt Tetra: A Complete Care Guide

The white skirt tetra is a beautiful tropical fish for the freshwater community tank. The graceful shape and attractive schooling behavior of this fish make it a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists around the world. Here we’ll take an in-depth look at these translucent fish, how to best care for them, and also discuss the … Read more

do guppies have teeth

Do Guppies Have Teeth? All You Need to Know

If you’ve ever put your hand into your guppy tank, you may have been surprised to receive little nibbles and pecks from your pet fish. Were your guppies trying to bite you, and do they have teeth? The answer is that guppies do have teeth, but not like we have, and their bites are quite … Read more

Male vs Female Betta

Male vs Female Betta Fish: How To Tell the Difference

People who are new to the world of betta keeping are sometimes surprised to learn that the classic betta splendens fish with long, flowing fins are always male. The less showy female betta fish are rarely seen in the hobby and are only kept by specialists who wish to keep several of them together in … Read more

why do frogs bite each other

Why Do Frogs Bite Each Other? Exploring Amphibian Behavior

You may have heard that aquarium frogs are peaceful creatures that can be kept in community tanks. So why are you seeing your frogs biting each other? While the ever-popular African dwarf frog is a docile, social species, there are other frogs that are downright aggressive and will bite anything that they can fit in … Read more

oscar fish skin peeling off

Is Your Oscar Fish Skin Peeling Off? – Causes and Solutions

If you’ve seen your Oscar’s skin peeling, or scales flaking off, you have good reason to be concerned. Most of the time, skin conditions indicate a serious underlying problem in your Oscar’s tank that need addressing promptly. Whether your Oscar’s skin is peeling after an ugly encounter with another fish, a skin disease, or incorrect … Read more

Oscar Fish White Fungus

Dealing With Oscar Fish White Fungus: Tips and Treatments

Oscars are one of the fiercest and most menacing of all aquarium fish, but that doesn’t make them invulnerable to diseases. It’s not uncommon for Oscar keepers to report white patches on their Oscar’s skin – a legitimate cause for concern. But while you may assume that white patches on your Oscar are fungal infections, … Read more

guppy bent spine

Understanding Guppy Bent Spine: Causes and Solutions

It’s becoming increasingly frequent these days to hear about guppies suffering from congenital health problems, and one of the common complaints is of guppies with bent spines. Decades of ill-advised breeding have produced guppies that may be beautiful to look at but are often far less robust than their wild ancestors. The genetic problems are … Read more