40 gallon breeder tank with corals

40-Gallon Breeder Tank: Our Top Four Choices

If you’ve been keeping fish for a while, you might fancy raising your own livestock and getting into the fish breeding hobby. In that case, you’ll need a special spawning tank. A 40-gallon breeder tank is a popular choice for those who are into breeding fish. In this article, we take a look at five … Read more

Sucker Fish

Sucker Fish: 10 Examples of These Quirky Aquarium Additions

If you’re looking for something quirky and a little bit different to add to your freshwater tropical fish tank, you might want to consider sucker fish. Read this guide to learn about the different kinds of beautiful sucker fish available in the hobby and how to care for this fascinating species! Sucker Fish – At … Read more

20 gallon fish aquarium

20-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Five Choices

If you want to get into the fish keeping hobby, a 20-gallon tank could be the ideal size starter aquarium for you. A 20-gallon fish tank is big enough to accommodate a decent range of species while being small enough to maintain easily. As well as fish, you can keep invertebrates, too, including African Dwarf … Read more

jack dempsey fish underneath the aquarium

Jack Dempsey Fish (Rocio Octofasciata) Care Sheet

If you have a very large tank and you’re looking for a spectacular feature fish, the Jack Dempsey could be the one you want. These large cichlids are relatively easy to keep, too, making them suitable for relative novices to the hobby. In this guide, we provide you with an overview of these stunning freshwater … Read more

best 10-gallon fish tank

The 5 Best 10-Gallon Fish Tanks on the Market Today

If you’re new to the aquarium hobby, you may want to start small, and a 10-gallon aquarium is a perfect size for a beginner. Also, experienced aquarists often use 10-gallon tanks for quarantine, spawning, and hospital setups. There are so many small tanks out there to choose from; it can be daunting to pick one. … Read more

underwater java moss plant in aquarium

Java Moss (Taxiphyllum Barbieri) Care Sheet

If you’re looking for an attractive, hardy, easy-to-grow aquatic plant to add to your setup, Java moss could be a good species to start with. In this guide, we tell you everything that you need to know about growing and caring for Java moss so that you can get the very best out of this … Read more

flowerhorn cichlid fish in aquarium

Flowerhorn Cichlid: The Ultimate Care Sheet

The Flowerhorn cichlid is a remarkable fish that has looks and personality to burn! These stunning fish can make an eye-catching addition to the aquarium, but would one of these amazing creatures be the right choice of pet for you? In this guide, we take a closer look at the Flowerhorn cichlid to find out … Read more

40-Gallon Tank

40-Gallon Tank: Perfect Choice For Medium-Sized Fish

A 40-gallon tank is a great choice for an experienced or beginner aquarist, especially if you want to keep a nice variety of medium-sized fish. 40-gallon tanks come in different shapes too, including corner tanks and hexagonal shapes, too, giving you lots of scope to create a beautiful focal point in your room. However, there … Read more


Anacharis: Source Of Food For Goldfish, Cichlids, And Apple Snails

Living aquatic plants not only look beautiful in your display tank, but they provide several essential functions. Plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, helping to oxygenate the tank water for your fish. Also, plants use the nitrates in the water as fertilizer, helping to keep the aquarium environment healthier for your fishes. Lush … Read more

Convict Cichlid

Convict Cichlid {Amatitlania Nigrofasciata} Care Guide

The Convict cichlid could be just what you’re looking for if you have a community of aggressive or semi-aggressive species, and you want another fish to add to your collection. Despite their reputation for aggression, Convict cichlids are extremely easy to care for and can be suitable for a well-informed beginner, especially if kept in … Read more

Blue Crayfish

Blue Crayfish {Procambarus Alleni} Care Guide

If you’d like to keep a truly beautiful creature and you fancy the idea of owning something a little bit different from the run-of-the-mill tropical fish that your friends have, how about a Blue crayfish? Blue crayfish are pretty easy to care for, and they’re not too picky when it comes to food and water … Read more

Silver Dollar Fish

Silver Dollar Fish {Metynnis Argenteus} Care Guide

The Silver Dollar is one of the most recognizable fish that you’ll see for sale in fish stores. These fish are quite hardy, and they aren’t especially challenging to care for. That being said, you will need a fairly sizeable aquarium of at least 75 gallons, as these are schooling fish that should be kept … Read more

Paradise Fish

Paradise Fish Care Guide: Tropical and Colorful Species

The Paradise fish is one of the very first tropical fish that were brought to Europe in the 1800s and is responsible for bringing many hobbyists into the fish keeping world. If you’re looking for a small, attractive fish that’s exceptionally hardy and easy to keep, then one of these active little beauties could be … Read more


Shubunkin Care Guide: Spotted And Colored Goldfish

Goldfish are a perennially popular pet with both adults and kids alike, and Shubunkins with their variegated colors are easily the favorite variety of these super-cute, beginner-friendly fish. But there’s more to the mysterious Shubunkin than just pretty colors! In this article, we take a closer look at the Shubunkin goldfish, including explaining how to … Read more

Bichir Care Guide

Bichirs Care Guide: Popular Types And Their Behavior

If you’re looking to add a very unusual resident to your aquarium and you have a big setup, you might want to consider one of the species of Bichir that are available in the aquarium trade. Bichirs are sometimes referred to as “prehistoric” or “dinosaur” fish because of their weird, ancient look and bizarre behavior. … Read more