can snails live with goldfish

Can Snails Live With Goldfish: Our Compatibility Guide

Goldfish are infamously messy fish and it’s not unusual to see their tanks covered in algae. Since snails are one of the best algae eaters, many fish keepers have asked the question: Can goldfish live with snails? The answer is that snails can sometimes live with goldfish, but you need to get the combination right. … Read more

Do You Need to Acclimate Snails

Do You Need to Acclimate Snails? A Complete Guide

Aquatic snails are the perfect animals to use as cleanup crew members and for providing company for territorial or semi-aggressive fish that don’t do well with regular tank mates. Aquarium snails come in lots of different sizes, colors, and patterns, are easy to care for, are readily available, and they’re beginner-friendly, too. When you add … Read more

Sick Mystery Snails

Sick Mystery Snails – Possible Causes and Best Treatments

Mystery snails make an excellent addition to most freshwater tanks! These colorful snails are helpful to the hobbyist because they graze on detritus, leftover fish food, and some algae species, keeping the tank tidy. In addition, the Mystery snail can make a peaceful companion for feisty fish, such as bettas, and these harmless mollusks are … Read more

fish that eat snails

22 Fish That Eat Snails, Along With Helpful, Handy Hints!

I’d be happy to take a bet that you clicked on this page for one of two reasons. Either: A) You’ve got a problem with snails overrunning your fish tank and are looking for fish that will eat them for you. Or, B) You have some precious pet snails that are doing a fantastic job … Read more

do bettas eat snails

Do Bettas Eat Snails? Read On To Find Out the Answer!

It can be difficult to find tough enough tank mates for your betta tank. Some bettas are just so darn aggressive, they’ll pick fights with anything you put in their tank. But surely aquarium snails should be a safe bet? Sadly not. While many people have kept betta fish and snails together for years without … Read more

Do Mystery Snails Eat Algae

Do Mystery Snails Eat Algae? Let’s Check the Facts

Many aquarists dread discovering snails living in their fish tank. After all, snails are destructive creatures that eat your plants, right? Well, that can be the case with species such as pond snails or bubble snails that hitchhike their way into your tank hidden in plants. However, Mystery snails are not only attractive, but they … Read more

Cuttlebone for Snails

Cuttlebone for Snails – Are They a Nutritious Tank Addition?

We all know cuttlebones are good for parakeets, but snails? Yes! Aquarium snails such as mystery snails, nerite snails, and rabbit snails can all benefit from having cuttlebones in their tank. Cuttlebones are not only a healthy snack for these pet invertebrates, but they can also help adjust the water parameters to favorable conditions for … Read more

do mystery snails need a filter

Do Mystery Snails Need a Filter? We Have the Answer!

Mystery snails need a fish tank filter to keep their water in good condition. Without a filter, levels of oxygen go down, levels of ammonia go up, and you can quickly have an unhealthy environment for your pet snails. If you see your mystery snail floating for extended periods of time, breathing air from the … Read more

do assassin snails eat shrimp

Do Assassin Snails Eat Shrimp? Only if They Can Catch Them!

Shrimp and snails can make an excellent cleanup crew, so many freshwater fish keepers like to keep a few invertebrates in their community tanks to help keep the habitat clean and free from general detritus. Usually, that’s a great idea, and these peaceful creatures can also make good companions for aggressive fish, such as bettas. … Read more

Can Snails Get Ich

Can Snails Get Ich? Our Helpful and Detailed Guide!

Ich is a common disease among freshwater fish tanks. It can be hard to see your fishy friends struggling with this ailment, but how does Ich occur? If you have snails, you may be wondering if your aquarium snails can get Ich or carry the parasite. Fortunately, they can’t get Ich, but they can carry … Read more

yoyo loach eat snails

Do Yoyo Loach Eat Snails – Let’s Explore This In-Depth!

Does your snail population have you up at night in worry? Do you constantly dread waking up to find a snail feast on your water plants or even worse, your prized fish tank? Fear not, because there is a simple solution: Yoyo loaches! Yoyo loaches are small, bottom-dwelling fish that are native to Eastern Asia. … Read more

Do Plecos Eat Snails

Do Plecos Eat Snails? Everything You Need To Know!

Do you want to add some snails to your aquarium, but are worried about whether your pleco fish will eat them? In short, they will! Although snails are not a typical part of a pleco’s diet, they become desperate for food and will eat them if they have to. However, you can take steps to … Read more

How Long Do Snails Sleep

How Long Do Snails Sleep? Snail Slumber Habits

Snails need sleep just like fish, shrimps, and frogs do! If you’ve noticed your pet snail resting motionless from time to time, chances are that he’s sleeping. But do snails sleep a whole night as we do? Not at all! Snails like naps and their sleep cycles may be nothing like you’d imagine! How Do … Read more

how many snails in a 10 gallon tank

How Many Snails Can Fit in a 10 Gallon Tank? 

This is a question that often plagues new snail owners. How many snails can live in a 10-gallon aquarium? Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as a number. It depends on the type of snail, the size of the snail, and the tank’s other inhabitants. For example, a single giant African land snail (Achatina … Read more

how many snails in a 20 gallon tank

How Many Snails Can Comfortably Live in a 20-Gallon Tank?

Okay, aquatic snails are just adorable! They’re simply one of my absolute favorite aquarium-dwellers, and like me, you may wish to own as many as possible – but how many is that? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In short, it totally depends on what type of snail you’re buying and if they’re living … Read more