Panda Loach Care Guide: How To Create Their Perfect Home

Panda Loach Care Guide: How To Create Their Perfect Home

The Panda loach is a rare and beautiful small fish that makes an expensive but unique addition to the hobbyist’s aquarium. In this guide, we introduce you to this stunning little gem from China that would grace any tank setup; if only you could find one! What is a Panda loach? The Panda loach, scientific … Read more

The Need To Know's of Denison Barbs

The Need To Know’s of Denison Barbs

The Denison Barb is a striking, active fish of medium size that has long been a popular addition to the community freshwater aquarium. Unfortunately, that popularity has led to many years of overharvesting, and consequently, the species is now on the endangered list in its native India. Read on to learn more about the origins … Read more

How To Best Care For A Senegal Bichir: Diet, Size, and More

How To Best Care For A Senegal Bichir: Diet, Size, and More

The Senegal Bichir, scientific name polypterus senegalus, makes an unusual addition to a community tank setup. In this article, we introduce this fascinating fish and explain how to care for and breed bichirs. What is a Senegal bichir? Although the Senegal bichir looks rather like an eel, it is a species of primitive freshwater fish. … Read more

How to Best Care for a Bumblebee Cichlid

How to Best Care for a Bumblebee Cichlid

The bumblebee cichlid is an unusual and beautiful addition to any display tank. In this article, we introduce this enchanting cichlid and provide you with all the information that you’ll need to care for these stunning fish. What is a bumblebee cichlid? The bumblebee cichlid or hornet cichlid (also called Maylandia and Pseudotropheus crabro) is … Read more

Dwarf Cichlids

6 Peaceful Dwarf Cichlids For Your Community Tank!

Cichlids are known for belligerence and having an aggressive nature. However, it is possible to keep dwarf cichlids in a harmonious community setup, provided you choose the right species to live together.  There are a few dwarf cichlid species for beginner aquarists that provide a gentle introduction to keeping these lovely fish. As you become … Read more

rosetail betta

Rosetail Betta: The Downside Of Beauty

Betta fish are one of the most popular pet fish worldwide today, second only to the traditional goldfish. There are many different variations of betta fish. But sometimes, those stunning looks come at a cost to the fish’s health and welfare, and unfortunately, that rings true with the beautiful rosetail betta. So, what’s so bad … Read more

Dwarf Puffer – Species Profile And Care Guide

The freshwater dwarf puffer might not be the ideal fish for a community tank setup, but its cute looks and fascinating behavior make setting up a special tank just for the fish well worth it.  In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about caring for dwarf puffer fish.  Origins and Habitat … Read more